Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


One cannot trust his expression wherein grey eyes seem intense, peering toward and judging everyone around him like they're delicious herdbeasts. Spread across that 6 foot tall stature are sleek, athletic muscles that'll seem rather dangerous once someone notices his predatory prowling. The threadscore across his right shoulder will further that impression whenever it's visible. Despite that, N'frem is handsome and must've known about using his own appearance for manipulation.

Nice, bronze skin covers him everywhere. His face, with its chiseled jaw and cheekbones, will set him apart and there are juicy, plush lips that're likewise demanding attention from those that'll take notice. Around those features there's…no obvious hair since he'll keep it shaved into mere fuzz because his face seems too good looking to be hidden behind anything. Although mere blackened fuzz, that would've been ash blond otherwise, it'll still feel soft when touched.


It's not important whether Istans are ignorant shut-ins, not for someone that'll use those views and cause more turmoil. Because life isn't fun without some entertainment and N'frem is someone that'll derive entertainment from being surrounded within misery/confusion, all that're not his own. That desire made him somewhat proficient in manipulation. Over time it made him aware what'll garner the reaction he'll want, nor hesitant about messing with anyone around Benden. Nor anyone around Ista once he transferred there because even the occasional fling, being all sly with innuendos, won't satisfy his need for entertainment.

Everyone is no more than some challenge he can't resist testing, can't resist showing himself around either. However, his audacious arrogance can't be totally greasy considering that he will recognize some limits, will recognize certain dangers and will seldom push someone too far. His need for entertainment isn't reason enough to cause lasting harm.

So, although somewhat sadistic, he does otherwise seem levelheaded. He can handle whatever schedule is imposed onto him and Kagarth, can force himself onto new schedules rather easily, albeit not as easily as during his first 25 turns. That adaptibility doesn't mean he likes M'drasen. Sure these new rules aren't upsetting him that much…but the other bronzerider seemingly proved himself to be more of an asshole than N'frem. That is something N'frem can't keep from feeling somewhat bitter about. Either way this bronzerider will never pity anyone, nor treat them like fragile dolls unless they're really in real danger.


Birthplace: Bitra Hold, 8.420.9.21

Neffrem was born at Bitra Hold. It wasn't until Neffiar and Prema possessed 7 children that they noticed they couldn't provide each one with individual attention. Therefore none beyond the first two were close with their parents. The others spent more time around their siblings, or sometimes sought attention from those outside their family. Neffrem was the first who turned their attention onto mere agemate friends until, 5 Turns later, when he brought in the younger brother that'd started idolizing him under his wing. It took several sevendays after his 12th birthday before Neffrem apprenticed into the Tannercraft…separating himself somewhat from his beastcrafter father.

Within another 4 Turns Neffrem made it known around the Hold that he was open for sexual pursuits. Nor was he interested in marriage. His parents would've forced him into marriage if he'd gotten a female pregnant, however, before that could happen, he visited a Gather at Benden. In truth several apprentices were gaining experience from different Gathers but the Searchrider noticed Neffrem instead.

The opportunity seemed too good and Neffrem accepted, becoming known around the Candidate Barracks for his mischief. After almost 3 Turns Standing one bronze made the loudest racket within the Hatching Caverns when he mowed over some Candidates that'd been around Neffrem. Neffrem! Your Kagarth is here and that means we're all doomed! I wouldn't have hatched if there wasn't something to fight! From then onward Neffrem became N'frem of the arrogant, fierce, doomsaying bronze. Sometimes what doom Kagarth described even fit the bronzerider rather well, something N'frem inwardly laughed about.

N'frem didn't take their classmates that seriously either, viewing them as mere toys, and his attitude got worse over time. Somewhere within the period after graduating this bronzerider's fathered several children…several children that N'frem knows about… Some Thread caught his shoulder during the Pass's first 'fall. Not bad enough that it'd hinder him but, at that point, he'd needled his Wingleader too much. They took the opportunity Ista's need for riders presented by transferring N'frem, who also brought his eldest child along.



Neffiar (father)
Prema (mother)
4 unnamed brothers
2 unnamed sisters
Emmyse (daughter)
2 unnamed daughters
1 unnamed son

N'frem's Dragon: Bronze Kagarth

Dragon Name: Kagarth
Colour: Bronze
Age: 13 (8.440.4.2)
Weyr of Origin: Benden Weyr


His medium-size made Kagarth tower, lean and durable over almost everyone that he'll come across within Ista Weyr. That seems more normal once you've considered his color because they're large creatures no matter their size; either way he'll seem the perfect medium of carved musculature. Ruddy-bronze covers him like thick, oozing syrup with another bronze continuing along his throat until its abrupt disappearance under him. One can almost mistake that second color for scorched hide, like another dragon must've turned against him, however, it'll feel like normal hide whenever someone touches it. His wings seem somewhat tapered, somewhat pointed, like they'll leave him more agile than many other bronzes.


None ever miss his arrival. The oversized, eager-for-attention ego never let him sneak around and even pressures Kagarth into announcing himself, some even call it 'an unspoken demand'. It'll remain a mystery whether that assumption is true because the bronze has more pressing issues on his mind. Namely that said audience need him around. He must warn them against what's coming and lesser colors need someone directing them, otherwise they'll cause another disaster!

This made him seem doomsayer-like and made him prattle endlessly about what could happen if no one listens. It might've caused some to tune him out…if his 'foresight' wasn't proven true so often. Kagarth can recognize all the problems that could arise, albeit some seem like he's warning them about something his rider might do. Some criticism he'll toss toward his competition can seem rather inventive, rather interesting though. He once addressed a brown competitor with; ((Last I checked our green star didn't have wings made of lead! She would need 'em to consider that showing off! Give me some decent competition otherwise your wings may fall off from becoming actual lead. In case you haven't noticed, you *NEED* those wings unless you're thinking she will catch *YOU* instead out of pity!))

His fierceness, inside and outside those flights, will come across as somewhat loud and blustery. His alertness/knowledge about air currents gave that final, necessary push toward making him more than somewhat agile but never was his strongest asset. That award went to his intense, well-controlled flame that'll require more movement when burning large Thread clusters, plus anyone caught within will've found themselves in great, great danger.

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