Character Type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 15ish (8.438ish)
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Unceunceunce

Basic Information

Officially Mikarlac’s best bro despite actually being a woman. They’ve always been attached to the hip, from being fostered together all the way up to candidacy, and that bond is only strengthened at Ista. They are familiar faces in an unfamiliar place, especially in a place that is resistant to Outside Influence (and especially resistant to Telgari Influence). She knows this is one small move in a grand scheme, and she’s fine with playing that role for now. She carries with her a strong sense of duty, one that was partially instilled by Daddy dearest. That’s why she has picked such a masculine career. She wants to defend Pern like her Mother and Father. She’s insightful enough to see that M’nias’ goading is towards the profession, towards the bond that he shares with his bronze that cannot be explained or shared with any that do not experience it.

Generally she’s a quiet person, but don’t mistake her for shy. She can be chatty, she can speak her mind when it benefits her, and with that snide smirk she certainly always does have something to say, though it’s mostly in a hushed whisper to her brother. She’s a good sister, and while she sometimes rolls her eyes and snarks at Mik, she enjoys his presence much more than his absence. She knows his moods the best; she rolls with the lazy ones, runs with his most manic. She knows better than to soothe as it doesn’t do any good, nor does she act particularly attached. Instead she’s just a presence, a wall he can lean on but not a shoulder to cry on.

M’nias, Daddy
Mikarlac, brother from another mother
Caistina, not my real mom but kinda ok.
Caistas and Rhia, hella cute little sibs

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