Character type: Candidate
Rank: really old
Age: 21
Gender: Female


Miannae is not overly pretty. She has cropped, thin brown hair, narrow, brown eyes, an unflattering amount of freckles, and rather crooked teeth (because not all of them are even THERE). She's built in a way that would make a guy proud… broad-shouldered, round, and toward the tendency of muscle rather than anything like graceful and lithe. But she carries herself in a way that is not ugly.

Miannae is one of those who always walks head-high, stride long and quick, and eyes roaming this way and that. There is a smile that always plays in her features, though not typically displayed. She gives off the fine first impression of being purposeful, with energy to execute that purpose, determination to do it, and some pleasure for the job.


Sure to her appearances, if Miannae is currently without some task in mind-you can bet that she’ll find some way to occupy herself. Hopefully it won’t be in yet another crusade of some form. Even more hopefully, it won’t be in a crusade directly aimed at YOU! Miannae’s “goals for improvement” are often quite harmless (asking for the weavers to help “brighten” the candidate barracks common room, for example), but she’s relentless about them until she’s either accomplished her task or someone has finally successfully distracted her in some other manner. She doesn’t quite know when to quit, or when to change the subject. She’s loud and bold about her opinions, and never afraid to own up to what she thinks is just the truth of the matter (the candidate barracks WERE horrendous, aren’t you happy they look so much nicer now?).

Miannae is proud, proud, proud of who she is. She’s Weyr born and raised. Her parents are both dragonriders, and great heroes. She’s destined for such greatness and for making them proud of her as well. And she’ll fight anyone who has anything to say against dragons, riders, or her precious Weyr. She lacks tolerance for anyone who disagrees, and has been known in the past to get into shouting matches with Hold born ‘brats. She lacks tolerance for anyone who complains, and has been known to get into shouting matches with any candidate who happens to be human and announce s/he’s tired of the schedule. She’s been known to pull some punches too, or to make some other (rigged) challenge to settle some dispute. There’s just no other way to view it, and in Miannae’s mind, she ALREADY has a great legacy to live up to, and therefore she is already a great defender of Pern, and a defender of the defenders of Pern, too. And, well, a
defender of anything that someone does or says that rubs her the wrong way. Sometimes she carries quite the chip on her shoulder.

But she is not all purpose and fights. Miannae enjoys having a good time as well. The bigger the challenge, the better the dare, the crazier the activity—-the more she is totally into it. Miannae has done some stupid, stupid things in the past. She’s been told more than once that luck runs with her, and favors to see her still alive. That’s the best sort of fun to have. Ball games are fun, silly pranks are fun, but nothing is quite as great as a good adrenaline rush.

No one really knows it, because she’s so good at hiding it, but it’s all bluff. She’s blowing herself up to look bigger than she really is, and to hide where she really feels. It’s true that she’s proud of her Weyr and she’s proud of the dragonriders, and it’s true that she has all the heart a person can have into upholding them. It’s true that she likes to go out and work physically, and she likes to stay busy. It’s true that she likes to find things to do that improve the quality of life for other people.

It is not true that she wants to uphold the pride and expectation of her dragonriding parents. Well, it is. She desperately wants their approval, and that’s why she stands. She’s bold, yes, but it’s not true that bold fearlessness runs into the very core of her being. She’s scared to death of the dragons, she’s scared to death of the idea of being THAT CLOSE to some creature or person, and she’s scared to death of the idea of thread. Miannae tosses her head and offers anyone a proud, haughty look if they point out she’s always the furthest back of the female candidates. She’ll let you know in a heartbeat that the dragon who wants you WILL find you whether you’re on the sands, in the stands, or somewhere /between/. It’s only the foolish that rush ahead to get killed by the clumsy, disoriented hatchlings. But, frankly, she’s trembling in her shoes every hatching, and it’s not out of excitement. Pass me up, pass me up. Let me fight my own way, not yours. Go AWAY little monsters, GO!

Inside of all of the bluff is a very insecure young woman who doesn't know where she's actually going with her life, and who really wants approval and connection to others. But she'll impress a dragon and give her life to the Red Star before she admits it. And that's precisely what she's doing now.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.431.7.13

Miannae was born at Ista Weyr to a then-candidate and a then-weyrling couple, though by the time she was old enough to remember anything about her parents, both were graduated weyrlings. Her parents were both on-again and off-again parents, and her mother never failed to use her as a weapon against her father, who did truly care for his little girl, but as a brownrider had little control over what time he had to offer the child. As Mother convinced Father horrible lies about Miannae, Mother convinced Miannae of horrible lies about Father.

And so she grew up thinking that she really wasn't good enough for Father, that he'd wanted a boy to carry on his great family legacy, and that any little mistake she made somehow got to him and made an embarrassment of him. So Miannae grew up to Be The Best, which involved a LOT of scrapping and fighting with all the other kids who had all the same goals, and to never give reason for Father to be upset Because, while she respected her mother for ever coming to her at all, and was happy to boast it in front of other 'brats that didn't get their parents coming around ever… She really loved her father, because he was the one to truly show her any great love back. The thought that she disappointed him hurt to the core of her heart.

Miannae has been involved in a world of fights, scraps, and stupid dares at the Weyr. All of which are more or less common to children, some of which are memorable to those involved, but none of which will ever get sung about. She entered candidacy at 12 turns, and has turned all of her energy into the task of being a great candidate, but without any true ultimate purpose in mind. She doesn't wish to impress, and she doesn't wish to dwell on that fact. So she's always found other little goals to make her life more fulfilling.

She's had 2 children herself since becoming a candidate, and aborted a few more than that on dragonback. One when she had just barely turned 14 turns, and the other when she'd just barely turned 17 turns. But she won't tolerate being called names for it, and she won't tolerate being called names for turning from a loud, abrasive young woman to a very coddling one when those babies come around to visit. Those children mean a great deal to her, and Miannae can be found out with them for a portion of each rest day that comes her way. They can also be expected to find their way to the candidate barracks uninvited from time to time.

Miannae loves the Weyr and Ista with all her heart, and when thread began to fall, it naturally affected her a great deal. Her mother was among those who died in the first threadfall. Her father was among those injured. She was among those who volunteered the best she could with the healers, and still has nightmares from it. She had friends that she'd seen impress and graduate die, and change a great deal from Interval to Pass. She feels she knows the heartbeat of what Ista Weyr is.

And she's furious to see some stupid rider who doesn't know what the heartbeat of her Weyr is start cutting away all of its arteries. Miannae has a new crusade.

To not accept Ista Weyr as it is.



Father: ?? (brownrider, dragon is between 21-23 turns)
Mother: Iona, deceased rider

Siblings: a possible few

Son: Myeonnok, 7 turns
Daughter: Yeonna, 4 turns

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