Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingsecond
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


N'than is a sturdy young man. His hair is a deep dark auburn hair lays on his head in what can only be described as a bit of a shaggy mess in the winter. In the warmer months he prefers to shave his hair short. Bright blue eyes are the main focus of his face, taking away notice from the few fading freckles across his nose. Standing 5'10 he has the potential a few more inches in a final growth spurt. N'than is toned and muscled from his training as a dragonrider and takes pride in the fact that he's not overly bulky.


N'than is as determined as they come and applies his full attention to any duties he's been assigned. He had an uncanny ability of refocusing himself on the good and productive then failures and worries, giving him a rather positive outlook on life. Any disappointment he felt from being left on the sands as a candidate was hidden deep inside and behind a smile. He'd have a life involving dragons one way or another and chose to spend his free time with the dragonhealers picking up on basic first aid skills. Nairthan was always fascinated with all things draconic making him a very apt pupil. If he didn't impress, then he'd learn to heal them.
Proud Istan blood runs through his veins and the confidence that he will be the successful dragonrider he was born to be. His time with the dragonhealers taught him patience and that goals like impressing don't always happen exactly when you want them to. N'than for a long time groomed himself to gather the notice of the ranking wingleaders, hoping to be one himself someday. Often he gets so wrapped up in his work that he needs to be reminded when it's time for a break. He's a very devoted man whether it's to his dragon, love or friends. They are what keeps him together and working toward his goal to someday be a Wingleader.

N'than doesn't like that transfers are coming in from other Weyrs but to be a good leader he needs to see them all as dragonriders and not outsiders to the wing. Gaps must be filled in formations and thread must be flown. He keeps his personal opinions and dislike to himself unless he witnesses any discrimination against Ista's riders. He's quick to defend the native dragonriders and his homeland pride even after the tragedies of the First Fall.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.427.3.1

Nairthan grew up a weyr brat, the son of bronzerider N'tran and a young greenrider at Ista Weyr. His childhood was spent happily in the creche but his father made sure his son understood what a long line of proud Istan dragonriders he came from. At 12 turns he took his rightful place as a candidate. Disappointment set in quickly due to his impatience after being left on the sands for over a turn but he kept any doubts well hidden. If he couldn't have a dragon Naithan was determined to at least work with them. He became a dragonhealer apprentice, still standing for clutches as they happened but being left behind every time.

As a candidate Nairthan met the very beautiful Ephena and the became the best of friends along with a boy named Erlief. As candidates the three shared their fair share of mischief but the more time spent with Ephena, the more he started to fall for her. Romantic feelings were finally shared and Nairthan counted himself very lucky to have such a confident beauty in his life. He and Erlief both impressed at the same hatching, breaking apart the trio of friends and couple temporarily.

N'than found himself forever bonded to the very determined brown Masiefth. The new pair applied themselves to weyrling training, with a new enthusiasm for the future despite his worries abut leaving his love behind on the sands. Much to his relief Ephena impressed to green Leobeth a turn later and after Masiefth won her maiden mating flight the two became Weyrmates.

N'than and Masiefth graduated into the wings with one single goal, someday leading a wing. The pair worked together flawlessly to impress not only the leadership but to continue the legacy of his bloodline. The disaster of the First Fall spared no one, taking both of his parents between forever with so many others. Luckily Ephena and E'lief were spared any serious injuries and N'than found himself suddenly promoted to Wingsecond. Now with the influx of transfers from other Weyrs, N'than must put his personal feelings over the matter aside in order to make sure his wing is in fighting shape.



Father: N'tran of bronze Jaspianth (deceased)
Mother: Hanarita of green Bashieth (deceased)
Half-Siblings: Numerous

Weyrmate: Ephena of green Leobeth
Friend: E'lief of green Belagoth

N'than's Dragon : Brown Masiefth

Dragon Name: Masiefth
Colour: Brown
Age: 9
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.445.3.27
Wing: x


Masiefth is a light colored brown with a dark head. The dark parts actually make him look like he has a helmet on, especially in contrast to his body being so uniform in color otherwise. He has slightly over-sized wings but when he flies they only help him, for he is an extremely good flier. His larger wings will not make him fast, but will add to his stamina. He's a muscled dragon, built solidly and rather stocky. His size doesn't limit his ability to move and once he gets going stopping him is like trying to stand in front of a run away herd, you'll likely be run over.


Masiefth is the kind of dragon you want by your side. He will take the lead when needed but will step back to let others have the glory when he needs to. A perfect dragon? There is no such thing of course. Masiefth tends to take on too much work and will need to be told to take a break every now and then. In fact he's liable to injure himself in thread before he'll refuse to come down, and sometimes not even then. It will take a strong rider to prevent this brown from getting into too much trouble.

He is a good listener but the trouble is he seems to take on everyone else’s problems. If someone loses something close to them it will be Masiefth that comes to the fore and tries to find it. If someone is in distress, he will feel distressed too and will do anything in his power to fix it. He also likes to solve problems and will often be in deep thought as he tries to figure out the next move. Unfortunately he doesn't like help solving his own problems and this will cause more than one fight with his lifemate most likely.

The brown can be quite stubborn and if he think he is doing something the right way he won’t back down or change his mind. This could be quite challenging for his life mate and his lifemate will need to be able to tell him no, and to explain why. He will also be insatiably curious and this will feed back into his lifemate needing to explain things patiently and in detail before he will accept an answer. Masiefth is not a frequent chaser like one might expect. He's so devoted to the work he and N'than do that he's rather blind to the often rising females. The only ones who really grab his attention are his 'Doll' Leobeth who he'll chase to the stars and clutchmate Belagoth.

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