Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference:


He has dark tanned skin and dark hair that’s almost long enough to touch his shoulders that has a slight wave to it. There’s almost a ritual by now where every few months he grows a short beard, then it gets hot and itchy and he shaves it off. He tends to dress conservatively in dull colors. He's tall, with long limbs and a slender frame.


N’shal is Serious. With a capital S. He is the type of serious that can’t possibly be real, it has to be some kind of joke, and it is true that when people laugh at him there’s a slight twitch to his lips. All through training and after, he was the one who said that things were a bad idea, the one who knew and voiced the potential consequences of any mischief. Somehow, though, he always wound up right in the middle of every bad idea. He told everyone who would listen that it was because he was the responsible one and he wanted to minimize the trouble. Really, he enjoyed the excitement.

He’s not good at making friends. Most of the ones he has he’s worked with, it’s just easier for him to slowly get to know someone. Whenever he tries to make a new friend, he tends to not know what to say and winds up making the most awkward small talk imaginable. He’s the type who defaults to talking about the weather. Three times in the same conversation.

Common Knowledge


Birthdate: 6.7
Birthplace: Farm in Istan territory

N’shal spent most of his childhood not far from Ista hold growing up on his family’s land. When he was twelve his uncle, a smith, was sent to the Weyr to help with some project or another and the man agreed to take his nephew with him to begin an apprenticeship, just to see if it would suit him since the farming life didn’t seem to be for him. Since he was small at the time, it wasn’t something he particularly enjoyed, and the weyrbrats intimidated him more than a little. Had things turned out different, he would likely have left to some crafthall or another, never to come back to a Weyr. Instead, he was searched. He joined Candidacy with a little reluctance, again in part because of said intimidating weyrbrats. Everyone else was excited for it, so he went along, mostly keeping to himself.

He was as surprised as anyone when a blue picked him of all people. The fact that said blue was so very… friendly made N’shal feel even more isolated. So, when some of his classmates suggested some mischief, he was happy just to be included. Eventually, that evolved into varying degrees of friendship. He was never quite as free-spirited as a lot of his classmates; he was one of the ones who tried to be the voice of reason and responsibility. It rarely worked, but he did try.

Training did help him gain confidence and eventually brought out a more assertive personality, and he enjoyed the years between weyrlinghood and Threadfall immensely. He had an on again/off again relationship with a greenrider for most of the last decade. It wasn’t passionate or exciting, and most of the adventures from his early years as a rider had faded to fond memories, but it was a pleasant enough existance. Then, Thread came. The greenrider was one of those lost in that first Fall, along with many other friends and acquaintances. For the first Turn or so after that, he was quiet and withdrawn, spending most of his time he wasn’t working alone with his blue.

That couldn’t last forever, though, and one day he simply started spending more time in the public areas of the Weyr, more time reaching out to the acquaintances that were left. The fact that there were so many new faces helped distract from the faces that were missing, and while he wasn’t friendly with the Outsiders, he wasn’t antagonistic.



Mother- Rolena - farmer
Father- Nasheem-farmer
At least two older siblings, maybe one or two younger

Uncle- Crafter smith






Small talk

N’shal’s Dragon: Blue Jovith

Dragon Name: Jovith
Color: Blue
Age: 24
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: Date


Jovith is a deep blue, darker on his back fading to a lighter color on his belly that is almost a turquoise. He’s long and lean.


Jovith is a friendly, jovial blue. He likes games and even after all these Turns he’s the first one in the air for a game of tag. He’s not terribly competitive, though, content to let the younger and cockier dragons win (or any greens he fancies) . He also likes swimming and ‘fishing’, although that mostly appears to be flailing around in the water.

Common Knowledge

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