Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: 100% homosexual


Lean features (with almost no musculature) carve themselves across Nowen possessing soft, youthful lines that're appropriate considering his age. That softness will remain somewhat over the next dozen Turns making him look several Turns younger. There are fine, thin-considering-his-gender, limbs that're likewise rather limber but not quite what anyone would consider double-jointed. If sitting on the ground he'll cross his legs/pull them against his chest in positions that'd make less limber individuals cringe over thinking of attempting such. Nor would his face grab attention either unless you're into dimpled chins, sepia brown eyes that're peering expressively outward, and/or blackish-brown hair. That hair is short with a roguishness making it seem rather fluffy atop his head. Unless you include the extra inch the hair'll add onto his height Nowen won't even reach 5 foot-10 inches tall.


Nowen will speak and act brave, puffing non-existent feathers, until someone/something confronts him. Once confronted the frantic excuses pouring out prove that he's not brave, he's someone that grew into adulthood feeling uncertain about their new role. Many would've grown more confident about their role over time, however, they're not Nowen whose ego won't let him admit weakness since others would consider him less than manly. Those worries and fears are bottled inside, endlessly multiplying until he seems no more than some bundle of restless nerves. He can't stand being motionless, can't stand doing nothing with his hands therefore he'll always pace around or gesture around in what'll seem like flourishes. He'll even seem vivacious while 'relaxing'.

Relaxing will include flirting, flings, giving massages and stretching…and he'll likewise feel more comfortable, more familiar over what he should during relaxation. For that reason the mask he normally has in place will become real. Any other time you can't trust that his actions will reflect what he is really thinking. In fact he'll occasionally put his foot into his mouth without learning from putting said foot into his mouth, almost seeming like he must enjoy the punishment. It is more that he loves being pushed around…but can't let himself reveal that because someone might see that as a weakness. It is bad enough that he's terrified of new places, so being Searched left him quaking. The more nervous he is the more overdramatic he'll become which made him be way too showy during the first months after he came to Ista.

At least he'll deal with Thread or Thread related injuries calmly, being the main strength keeping him from being totally unwanted in Candidacy.


Birthplace: Nerat Hold, 8.435.10.01

Nowen was the youngest son of Fisher Ferren and Nowa. They spoiled him and made him content, made him ignore time passing until suddenly Nowen was 12 Turns old. He certainly must've loved childhood if the 4 broken bones and dozens of wrenched muscles were any indication, until from nowhere his parents asked that he join some Craft. Although the change upset him he couldn't bear letting his parents down so, putting his bravest face forth, he kept his terrors hidden away. He apprenticed into the healercraft seeming as lively as ever.

He spent those Turns befriending females rather than males, expecting that eventually he would become attracted to those females. 2 broken bones/a sprain/2 wrenched muscles later Nowen was 16 and those females certainly weren't attracting him. He tried sleeping with one female friend thinking that would trigger something. It did trigger something…namely him scrambling from the bed without having gotten too far into the actual act. Afterward their friendship was rather strained it even became rather distance since neither one knew how they should feel about Nowen's discovery. That his attention was now being drawn onto the men around him without him meaning to steal glances. In another Turn though, Nowen found himself being Searched away to Ista Weyr and couldn't bear revealing how uncomfortable leaving made him.

So he accepted the Search just because it meant he could keep hiding his actual opinion.



Fisher Ferren (father)
Wife Nowa (mother)
2 unnamed siblings

N'wen's Dragon: Green Nalmuth

Dragon Name: Nalmuth
Colour: Green
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:


When first glancing over the class or even just the greens of the class it could be quite easy to overlook Nalmuth, simply because her colouring is not as bold and attention grabbing as some of her other siblings. Her hide is made up of soft pastel, spring greens, the kind that make you think of new growth and pale dawns before the heat of the day. There are four shades, and her hide is split into four, square shapes of consistent colour. She’s on the small side for a green and rather delicate in build. Compared to other, more voluptuous greens, Nalmuth has a more androgynous form, although fine boned and light, rather than stocky. Her legs are longer than is proportionate for her body, but suits her leggy, tomboyish frame well. That being said there is something incredibly and naturally beautiful about Nalmuth.


Unlike some of her more passionate and fiery sisters, Nalmuth is a far more serene kind of green dragon. That's not to say she doesn't have an opinion, or sits back while others take action. She gets the job done, she just doesn't rub everyone's nose in it so they notice and praise her for it. The pleasure she gets when someone notices her work because it's done well, rather than because she pointed it out, far surpasses any fleeting feelings she might have gotten from telling people about it first.

She's not a natural threadfighter, her first few months will be filled with a great many disappointments as she struggles with training. She won't be strong enough, or have stamina enough, she won't be agile enough, or fast enough. In fact it will feel like she can't do anything right in those first five months and she will feel, bitterly, that she's failing her rider and her class. She will put in candlemarks upon candlemarks of extra work, but sadly, nothing will seem to work. However at around month 6 something will click, some instinct or determination or some kind of muscle memory, and from then on all her hard work will start really paying off. Everything will start being easier, and she'll go from one of the worst, to one of the best. She will also be delighted to discover a talent in improvisation. Never will she be left floundering in a situation, uncertain of what to do. If there isn't a plan in place, Nalmuth will wing it and 9 times out of ten…it will work.

For all she is a rather natural beauty Nalmuth will never be a vain dragon. Nor will she particularly value beauty in others. Suitors who wish to pursue her would have a great deal more luck if they got to know her before hand, or treated her like an equal rather than a weaker female. Anyone who states an opinion like that, that female dragons aren't as capable as male dragons, are sure to get a cold steely stare and a firm, but poilite, 'go away, I want nothing to do with you'. It is hard to make Nalmuth lose her cool, to make her snap, or shout. Generally she's a serene dragon, opinionated, but very, very polite. She instinctively knows when she should put her head down and follow orders, and when it's permissable to question. And although sometimes her zeal and passion make her step out of line, she genuinely hates breaking the rules. But nothing is more important to her than doing what she thinks is right.

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