Name: Mira
Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Mira is mostly average when it comes to appearance. Not too tall and not too short. Her hair is that shade of brown that's almost dirt colored but it lacks the multitude of shades that dirt really is. It is more the color of a child's painting, flat but clearly brown. Upon first arriving to the Weyr, Mira was a bit on the slim and dainty side but her time with her dragon has resulted in her shaping up. She still needs a little more weight and muscle to look the proper thread fighter but she is getting there.
The most appealing thing about her are her eyes. A forest green that are framed by a set of slightly too dark lashes that make her eyes really pop. Of course, the rest of her face is fairly plain. Average sized nose and a pair of thin lips that curve just a little when she's thinking of some fancy thought or other. She's taken to wearing colors that match her Nimitith's hide, standing out just a little.


Mira can seem a little stubborn at first but she's generally easily swayed to someone's decisions. Not because she can't make up her mind but she simply chooses to go with the flow. She's sometimes overly apologetic as if she's trying to make up for the past on a daily basis. It takes Nimitith to wade through to Mira when it's clear that someone is trying to take advantage of Mira's efforts to be a good person. Sometimes, she does slip back into her old ways and comes up with a snippy thought or two about this person or that person. That generally ends with her trying to make up for it in some way.
All that aside, for family, there is only Nimitith in Mira's eyes. Sure, she will try to have friends and relationships (when the time comes) but she just can't see anything beyond her dragon. If Nimitith wants to go exploring or learn something new, then Mira is completely game for it. There are times she should have the common sense not to do potentially dangerous things but not Mira. Nope, she's going to follow Nimitith as long as the dragon wants to go.
Perhaps it's because she's trying so hard to be a good person that she does not spend much time thinking on the fact that she's a female dragonrider. Even with her family disowning her, she still thinks it's just because Nimitith is not a gold. Part of her still clings to the hope that they will come around as how could any one not love her Nimitith?

Birthdate: 3/2


Mira was born in one of those random holds who had a Holder who thought he was far more important then what he was. She was the third daughter and fifth oldest, or at least that her father actually claimed. She was raised as superior to the other girls. They were not the daughter of a Holder. Her whole life was about how she was better then the others and was going to marry some other Holder's son, maybe even a Lord Holder's son. That was the expectation and then game the day the Brownrider came on search.
Or that was the official story anyway. He actually had a thing for her older nicer sister and was using the searching as an excuse to visit. Mira just happened to be the random girl he singled out that particular trip. He Mira dropped off at Ista without so much as a 'hey, do this'. Mira had no clue and just assumed this was how things were done.

Her parents were not all that concerned about her going but they did tell her one thing. Mira had to impress Gold. That was it. Nothing else would ever do for their daughter. It did not matter that there was no gold on the sands, she was expected not to impress until that specific moment that there was a gold. There was no 'or', it was gold or not impress. That was what her family believed. Mira believed it too, how could it be any different? She was better then everyone else and certainly deserved gold. She made more then one candidate miserable during her times waiting to impress.

Then came the day on the sands when everything changed. Nimitith had been nosing about curiously, trying to discern which of these candidates would be her's while Mira was being aloof and avoiding looking at the dragonets. Her parent's words still ringing in her ears and kept firmly in mind right up until the moment that impression occurred. It was a bit of a shock when that light colored green came right up and demanded that they go find out what that delicious smell was.

From that point on, Mira saw nothing else but Nimitith. The young woman did not care that she had impressed green. Nimitith was perfect in every way. Her parents just did not think so and all but disowned the young girl for impressing below “her station”. It seemed that her dragon also brought out the best in her as Mira made efforts to change. At first it started with Nimitith chiding Mira about her behaviour when she knew her rider was capable of better. Eventually, Mira just started doing it on her own which resulted in her new out look on life. All through Weyrling training, she doing her best to be a good person. Even if it means that she has to make up for being a terror before.



Morak (Father),
Tala (Mother),
Mor (Brother, Older),
Rak (Brother, Older),
Mala (Sister, Older),
Malo (Sister, Older),
Marai (Sister, Younger),
Multitude of half-siblings

Mira's Dragon: Green Nimitith

Dragon Name: Nimitith
Colour: Green
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: HurricaneHeroes
Wing: N/A


How many different shades of pastel green are there? Well to answer that question you need only look at Nimitith’s hide. She is a smooth mix of all those different shades, all blended together smoothly so it’s hard to see where one ends and another begins, despite them being different colours. She will always be a small green, slender and athletic. She holds herself very erect, but those moments when she is still are few and far between. She’s always moving, investigating and nosing around. She is in complete proportion, a perfect little green, apart from one small quirk; her headknobs have a bit of a curl to them.


Ah the spirit of adventure! Nimitith has it, and has it in spades. From the moment she hatches she will be curious and investigative, nosing around the other eggs and hatchlings. The thing is, this little dragon is a smart one, just not in that bookish sense. No she’s street smart, savvy about people and just what their intentions are. She’s quick to realise just when someone is pulling the wool over her eyes, and has good instincts to know just when something isn’t quite right.

She is a naturally happy dragon, generally leaning towards positivity. You’d be unlikely to ever find her indulging in maudlin thoughts, or bemoaning anything. No Nimitith would take the situation at hand and look for a positive, a way to turn the negatives going on into good things, things to work for her. She greets everyone cheerfully, be they rider, dragon or candidate alike, and she enthusiastically loves to swim.

Nimitith is also a very social dragon, and will be drawn to the strangest personalities. You might expect her to stick to the safer people, chill out with the normal dragons, but you would be wrong. She loves the broken people, the people with scars and quirks and odd behaviours. She loves people who aren’t perfect, who others see as odd, and she showers them with her loyalty and affection. Once Nimitith is your friend, you can be sure, you’ll never be alone again.

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