Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


N’krel might be in his forties, but you’d better not imply he’s not still in his prime. He’s still tough enough to whip the pants (and more) off of a couple of baby riders. Best just to never mention it. He does have a shock of gray hair at both of his temples, maybe a few more wrinkles than he did a decade ago. He’s getting crow’s feet in the corner of his eyes as well as a crease in his forehead from competitive frowning. L’giln started it, not him.

The bluerider takes great care to keep himself and his body ready for action. He might have a small layer of fat over his chest, but that’s only because he hasn’t seen any action in quite some time. He’s a little on the tall side, but just barely. He’s certainly not taller than his lover and he prefers it that way.

The bluerider has a thick head of wavy brown hair. It’s been useful as a cushion for his head when he’s thumped it on the side of the wall. He and L’giln can get kind of rough when they’re…wrestling! Yes, wrestling to keep in fighting shape. Can’t let your guard down, you know. His eyes are a few shades darker than his hair. When his gaze is warm, they lighten a few shades. Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t happen often.


N’krel knows the value of being able to laugh in the face of danger. He seems to have taken this concept to a whole new level. He tends to laugh in the face of everything. Of course, there’s a time for seriousness, but those times seem to be far and few between. A little levity helps when you fly in the face of death so often. Besides, L’giln is serious enough for the both of them.

The bluerider trained just as seriously as the rest of his wing did. He takes his role as a dragonrider very seriously. He’s constantly pushing himself harder and harder. If the dragonriders are going to survive this pass, they’re going to need to be the best they can possibly be. He doesn’t have a problem with hard work. He knew what he was getting himself into when he first Impressed.

N’krel made it a habit to party just as hard as he worked. After all, he had a lot of stress and tension to release. He doesn’t party quite as hard since he and L’giln became…*something*, but he still knows how to have a good time. He makes it his duty to help L’giln see the lighter side of life. After all, even the strongest fighters need to know how to relax.

His relationship with L’giln didn’t start out very serious. In fact, it started out as an accident. An accident that kept repeating itself. Eventually they decided that they liked this thing and it was worth repeating. They’ve been together for so long N’krel can’t imagine life without L’giln. If anything were to happen to his lover, it would be like having a piece of himself ripped away. He’s not sure he would survive.


Birthplace : Fort Weyr, 8.408.3.12

N’krel was born to a greenrider and his weyrmate. He spent a portion of his life in the creche, but not nearly as much as most weyrborn children. He grew up with his father and mother. They took care to raise him with the same values the rest of the weyrborn children were being taught.

He stood at every clutch he could since his twelfth nameday. Shortly after his sixteenth birthday, he Impressed blue Shrelth. He met Langiln as a candidate and they just clicked together. They were friends and drinking buddies. He enjoyed the friendship, but certainly never imagined it would turn into something else. Not long after graduation, they spent a very awkward “morning after” trying to ignore each other and deny that anything had ever happened. They kept finding each other when they were drunk. Eventually N’krel found himself making excuses to run into L’giln after he’d had a few.

Eventually the pair managed to have an awkward half drunk conversation about their relationship. Talking about mushy emotions is hard enough drunk, N’krel couldn’t imagine talking about them while sober. He mentally swore never to have the conversation again. L’giln must have done the same.

Some time after L’giln was made wingleader, thread returned to Pern. They didn’t do horribly. In fact, they probably did better than some. They certainly did better than Ista Weyr. When he heard that Ista had put out the call for transfers, N’krel didn’t even feel the slightest urge to put his name in. However, L’giln had been making noises of transferring. He had begun to think about leaving when the choice was taken out of his hands. F’lynx and I’lya were accused of arson. The powers that be decided that Ista would be the perfect place to send the budding pyromaniacs. N’krel grumbled about it, but his heart wasn’t it. He didn’t feel right leaving F’lynx to the new weyr all by himself. A kid needs his family after all.



Father: L’pin, Deceased
Mother: Keirri, Deceased
Sister: Krishji, Deceased
Brother in law: J'nix, Deceased
Nephew: F’lynx, Rider of Green Nirith


L'giln, Rider of Bronze Basrath

N'krel's Dragon: Blue Shrelth

Colour: Blue
Age: 16
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr
Wing: Windraiders


Shrelth’s hide is a bright blue. It’s almost bright enough to hurt your eyes, but not quite. It stops a few shades lower. Just enough to bright and pretty, but not enough to make you shield your eyes. His neck and limbs are very slender while his body actually appears to be a little pudgy. He’s the perfect size and weight though. He can’t help the way he looks. As far as he’s concerned, He’s a gift to golds and greens everywhere.


Shrelth doesn’t know what the word humility means and he has no intention of learning it either. When he’s flying into the weyr, he tends to fly as slow as he can so he can display himself to the best possible advantage. When he’s sunning himself, he doesn’t simply nap. He displays. He spreads his wings just so and moves his tail so he looks like a painting left outside by a master harper.

Shrelth has never been shy about speaking his mind. His rider has long suspected that Shrelth simply has no filter between his mind and his..well not his mouth exactly. He always says what is on his mind. A habit that has gotten him into trouble more times than not.

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