Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, with a bit more preference for women


Height 5' 10"
Weight 165 lbs

N'roy is handsome by most peoples standards and he knows it. He tends to spend a bit of time tending to his appearance and being presentable. His dark brown hair and eyes make a nice counterpoint to skin tanned by long days out in the Istan sun. While not overly muscled he is well toned from the work a rider must do to fly thread. He has natural grace and likes to flaunt it.


More of a lover than a fighter he tries to enjoy the perks of being a rider to their utmost. N'roy is a laid-back, fun-loving man, if occasionally a bit self-centered. He always seems to have the perfect wry observation or come-back right on the tip of his tongue, and can be a bit of a brat occasionally, teasing his friends and his sisters mercilessly as if he were still eight turns old (and he's perfectly fine with people thinking he's immature — after all, the more annoying people think he is, the less likely they are to give him things to do!). On the surface it would appear he hasn't a care in the world.

Dig a little deeper though and it's a different story. He took the death of his mother hard and the growing disconnect with his father after her death even harder. Pretending that nothing was wrong became a coping mechanism for him, as did loosing himself in short flings. Whatever he had to do in order to cover up the feeling of loss and to not face the guilt he felt for not being able to be the man of the family once his father lost the ability to do so.

While he loves his sisters dearly, and his father as well, there is nothing that will scare him off faster than a heartfelt discussion of feelings. Keeping a bit of distance emotionally, and a steady stream of snarky comments, became a way of life for him. In many ways he is still a child deep down and trying to hide his fears and any perceived weakness.


Birthplace Unknown, 8.418.10.22

The middle child of the family young N'roy grieved horribly for his mother. He couldn't understand the distance that his father put between himself and the children. For the most part during that time he turned to his older sister Bristan for comfort (which he still feels some guilt and shame for in retrospect) even as he tried to help with his new little sister Mirrette.

Time heals all wounds, more or less. At least that was what he told himself. When the family moved to the Weyr he gladly threw himself into his studies and whatever friendships or relationships he could find. That is until they got too serious in which case he just didn't have the emotional strength to cope. In time his dragon found him and with the strength of his blue to bolster his spirits N'roy gained a bit more maturity and emotional strength.

Now he finds himself one of the surviving riders after the great disaster of the first threadfall. He feels a little guilty for that as well since deep down he doesn't have a very high opinion of himself. Since that event he has tried to become stronger still for his sisters and his Weyr though it's not always more than a half hearted effort.

N'roy finds himself poised to finally out grow his insecurities and put his troubled past behind him. His sisters are both doing well and his father, though distant, is as well. He tries be free of the ghosts that haunt him and become a more complete adult. Whether he succeeds or not is yet to be seen.



Paskam, father - A part of him still tries to impress his father and make him proud. Another part resents him very much for not being there for his family. It troubles him that this is so but N'roy doesn't know of any way to make things like they used to be with his father.

Bristan, older sister - He adores his older sister and when upset usually turns to her for comfort though it always makes him feel small and weak when he does. N'roy is torn between wanting to ease his sisters burden as the surrogate mother and not feeling confident enough in himself to stand on his own. Despite all that he loves her very much and would do anything he could for her.

Miritte, younger sister - While he loves his sister N'roy isn't sure how to deal with her. The large difference in their ages kept them from being very close as children. Then having found his dragon there was even less time for them to bond. He has tried to correct that over the years and look out for his kid sister but his efforts, while well intentioned, are usually kind of clumsy. That doesn't stop him from trying though!

N'roy's Dragon: Blue Jaffreeth

Dragon Name: Jaffreeth
Colour: Blue
Age: 17
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Jaffreeth is average in size as far as blues go. His hide is a bright azure blue that fades towards a lighter shade on his belly. The most notable thing about him is his expressive face which conveys a wider range of emotions than dragons typically do.


Jaffreeth is a very friendly and out going dragon. He is one of the few that is prone to talk to others besides his rider if they strike his fancy. Being quite the intuitive dragon he not only emotes more than most but also is rather sensitive to others which is why he makes such a good match for N'roy. Jaffreeth makes the perfect listener and lends a great deal of emotional support to his rider and young humans to which he seems attracted like a moth to a flame. His fondest dream is to become a search dragon and find more littles to stand for hatchings.

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