Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Age, recovery, and exercise have now completely eliminated the scrawny, sickly boy that M'tugo once was. He'll never be a particularly impressive man, physically; he'll soon top out at his final adult height of 5'6”, and he'll always be somewhat on the slender side, but that's surprisingly okay with him. If anyone knew the images he once had in his head of what he feared he'd someday look like, they'd understand why he treasures every muscle he has developed, even if they're lean and less impressive than some of his peers. He has short, messy blond hair and pale blue eyes, with an intense gaze that doesn't seem to fit such a young face. Freckles pepper his pale skin densely, particularly on his arms and face, but thankfully they're somewhat pale. The drawn, owl-eyed face that he once feared would plague him into adulthood has all but disappeared, replaced by a still-narrow but properly-filled-out face with well-defined but otherwise unremarkable features.


M'tugo spent his childhood watching the other children pass him by in all respects, plagued by the very real possibility that he'd never be healthy enough to be a dragonrider himself – a profession that was in his blood, that both his parents and nearly all his siblings and uncles and cousins upheld and were fiercely proud of – and that left a lasting imprint on his young psyche. Inside, there's still a little boy who's terrified of being left behind by his peers, forgotten and alone, unable to do anything but watch them grow tall and strong and useful to the Weyr while he could do nothing but wither away in his fragile little shell, a burden to everyone around him. Even though he hasn't been sick for turns now, and his body has grown strong, and he has the dragon he always yearned for, he still can't quite let go of those old fears. He'll do anything to get noticed, to remind people around him that he's here, he's useful, he's someone. He still thinks he has something to prove, and he'll go to ridiculous lengths to prove it – daredevil stunts, reckless maneuvers, anything to show everyone that he's absolutely indispensable.

Everything had to be a fight to him as a child. Sometimes it was bucking the healer's restrictions so he could join his peers. Often he had to argue with his foster-mother that yes, he was feeling okay, really he was! Even more often, sadly, the struggle was physical – fighting fatigue to run after the other boys, fighting off another fever, sometimes even desperately fighting to breathe through another coughing fit. He's so used to fighting for everything that he doesn't seem to know how to stop. Now that he can be active and have fun or just plain enjoy life, he does, but he can also be a bit prickly, quick to take offense and quick to fight if he feels he's being dismissed or slighted. Nature has been against him his whole life, his own /body/ has been against him his whole life, so it's really only natural that he not trust or take for granted the good intentions of anything or anyone. He doesn't make friends easily, nor is he really sure exactly how to.

For all his faults, M'tugo has learned that struggle does pay off in the end. He'll never give up, never declare anything a lost cause, and never shrink from any challenge. Somewhere underneath all the posturing lurks the boy who idolized his dragonriding family and friends, who took their pride and dignity in their duty to Pern to heart, and he's fiercely proud himself to do what he does. He desperately wants to be the best dragonrider he can be for Ista; he just has trouble reconciling that with his other hang-ups. Even though he's reckless, he doesn't take his dragon for granted as some do. In fact, he's a bit over-attached to Guswith – something most dragonriders probably can't imagine is possible, but it is. Guswith represents everything to M'tugo – the blue is the only person who will never forget him or overlook him no matter what, and his very existence is living proof of M'tugo's ultimate triumph, the symbol that he's healthy and strong and has /worth/ to the Weyr. A large part of M'tugo's self-worth is wrapped up in Guswith, far more than is strictly healthy, and he babies the dragon to a ridiculous degree (ironically foisting the same smothering over-protection upon his dragon that he himself bitterly resented as a child).


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.435.2.12

Matugo was born sickly, lucky to be alive, and for the first nine or ten turns of his life, he stayed that way. His immune system just didn't recover from his early birth, the healers said, and it probably never would. He was the one who always seemed to catch everything that went around, who stayed frail and weak. He wasn't always well enough to play with the other boys, and even when he was, he often felt inadequate because he couldn't keep up. And worst of all, there eventually came the day when his foster-mother told him, gently, that he may not want to get his hopes up too high as far as dragonriding went. After all, dragonriders had to be absolutely fit, ready for anything, and Matugo was anything but.

The realization devastated him. Like most other weyrboys, he came from a family of dragonriders, dragonriders who were proud to do their duty to Pern, especially as the Pass neared. He had always planned on being one of those riders who would meet Thread for the first time, just like many of the other boys did. That had been his hope, as he lay sick sometimes – that eventually all this illness and weakness and frustration would pass, and it would be worth it because he'd have a dragon and everything would be okay. He'd never have to watch jealously from the sidelines anymore, miserable and frustrated with his own body. But to think that there was no rainbow to reach for after a lifetime of rainy days… it was almost more than he could take.

