Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Basic Info

All N'drov wanted was a quiet little life, and instead what he got was the life of a dragonrider. He's naturally quite a happy soul, but this is tempered by the fact that he is a terrible worrier. He worries over everything, especially if it is something unusual or out of the ordinary. His weyr is just so, with everything in its place, homey and comfortable and when things get disturbed its enough to send him into a dizzying tailspin of fretting.

He's a perfect little gentleman though, very polite and civilised, well read and articulate. He loves writing, often scribing out the events of the day so he can look back over them and remember, or scratching out little tunes on hides. He was training to be a Harper before Rakuth's surprise Stands Impression, and he still pines for the life he thinks he should have had if not for his beloved brown.

N'drov was sure that he was going to die that first time he rode his dragon, then again at Between, then again when they joined the wings and fought thread. And yet somehow he has survived, somehow always coming good right when he needed to.

Recent History

Unfortunately N'drov alienated his Wingleader with all of his fretting about safety and tactics. His constant nervous questioning and his rather brusque, unfriendly dragon, earned him a few close friends but otherwise meant he became a perfect candidate to be sent away to Ista. Naturally this change in his lifestyle has sent him into a minor panic.


U'drev - Deceased brother
Nedarav - Nephew
Ravelan - Nephew
Urvalen - Nephew

N'drov's Dragon: Brown Rakuth

Dragon name: Rakuth
Colour: Brown
Age: 16
Weyr of Origin: Benden Weyr


This is possibly one of the sturdiest browns it is possible to get. He's not overly large in terms of height, or length, but he's certainly strong, built like a strong ox, compact but strong, stocky but enduring. His endurance is excellent and his fighting capabilities are excellent.

His hide is dark brown, patterned with lighter diamonds across his flanks.


Not many people like this dragon very much. It's not that Rakuth doesn't have his good points, he does. Like his loyalty to his wingmates and the few friends he has, his dry humour or his love for N'drov's nephews. These are just almost totally overshadowed by his more dickish qualities.

He is brusque to the point of being rude, has no qualms about telling you exactly what all your problems and flaws are straight to your face, and will remind you of them every single time you mess up. He's serious and focused, and has little belief in enjoying ones self or playing around, he knows what his duty is and its to fight thread and win, nothing is going to get in the way of that.

He worries about his rider, but often displays it in the worst way; by criticising. He wants to make him better, but N'drov is so…soft. He hates it when he hurts him and it makes him gruff, but maybe a little affectionate for a little while.

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