Writer: Claddagh
Character name: N'jori
Character type: Wingrider
Rank: Wingsecond
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


N'jori is not a classically handsome man, but there’s no denying he’s easy on the eyes and has plenty of sex appeal, in a dangerous sort of way. The worst part of it all? He knows how to work it to his advantage.

He has thick, coal-dark hair and a matching beard. He won’t be going bald or grey any time soon, something for which he is extremely grateful. He has dark brown eyes, his most menacing feature, as his smile never seems to reach them. He has a long, thin nose and face, which comes to a point with his chin, although his well-groomed beard lends his face a fuller look. His face may seem open and honest but don’t be fooled; he would certainly sell his own grandmother if he thought it would profit him in some way (she was a miserable old cow, anyways).

Despite his relatively still young age, he has crow’s feet around his eyes and deep furrows above his brow. These are not the lines of a face that has had much to smile about. Like other Istans, his skin is deeply tanned.

N'jori is a tall man, but not excessively so. He doesn't tower over other men the way some do. He is not an overly large man eithe. He works out and has enough muscle on his body to be physically intimidating to others, but he isn’t as physically imposing as some men.


N'jori is a man with strong convictions and a deep love for his home weyr. He is guided by a moral compass, although that moral compass may not be the same as others. He is fully supportive of T'berli’s leadership, just as he was supportive of his failed coup. He would stop at nothing to protect Ista and its people, no matter what that might entail.

N'jori is a charming man, more than capable at winning people over to his side despite his normally detached personality. He’s very good at faking concern and attention to others, which makes them open up to him and trust him with their secrets. While others think he’s being friendly and personable, he’s really just observing them: listening and seeing everything they do, trying to store information on them he may find useful to use against him in future. His main currency is in favours, and many people owe him. He is not afraid to exploit this by using blackmail, or bullying people into doing what he wants them to do.

His personality has become more erratic of late, or at least others have found it so. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the weyr, he has taken up an Outsider lover; something which has been giving him a lot of mixed feelings and leaving him on edge. Recently, finding out she is pregnant has made things even more complicated. He wants to be intimate with someone, but he finds it difficult to express his feelings, and throwing a baby into the mix doesn’t make it any easier for him to figure out how he feels about all of this.

Common Knowledge

It is common knowledge that he is totally against Outsiders. He doesn’t like them, and doesn’t think they belong in his weyr. He’d get rid of the whole lot of them right away if it wouldn’t put Ista at a disadvantage to fighting Thread, and running the weyr at full capacity.

It has become widely suspected of late that N'jori has a lover, but no one knows who he/she is. Rumours are beginning to surface, wondering if they’re real or not. Don’t ask him to either confirm or deny the rumours though; he doesn’t plan to give you a straight answer.


Birthdate: 416.02.02
Birthplace: Ista

N’jori was born a proud son of Ista Weyr, the best of all the weyrs, in his not-so-humble opinion. He grew up in a time when the threat of Thread seemed like a nightmare story the women in the creche told the children to keep them in line, kind of like the boogeyman or the monster hiding under your bed at night. He hadn’t expected he’d actually have to encounter Thread during his lifetime.

He’d joined Candidacy along with his friends because they had done it. If he’s honest with himself though, N’jori doesn’t think he’d have been any good at anything else other than being a rider, except maybe being a blacksmith. He’d flirted with the idea once, but he’s much more suited to being a soldier, taking orders and barking them back at people more junior in rank to himself. It hadn’t mattered any more once Ballanth was hatched anyways; the somewhat bossy dragon claimed him for himself and that had been that.

At first they hadn’t had the easiest of times with their training. Both of them could easily be leaders and so they had a difficult time working out exactly who was in charge. N’jori is sure it must have seemed comical to anyone but he and Ballanth at the time, kind of like watching two people trying to take the lead in a dance. Eventually they found their rhythm and the two of them learned to work together and think and move as one entity.

When first ‘Fall happened, it only served to cement the relationship between dragon and rider. Both of them lost dear friends to the destruction caused by Thread, and it only made them more determined to work together to become a powerful fighting unit to protect what they cared most about. N’jori and Ballanth both hope that with T’berli’s rise in rank, that they’ll be given the opportunity to do just that.



Both parents were riders. Nothing remarkable about them, so he doesn’t talk about them.


The other Gadabouts




There’s probably half a dozen or so little N'jori’s running around Ista. He lost count after the first two or three. Now Ellabei’s pregnant with the latest one.


Pretty much all Outsiders.
Anyone who doesn't support T’berli’s leadership.

DRAGON: Ballanth

Dragon Name: Ballanth
Color: Brown
Age: 25
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Like his rider, Ballanth is an imposing dragon, just not by being overly large in size (in fact, he’s practically petite-looking beside the bronzes). Just because he isn’t as large as his fellow browns doesn’t mean you should make the mistake of underestimating his fighting ability. As the saying goes, “don’t turn your back on the little guy in a fight.”

His hide is as dark as his rider’s eyes, a deep brown that seems almost black in some places. Despite his smaller stature, he has a compact muscularity to him that keeps him strong and fit to fight, but still allows him to be lithe enough to make tight turns and dodge Thread effectively.


Ballanth is a take-charge sort of dragon. He’s no-nonsense and always prepared for any eventuality. He’s quite intelligent, and will think through all of the possible outcomes of a situation before making a decision on what action to take. It makes him a cautious leader, but an effective one.

Like his rider, he is loyal, and values loyalty above all else. He is protective of his weyr, of the other dragons, and most especially of his rider. He isn’t ruthless like his rider and is far more effective as a diplomat when his rider gets under other people’s skin. Where N'jori is rough-and-tumble, not afraid to get his hands dirty, Ballanth is much more effective at winning people over through charm and politeness. He can sometimes find himself, exasperatedly, trying to keep N’jori in line. Ballanth is afraid if he doesn’t, his rider could become a holy terror on the weyr. While some dragons might be jealous and want to horde their riders all to themselves, Ballanth is extremely fond of Ellabei (not that he's let on to N'jori about this yet) and will try and meddle all he can to keep the two of them together. He thinks she’s good for N’jori, and what’s good for N’jori is ultimately good for Ballanth as well.

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