Luckily, he didn't have to. He'll proudly declare that he healed himself with good old-fashioned hard work – pushing himself, forcing himself to eat well, exercising whenever he could. And while that certainly probably helped him along (or occasionally hindered him when he overdid it), the simple process of aging and getting stronger did wonders for him. He got sick less often, was able to put on some healthy weight at last, and as his body got stronger he could exercise more without fatigue, which in turn made him even stronger. He wasn't quite up to standards when he was twelve, but by the time he was thirteen, the healers declared that he was just as healthy as any other boy currently standing as a candidate, and he was allowed into the program.

Matugo didn't care what color chose him, so long as somewhere, in some egg, a dragon was able to see his worth and prove it to everyone around him. When he didn't Impress that first Hatching, he actually broke his hand punching the stone wall in frustration, and learned an early lesson about patience and restraint as he was forced to miss the next due to his injury. In the Hatching after that, though, a blue came rushing towards him, and Impression was made.

During the disasterous first 'Fall of the Pass, M'tugo and Guswith were flying firestone sacks to the riders alongside their clutchmates when S'vero's brown Pazrielth panicked in the chaos and flamed them, burning M'tugo's leg and Guswith's side. Luckily he caught Guswith at the height of his upstroke, so the wingsails weren't damaged, but the muscle surrounding his shoulder and wing-joint were. Both rider and dragon are expected to make a full recovery in time; in the meanwhile, though, they're waiting it out, and M'tugo is stewing bitterly over the pain their clutchmate has caused to his darling dragon (who only wants to forgive and forget, himself).

Update 6/21/14:
Guswith and M'tugo have healed completely, with some scarring to show for it, but other than the odd twinge of pain from the tightness of the scars every now and again they're fighting fit. S'vero and Pazrielth went out of their way to make amends to their former clutchmate, and even saved their lives; M'tugo has grudgingly forgiven them, though he's still not the best at showing it.

He's in a relationship with L'han, though things are starting to get a little tense between them due to L'han's unwillingness to make the relationship public.



Father: TBD
Mother: TBD
Siblings: TBD


S'vero, rider of brown Pazrielth, though M'tugo doesn't easily admit it


L'han, rider of bronze Orowenth




Name: Guswith
Color: Blue
Age: 3
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11
Wing: Stormriders


Guswith is a small blue, with a body that's finally emerging into a strong adult form after clinging stubbornly to baby fat for far longer than it should have. What was once chubbiness is now muscle – he's solid and notably compact. Not bulky, not beefy, just solid, without an inch of unnecessary length to him. His body is short, his neck is short, and his tail is a bit short too. He's a lot of dragon in a small package, built to put on an intense burst of speed or short twisting manuever, catch his breath for a moment, then do it all over again, many times throughout a Threadfall. He's probably best used as a floater or sweeper.

His hide is the color of the bright blue sky on a clear day, with a pale, powdery blue belly and wingsails. His left shoulder and side right up to where the wing attaches to his body are scarred a slightly darker blue from being burned by Pazrielth, though these should fade more in time.


Guswith just wants to please, that's all. He wants to please M'tugo most of all, but everyone else, too – his clutchmates, wingmates, and anyone else he meets. He's a rather simple dragon, delighted by rather simple things, and just being who and what he is fills him with so much glee that he wants everyone else to be as happy as he is. He has a lot of energy, and a lot of enthusiasm. He will happily complete any task you ask of him, never complain, and be the first to back down or apologize in an argument just because he doesn't like to fight, or for anyone to be unhappy with him. You could convince him to love almost anything, if you present it in the right way, and when he's really happy about something he tends to be a bit excitable, like a toddler – squeaking, hopping, sometimes trembling with the effort of trying to contain all this excitement.

On the other hand, though, he also tends to feel other emotions very keenly, too. He can't hide his sorrow, and when he's upset he'll be deeply depressed right up until he (thankfully) forgets whatever it is that upset him. He has never been truly angry before, but if anyone gave him a keen enough reason for it to overcome his normal passive nature, he would probably be hard to control for the short burst of temper… and then overwhelmingly ashamed afterwards.

Partially because he's a bit of a baby naturally, and partially because M'tugo has coddled him so much, Guswith has remained a bit spoiled. He's not bad-natured at all, but he gets lonely very easily and often needs his hurt feelings soothed. He has snuggly toys that M'tugo has made for him, and enjoys blankets not because he needs the warmth, but because they make him feel cozy in the absence of someone else to cuddle with. He trusts M'tugo to make all the important decisions in his life, and unfortunately is not strong-willed enough to fight his rider on poor decisions – or to try to talk him out of doing something reckless in the air. His eagerness to make M'tugo happy leads him to excitedly comply with whatever his rider wishes, sometimes to the detriment of them both.

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