Location Ista Weyr
Position Weyrfolk
Birthdate 8.436.09.12 (16 y/o)
Birthplace Benden Weyr
Played-By Callan McAuliffe
Player Panda

N’treven is best described as remarkably unremarkable, a contradiction of words formed from a typical teenaged appearance that struggles, much like his personality, to stand out from the norm. He’s not particularly tall but stands long and lean with gangly limbs, clearly in the midst of a growth spurt that has yet to find its end. His ruffled up head of brown hair seems to stand in a permanent state of “just woke up” and his fair Northern complexion stands up pretty well to the Istan sun. A smattering of freckles dots his cheeks, shoulders, and arms, though they’re pale and hard to notice if you’re not really looking for them.

He’s riddled with tiny scars that each have their own story to them (though how true that story is depends on N'treven's mood) and it’s hard not to find him dirtied up from some epic outdoor adventure; this is a young boy who loves to be outside doing what young boys do best: getting eyeballs deep into trouble. Because of his rough and tumble choice in life his clothes tend to run on the beat-up side of things, and he’s not ashamed to put even formalwear to the test. His uniform will always need some kind of repair — which he tries to keep on top of but inevitably someone will take notice.


What most people notice most about N’treven is that he is spectacularly energetic. He’s vivacious, full of life, and what he wants most of all is to share that sentiment with people. Comic relief is the name of his game as he gladly spins ridiculous stories and cracks inappropriate jokes in the hopes that it will lighten the mood and consequently brighten someone’s day. Though some of his antics may seem too harsh he always means well, with not a malicious bone in his body; all of his tricks and tales are in good fun. If someone chooses to take what he says or does the wrong way then he’s hardly /his/ fault.

Getting him to sit still for long periods of time is a challenge. He was known among the other weyr kids as the one always bouncing off of the walls, giving the creche aunties a run for their marks, his hands grabbing at anything within reach. When he came of age for teaching, the harpers caught on to this and tried to teach him through experience, letting him play with toys to learn his counting or giving him a ball to bounce around while he recited his teaching songs. Even today that attitude persists, though it has turned from a child’s insistent touching into a teenager’s tic; he can’t focus on his lessons or pay anything any mind without keeping his hands busy, often twirling a stylus or tapping out some idle rhythm. It’s a method of learning that tends to run into the overcompensation side of things: once you get him focused on something it’s hard to break his concentration.

He is undoubtedly a very passionate young boy, with a temper that’s both quick to bring on and hotter than a dragon’s flame. No stranger to scrapping, he’s far more likely to answer any insult with his fists rather than his words, doing instead of thinking. His emotions do most of the thinking for him. The worst thing one can do is insult his family or his Weyr in some way; he’s convinced that he comes from the /better/ Weyr and is from the /better/ family. He can admit that Ista has some majesty of its own and he hardly regrets leaving Benden behind for wonderful tropical adventures down south, but he’ll always have a soft spot in his heart for home.

Now that he has Impressed, he’s only beginning to understand the weight that’s been put on his shoulders. Part of him knows that this was always expected of him and everything he’d ever been taught has led up to this moment, but he’s yet to really fully grasp the concept of being a dragonrider, much less being one in an environment that fosters no real friendliness toward him and his. It doesn’t help matters that it feels like there’s now a wedge driven between him and his older brother U’valen, the only person on whom he could rely when things really turned sour. Only time will tell if he can mature in a way that will make him a reliable wingrider.

Common Knowledge

- Pulled numerous pranks on candidates both at Benden and Ista Weyr, though in the case of the latter it’s almost always to intentionally get on their nerves
- Stuck to U’valen like glue during their candidacy. The two brothers were nigh inseparable.


Born the youngest sibling of his brothers, Netreven seemed to believe straight from the get go that he needed to stand out from their shadows, and so he quickly developed a reputation as the “outgoing” and “happy” kid in direct contrast to his brothers’ attitudes. Urvalen was the brother to whom he looked up the most and from an early age he attached himself firmly, following in the older boy’s footsteps wherever they went, causing mischief and mayhem so long as Urvalen was willing to play along with him. Urvalen was at once his best friend and his bodyguard. Whenever things went wrong, he learned that he could hide behind him and all would be well. Naturally, rather than learning from the experiences and maturing a little, Netreven took away from it all that he could get away with anything as long as Urvalen was there to protect him.

Watching his father get sick tempered him slightly. He was only eight years old at the time, old enough to understand the urgency and gravity of the situation but not old enough to feel any sense of control over it. All in the span of a few days he lost not only his father to that mysterious illness but his mother as well, and all sense of support was pulled out from under him. He withdrew for a short time. Living in the creche seemed more like a jail sentence than a necessary change. Had it not been for Urvalen and the tough love of their uncle N’drov, Netreven might have very well slipped into a deep and unforgiving depression. Instead he came through brighter than ever. It was more of a survival tactic — laughing instead of crying.

