Name: Makani
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Makani is a slim young woman that lacks curves in pretty much every possible location and she knows it. Her sun-kissed complexion doesn’t hide the whipcord over muscle, something that she no doubt keeps up with constantly, though she’s never going to be bulky. Her one vanity is the long wavy blond hair that hangs down to her waist, its always fixed to stay out of her way but with ribbons or flowers to give it that little extra touch. Her wide-spaced sea green eyes are just a bit too wide, and along with her strong cheekbones she can often be mistook for a boy if it wasn’t for the hair. To offset this she embroiders her clothing with the latest in feminine stitchery, trailing vines, pretty flowers or some sort of beautiful bird she’s heard about in Harper stories. Then again she dresses mostly in breeches and tunics, so she’s a study in contradictions.


Makani is a strong minded woman, one who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of going after it knowing full well of the consequences. She’s respectful of her betters and she will listen to them in detail, before nodding acceptance if she doesn’t toe the line and then doing what she deems best. She’s not stupid, in fact she has a keen grasp of how things work and she generally agrees with them. Some might think her harder than a woman should be, because she often gauges what the outcome of an action will be and if it’ll gain her anything before she even considers going through with it. Right down to her liaisons with riders, not that she doesn’t enjoy the results of that regardless.

Mercenary-like she plots which liasons will be most likely to get her what she wants. Sure she might be a little too free with her favors, but when one looks like a boy and is often mistaken for one you learn a few things to get through life. She’s got a love of beautiful things, a new comb for her hair or perhaps a belt to go with her favorite tunic, these things aren’t cheaply come by!

Makani has never really known what to do with others of her own sex, they're these strange creatures of emotion and turmoil while she just plunges through life, hoping to get out alive and enjoying every moment of it. Sure some of them no doubt hate her she's sure, but others just have to understand that sometimes you just have to push though with life to get at what you really want. She does admit that sometimes it might be easier to get what you want if you can refrain from calling someone a thrice cursed dimglow, but that’s only when she’s been pushed to the limit of her patience.


Birthplace: Igen Weyr, 8.429.5.12

Makani's mother was a Candidate back when she was at Igen Weyr, searched for a gold egg that she didn't impress. Tazila was an Apprentice Healer at the time and took her solace in the arms of a brownrider. The resulting pregnancy was all that kept her at Igen, for the man wanted a son and she was doing her best to gift him with one before getting on with her own life. Unfortunately she birthed a daughter and it disappointed them both, Tazila because she had no want of a child to raise and the brownrider because he had truly wanted a son to impress a brown one day. So Makani was tossed into the creche before she was even a few weeks old, her mother heading back off to Healer Hall and the brownrider content to ignore the girl child save for the occasional shiny thing to be gifted to her.

While some would be disappointed for their lack of parental care Makani took it rather matter of fact. They were busy people after all and important in their own rights, why would they bother with raising a child? Its not as if they were some common holder to sit and dandle a child on their knee. Oh she was proud of them though, always keeping up with word of how her mother was doing at Healer Hall and elated when she came back eventually to take a posting at Igen Weyr.

The dedication that Makani saw between dragons and their lifemates made her dragon crazed before she was at the youngest age to stand for a clutch. This didn’t bother her in the least, she would have her time regardless of if she had to wait or not. Some day she would have someone that cared about her that much, her and only her.

That time came thankfully when Makani was seventeen, she impressed to a blue of all things and while she hadn’t quite expected such an outcome she was overjoyed with the addition of Raltiath to her life. The pair of them were excellent at their weyrling classes, if a bit overconfident that they managed to irk just about every ranking rider within the Weyr.

Oftentimes she forgot to gauge the results of her advice when it was given to someone else and ended up making a nuisance of herself in general. Thus when the call went out for riders needed at Ista Weyr, Makani found herself shuffled off. At least that's how she took it, on good days sometimes Makani likes to think she wasn't sent off but given as a gift of a good rider to their sister Weyr. She minded only because her and Raltiath had a great affection for the others that had been in their weyrling class but at least Ista Weyr was a good place to go and they needed the help.



Mother: Tazila, Journeywoman Dragonhealer (Igen Weyr)
Father: Brownrider at Igen

Makani's Dragon: Blue Raltiath

Colour: Blue
Age: 4
Weyr of Origin: Igen Weyr
Wing: Seafury


There are those you can look at full in the face and then forget mere moments later. Raltiath will be one of those kinds of dragon.

The thing is that he is actually a very handsome little blue. He’s completely average in height and built, beautifully proportioned, and with one of those pleasing to the eye draconic faces. His headknobs are sharply pointed, and his expression always seems to be bordering on the edge of smugness, but most of the time he doesn’t cross that fine line into obnoxious. His smooth hide is a pale blue, almost completely an identical shade to the sky above. So much so that when you are flying below him and look up, it will take you a few moments to spot him, so well blended is he.


Raltiath isn’t a blue to take lightly. For all his colour is considered ‘lesser’, Raltiath will be a dragon to watch, to be wary of. Which makes it ironic that most people and dragons will overlook him until it is too late. He will never want to be one of the leaders of the Weyr, he has little desire to lead or have men or dragons follow him, but he will be good at what he does, and he will expect to be respected and even praised for it. Because Raltiath will be deadly in the air. He’s fast, very fast, sharp and precise. His thread fighting skills will be some of the best in his class and then in his wing.

It’s a shame then that what lets him down is his arrogance. As he grows up and realises how talented he is, and how good at fighting thread he is, Raltiath will begin to believe his own hype. He’ll believe his way is the best way, and he will reinterpret what his teachers tell him so that it suits him. This will carry on until he steps over that line of propriety. Then the only way to lessen that ego will be to humble him and bring him back to his roots. It’s a dangerous cycle, but Igen will not want to lose such a talented blue, despite his faults.

For all this though Raltiath isn’t a bad dragon; he’s just a little self-important. His rider will find this blue to be a devoted life mate, loving and loyal. And his siblings will find that this blue will remember just who his family is. Sure he’s loyal to Igen Weyr, his leaders, and all that…but his first priority will always be the safety of his family, be that his clutch, his wing, or any relatives of his rider.

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