Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Mirai is blessed with a certain, very classically beautiful cast of features, but beauty has always been her mother's focus, not hers. Granted, she knows how to dress and do her hair and all that to bring out and accentuate her beauty - she couldn't escape childhood with her mother any other way - but her priorities are often elsewhere. She fights a running battle with her weight, the desire to remain thing warring with her love of good food.

In general Mirai prefers dresses and skirts. Sure, at the Weyr there's no issue with a woman wearing trousers, but Mirai prefers how a good dress can accentuate her appearance. And besides, she's just more comfortable looking 'feminine'. She also takes great pride in her glossy brown hair, and will spend a goodly amount of time brushing and styling it.

While she may be beautiful, there is a coldness to her that often puts people off. She has mastered the art of the public mask over her expressions, and very rarely lets anyone see her true feelings. She's always very conscientious of her image, and thus always carries herself with a sense of dignity that often makes her seem older than she is. It can be very hard to tell what she's thinking about something, a trait she still needs to learn to use to her advantage.


Mirai is an extremely intelligent woman with a near-fanatical dedication to truth and strength of principles. However, this has a tendency to come off as arrogant and self-centered, especially since she tends to be fully focused on her personal perception of reality. Views and opinions that don't fit with her worldview are often dismissed as ignorant or naive. And yet she can be a world-class hypocrite, mentally modifying and/or justifying situations and behaviors she would not normally consider 'correct' in order for her to accept what she refers to as 'the given' -the aspects of her life where change would lead to consequences that she doesn’t want to suffer or which she deems outside her control. Thus while she refuses to accept less than complete honesty and logic from others, in her own life she is content to accept such things in her personal sphere to avoid upsetting the status quo. In her opinion, it's a matter of decisions and endurance. Once one has made a decision, one must carry it through. Abandoning it simply because it is difficult or hurtful would be the ultimate dishonesty, because you hold responsibility for your actions and since action causes reaction, you must handle the reaction you cause.

In general she is a very analytical person, a trait that makes her well loved by the Headwoman and her staff. She honestly enjoys the paperwork and record keeping, and if it means she ends up taking on more than her fair share, well that's a small price to pay for it getting done right. She has an almost exhaustive knowledge of the Weyr's records and loves to question newcomers to the Weyr for information of their homelands and such. She makes a great listener, as long as you don't mind her taking notes and the idea that everything you said is probably going to end up in the Records somewhere.

Mirai was very close to her father, and much of her personality and worldview was shaped by him. It is from him that she got much of her ideas of what a dragonrider should be - intelligent, brave, stoic, and strong. Anything less is falling short of what a rider should be. Likewise her mother instilled in her the idea that a woman should be certain things as well - polite, well-spoken, nurturing and willing to put others ahead of herself. While she's too polite to criticize anyone directly, her coldness towards those who don't fit into her views of how a person 'should be' is usually obvious.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.431.7.12

Mirai was born and raised at Ista Weyr. Like many weyrbrats she was a mating flight scion - the result of her father's bronze failing in a greenflight. From a young age she idolized her father, though she had direct contact with him only rarely. Because on those rare occasions he often quizzed her on her lessons with the Weyr's Harpers, and she applied herself to those studies with a single minded determination, hoping that she'd be able to impress him. Mirai grew up under his shadow, always wanting to find a way to make him proud of her. Since she couldn't Impress a bronze like him, and since golds were so rare, she set her sights on becoming Headwoman and managing the Weyr as efficiently as her father managed his Wing.

Though she's loath to admit it, Mirai has also been shaped by her mother. While she was not the sweet, pliable young woman that Veirah wanted, that didn't stop Veirah from drilling into Mirai's head all the lessons she could about how to be a 'proper' lady. Let other girls run around in trousers and get dirty and be loud and rude and all that. Veirah had been one of the daughter of Ista Hold's Steward before she'd been Searched (unsuccessfully) for the Weyr, and her daughter would learn proper manners and how to conduct herself as a lady at all times. While some girls might have rebelled against this, Mirai didn't - instead enduring and absorbing the lessons patiently, if only because it made mother happy to do so. Her major issue with it was that it set her apart from most of her peers, but her focus on learning and intellectual snobbery had already done that. She grew accustomed to spending much of her time alone, or in the company of adults, which she preferred.

She resisted becoming a Candidate for several Turns - in her mind, men just make better dragonriders. They're stronger, have more stamina and are better suited to the rigors of that life. Besides, her talents were better suited to Lower Caverns work anyway. But then that first disastrous Threadfall happened, and R'zic was one of the casualties. Suddenly the man she idolized, who she'd made into the center of her world, was gone. Granted, he'd died protecting Pern, which was exactly the sort of death she was sure he would have wanted, but it shook her greatly. In a rare moment of rashness, she decided the best way to honor her father's memory would be to become a dragonrider herself. Thus, she became a Candidate, a decision she's no longer entirely sure about. But she has made her decision, and she will see it through to the end. Whatever that may be.



Father: R'zic, rider of Bronze Lynth
Mother: Veirah, lower caverns staff
Half Brother: Z'rain, rider of brown Glossith

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