Somewhere beneath all of his bluster and recklessness Netreven knows that he has to make something of himself, if not for his lost family then for those who are still present in his life. N’drov’s presence in his life is noteworthy but it’s truly Urvalen who receives the most credit in helping and raising him. It was that shining example to which Netreven looked when he needed to focus on lessons or whip himself into proper shape so that he would Impress. He dreamed of a life that was spectacular and awe-inspiring, the stuff that harper ballads were made of.

When N’drov proposed to all boys that they could travel to Ista, Netreven was the one who was bouncing off the walls with excitement, and it was him that convinced the three brothers to go. The last thing he expected was to have such a sour welcome from the Istans. He knew of their plight and their struggle, what losses they had taken, but he could never brace himself for the sorrow that gripped the whole Weyr nor the enraged sense of invasion that the Istans seemed to have toward him. Nobody wanted them there, even though they had volunteered. He struggled to fit in with the other candidates and when they inevitably rejected him, he struck back in the only way he knew how, with cruel jokes and even crueler punches.

Now his life has been turned completely upside down. He always expected that he would Impress but he had never expected to Impress brown, much less a dragon that so hated Urvalen’s new dragon. The three of them were supposed to be together forever. Now Netreven, known as N’treven, struggles to fit into a newer niche, with hostile Istans on one side and a distant brother on the other.


Grandfather: V'dravi, bronze Coranth
Father: U'drev
Mother: Velanda
Uncle: N'drov, brown Rakuth
Brother: U'valen, brown Lurzanth
Half-brother: N'darav, green Haevath


Color Brown
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate (>1 y/o)
Wing RainCallers

Kuruzoth is, without a doubt, a very handsome brown. Perfectly proportioned, sleek and with excellent, erect posture, he has the potential to be quite regal…at least when he needs to be formal. His hide is like high quality, red-brown, hardwood, in colour and variation. Gradients of shading are all over his hide, shifting one shade of red-brown to another, so perfectly and gradually blended it’s hard to see where one ends and the other begins. There is only one exception to this, and that is on his face. Over one eye and cheekbone the colour is distinctly a different shade of dark redbrown, fanning out like a half of a mask. He is built for speed and power with sleek, strong wings and a streamlined body, made for short, sharp, devastating bursts of destruction.

Some dragons hatch from their shells knowing exactly who they are and what they stand for. Kuruzoth is not one of those dragons.

He wants to be a good brown dragon, dependable, strong, a leader and he absolutely wants to be respected, loved and accepted. He just struggles with how to achieve that, especially in his early months. He will resent and reject any kind of advice or attempts to push him to be a certain way, but deep down he will crave direction and guidance, There are moments when Kuruzoth is open to guidance, when he quietly asks for advice, or when he’s receptive to it. But choose the wrong moment, or the wrong words, and he will bull headedly go in exactly the opposite direction. Often the biggest problem with Kuruzoth is this: he sometimes confuses stubbornness with strength. He doesn’t trust himself enough to believe in his own abilities or viewpoints, and he will often compare himself to the other browns in the clutch, and try to emulate their better characteristics, all the while feeling horribly inferior. In time, and with experience leading, Kuruzoth will slowly grow more secure in his place as a brown, and in the respect of his fellows.

Naturally empathetic and sensitive, Kuruzoth is a good dragon at heart, and with the support of some loyal classmates and good teachers, as well as his rider, he could grow into a magnificent young brown. He has the leadership qualities he needs: determination, loyalty, humbleness and a deep unyielding honour. It is this innate sense of what is right and what is wrong that will always bring Kuruzoth back from being too stubborn for his own good, and it is in that honour and loyalty that dragons may choose to follow. As the months of his weyrlinghood pass Kuruzoth will settle into his role as a leader, and will prove that with trust placed in him, he can live up to lofty expectations. As a leader he will be tough and unyielding when it comes to rules and discipline, but he will be absolutely fair, to a fault. He will also care about all the dragons under his command, and his gruff, even gentle and concerned care for them could earn him lasting loyalty from his followers.

When he’s not trying to be responsible, Kuruzoth is actually a bit of a dork. He’s prone to blurting out the first thing to come to his head, or trying to tell a terrible joke, and most especially he’s the dragon to make some dry pun about the goings on about him. Dark humour is Kuruzoth’s way, dry wit and sarcasm as well as brutal honesty. But when things go wrong for him, Kuruzoth’s first reaction is to get angry and frustrated. He’ll huff and puff and bluster about it, perhaps even destroying whatever it is that defied him in a fit of pique. He’ll calm down quickly, hot tempers rarely last long, and then he will be able to look at the problem more dispassionately. He’s more than happy to express self deprecation, acknowledging his failings, when asking forgiveness of someone he may have insulted, or wronged, but if he apologises…it is always genuine.

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