Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Injured
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


The most remarkable feature about N’sarn is, of course, the fact that both his right leg and arm have been replaced with wooden prosthetics, the latter of which serves more as an aesthetic choice that a functional limb. Both limbs were amputated at the knee and the shoulder, respectively, and at the base of each amputation is a mass of knotted scoring scars which extend up his thigh and neck. As a result, his voice is much more gravelly than it was prior to his injury.

Aside from that, N’sarn is an attractive man for his age, able to stay chipper and bright in spite of his grievous injuries. It’s rare to see him without a smile on his face, though one never knows if that’s a genuinely pleased smile or a sly one privately imagining someone’s death. Because he’s not left-hand dominant, writing still presents quite a challenge for him, though he has managed to master the complicated art of picking things up.


Since the fatal accident that robbed him of his arm, his leg, and arguably his dignity, N’sarn has turned into a bitter, hollow shell of his formerly cheerful self. Rather than blaming himself or just bad luck for his fate, he turned his hateful, glaring eyes toward Ista Weyr, forming a deep knot of resentment for those who were once his wingleaders and wingmates. Now that he’s doomed to a life of sitting on the ground wallowing in misery and drink, he has little else to do than sit around and watch as the Istans complain about how great they have it now or how much they despise those who have come to take charge. Deep down N’sarn believes himself to be the truest of Istan patriots. There is no better solution for Ista Weyr than to accept the guidance and sacrifice of those from other Weyrs. Not even they are infallible, he understands, but he would rather put his marks on them than rely on those who were responsible for crippling him and his dragon.

His sense of humor is very much intact though it has turned as sour as his heart. His jokes are blunt and often unnecessarily mean; misery and suffering are punchlines. If anyone takes issue, it’s just a matter of playing up his illness enough to make them feel guilty for harassing him in the first place. As long it stays guilt and doesn’t turn to pity. The worst thing that anyone can do to N’sarn is show him pity; to him there is no greater insult. Though he grew up with the idea that Impression was his only lot in life, he understood full well that Thread would come in his lifetime and he understood that he could have died in that macabre storm. To pity him feels like denying him some kind of honor. (He will, however, accept all of the praise you have to give to him.)

It especially hurts him to receive help from anyone. Under no circumstances will he ask for someone’s assistance, not even when he’s at his worst, convinced that it’s his own sheer will that keeps him going. He learned how to feed, clothe, and bathe himself, so no, he doesn’t need you to hold the door for him. The only true exception to this rule is his son, Gavas, who will brook no argument about it. Apart from Galmuth, Gavas was and is the only positive thing in his life. If not for his dragon’s sake then it’s for Gavas’s sake that N’sarn made it through, because though he knows his son would fare just fine without him in the world, he’s no more eager to leave him for the darkness of death.


Birthdate: 08.412.01.21

When people talk about the first Threadfall at Ista, they tend to discuss either those who died or those who lived, but in N’sarn’s case there’s a entire third category that nobody wants to talk about, whether out of respect of sheer disgust. It could be argued that he survived, but it was at the cost of half of his body.

His life was not always mired in tragedy. Like many born to the Weyr, Nalsarn was raised in the creche among the other weyr children, where he had a fairly typical and happy childhood, with his parents visiting frequently to nurture and support him. Even then he knew that though there was no Thread, it was his destiny to Impress and become a dragonrider just as they had, though they never pressured him into any particular role. Whether sweeprider, Wingleader, or just simple wingman, they made sure that Nalsarn understood that he would be loved no matter what. So when he Impressed to brown Galmuth at just fourteen Turns of age they were nothing short of ecstatic.

As a weyrling he immediately showed a penchant for leadership, making him a favorite among the weyrlingmasters and a shoe-in for a future wingsecond. He easily garnered the respect of other weyrlings, was an impeccably studious weyrling, and dedicated himself wholly to flight patterns, overshadowing even the bronzes in his class for strategy. Wingleader F’lec took him under his wing for mentoring as soon as he graduated and five Turns later he earned himself a position as wingsecond.

Though Galmuth chased frequently and won a fair share of those flights, N’sarn seldom kept track of who his partners were, as most female riders aborted. It wasn’t until a pregnancy was brought to his attention that he bothered to claim any child at all. As his one and only (as far as he’s aware), Gavas received his full, doting attention, showering him with the same love and encouragement that his parents gave to him.

During the Interval he poured over the weyr’s archives about thread and tirelessly drilled his wing, believing strongly that the threat of Thread’s return was very real.But no amount of preparation steeled them against that first day. With tornado-level winds and erratic Threadfall patterns, the likes of which they had never seen, N’sarn watched in horror as his wing was utterly decimated. Only himself and a couple wingriders survived the devastation, though N’sarn took the worst of the scoring. To add insult to injury, he lost both of his parents in the same day.

Healers did not believe he would survive. With such intense scoring it became necessary to amputate both his arm and leg. After that, infection set in. It was nothing short of miraculous that he pulled through, though he came out the other side as a shadow of himself.


N’salo, brown Nevith (deceased); father
Kassina, green Caidith (deceased); mother
Idala, green Nixeth; former fling and Gavas’s mother
G'vas, bronze Lephiroth; his only (claimed) son

N’sarn’s Dragon: Brown Galmuth

Dragon Name: Galmuth
Colour: Brown
Age: 27
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Galmuth is still a very handsome brown to behold, with a dark, oaken brown hide covered in faint chocolate ringlets that give him the false appearance of fresh cut wood. At his healthiest he was a prime example of browns, average in bulk and length, with a flying style as calm as his temperament. All that detracts from his beauty now is the scarred indentation in his right side and the healed, but shredded-looking primary sail of his right wing. His mobility with that wing is slightly off, preventing him from flying with the usual speed and grace of his color; at best he can manage a short, low flight. Most will notice that even at rest he breathes in short, labored breaths.


With his cheery, positive attitude and effortlessly likeable nature, it seems like someone forgot to tell Galmuth that he’s an injured, grounded dragon. Not even the setbacks of Threadfall have put a damper on his spirits. He still struts around and preens like a peacock, eager for the world to look upon him — and look they do, whether it’s because of his ability to command attention or the gnarly scars on the right side of his body. Either way he’s happy to have their eyes.

He provides N’sarn with a much needed emotional crutch. Arguably it could be said that it was Galmuth who helped N’sarn get through the worst of his recovery, for the brown provided a neverending fountain of love and reassurance that not even N’sarn could break with his dour, negative attitude. They play off of each other like yin and yang, perfectly attracted opposites. To this day he believes that the two of them are unbreakable in body and spirit. When he flies with the Queens’ Wing he flies with the same enthusiasm and go-gettem attitude that he had as a wingsecond.

This is a dragon who’s both hard to hate and hard to forget. His playful banter and childish antics make him stand out among others, as uncharacteristic as it is for him now — though he believes in his current position there’s no better a time to be silly and have fun. With his memory as it is, he barely remembers the events of the first threadfall, nor does he ever want to remember. Better to move forward in a positive way than move backward.

Though flying is a bit of a chore for him, that certainly doesn’t stop him from trying his hardest to chase greens, even if it means that his chances of winning are incredibly unlikely.

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