Character type: Foodie/Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Nayolan might be a kind of goofy-looking guy, but there’s no denying he doesn’t have some charm there in his own way. There’s always a huge smile and he tends to put his face into all sorts of ridiculous expressions because he over-exaggerated everything. His eyebrows will actually manage to go right up into his hairline, which is already threatening to recede very early. Its alright though because he makes the dark reddish-brown curls stand up on end with a bit of wax to hide how thin it is. He’s a lean and wiry guy with most of his features being a little too big or long to be attractive. Long face that leaves too much forehead, long nose that juts out a bit, great big ears… the whole works.

And there’s an assortment of injuries all over the place. Name an item and he’s probably hurt himself with it, on it, under it… whatever. He’s accident prone on top of being horribly careless about self-preservation, because it will be *fine*. It doesn’t help that he’s got big hands and feet that get in the way of just about everything.


Nayolan is a surprisingly self-assured young man. He’s a guys who *knows* himself.

He’s a guy who’s always one hundred percent confident and committed to his choices, and doesn’t know how to give up. This often ends up with him hurt because he’ll just throw himself at whatever is in front of him with all kinds of gusto. He volunteers for absolutely anything and everything since he knows he’ll totally be able to handle it. Mostly he can’t. He’s never really stayed in one place to really develop any particular skills, he’s just kind of okay at a lot of things. Or really bad at most of them. Yet, despite how many times he’s unsuccessful he’ll just brush off these failures with a cheerful reasoning. Not even excuses because that would imply that he had something to be ashamed of. Nah, he’s just had some bad luck, or the weather wasn’t in his favor, or it just wasn’t meant to be for whatever reason. He seems to think that its always just that the circumstances need to be a little bit different and he’ll get it next time.

Perhaps he has a terrible short-term memory, or he remembers things very differently than they actually happened. Or maybe he’s just so good at looking on the bright side of things that they don’t even count as failures. Okay so *maybe* that shark bit off his little finger, but it didn’t take the whole arm now did it? Okay, yes, he burnt down half of the kitchen, but look at what an awesome team they were able to come together like that and *still* get it done. The funny part is somehow folk usually aren’t too mad when these things happen, because somehow he can make you feel pretty damn good about yourself despite the situation. Or maybe its because he’s just so innocently sweet and optimistic and so *ready* to just keep facing these challenges with a bright smile and endless enthusiasm. His willingness to work and work and work make him friends rather than his amazing ability to screw things up turn them away.

Despite his goofy disposition, he’s surprisingly good with the ladies. He’s an unashamed lover, happy to do anything and everything to please his partner and he’s so easy-going that he can make most people feel right at home in his bed. He’s the sort of man girls *want* to sleep with because he has a way of making anyone feel awesome about themselves. Its a struggle to connect on an emotional level, but its not for lack of trying. He really does want to understand and, like with anything physical, he’ll just solider right into anything messy and try to fix whatever he probably screwed up. He’s not really good at navigating emotions, but he gets full marks for effort.

Maybe its a bit weird for a Weyrborn guy to be happy working as a drudge, but he really does like his life as it is. He was never into impressing, just never really thinking that was his place in life. His family doesn’t have any riders in it, why should he break that trend? And anyway, working in the kitchens is one thing he’s actually good at there’s a part of him that doesn’t want to leave the comfort zone he’s created for himself. Except now… well he’s started caving a bit to peer pressure and his family’s pushing so he’s agreed to stand. He’s not sure how he feels about this yet. Chances are though, he might actually make a decent rider. Clumsy as hell, sure, but his heart and passion would be in the right place and that might be enough to make up for his short-comings.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.433.1.1

Some might have remembered Nayolan as a clumsy, overly tall kid that took off to see the world as soon as he could. He never actually saw much of the world, but he did manage to get himself work on fishing vessels around Ista Island and that was good enough for him. Too bad he was a terrible fisherman and an even worse sailor and the bigger fishing boats shunted him off to Fairweather Seahold where he could work on some of the smaller crafts to try to learn how to actually do these things right.

It wasn’t for lack of trying, and he managed to make some pretty good friends, but after a couple of turns of doing poorly at this attempt at a craft, Nayolan cheerful decided that this wasn’t for him and maybe he’d go back to the Weyr and earn himself a dragon. Only, he didn’t end up going into candidacy when he finally did get home. For some reason he just never felt quite right about it and there wasn’t a clutch around at the time so he went into the kitchens where he was actually decent at something. Though he did well serving the rest of the Weyr more because of his attitude than having any tremendous skill with food. Still, he got by just fine enough and was too comfortable in his new niche to go for a dragon when there were eggs laid. “Oh no its okay… next hatching!” was his reply. Except it was always “next hatching”.

After enough of this though, Nayolan is starting to be pushed into it, especially by his family. They want better for him than to be serving soup to the Weyrfolk, not when maybe he could be a dragonrider. So this time he’ll step outside of his very comfortable way of life and try his luck on the sands.



Drudges, all of them.


Area: Kitchens
Role: Cook

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