Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Grounded, Searchrider
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual, Biromantic

Basic Information

M'therry is one of those kindly old men whom it's hard to imagine young, just because it seems like he must have been someone's grandpa forever. He has always been a nice guy, a bit of a pushover, really, who genuinely likes helping out and always seems to see the best in people. He's very patient, and very social, though he's a bit more reserved and less likely to put himself out there than his friend D'merlas — he's not the life of the party, he's just the nice fellow on the sidelines who probably made the punch (and didn't spike it). He believes in, and is easily impressed by, good manners, and he gets passionate very easily (though he has long since grown out of being loud and dramatic about it). He has a small handful of grandkids thanks to the two children he fathered (one the result of a mating flight and the other of a mutual agreement with a friend), but though he's fond of them, he tends to play grandpa to all the children of the Weyr, and always seems to have some sweets tucked into his pockets. He also greatly enjoys Searching, and the excitement of the young folks and the joy of seeing them succeed.

Unfortunately, his vision has deteriorated as he's gotten older, and he is now so nearsighted that he can't safely fly 'Fall. His Vyndanith's vision has also declined, and the dragonhealers have taken an interest in her and what it might mean for their theories on rider health affecting dragon health sometimes and vice versa.

Dragon: Green Vyndanith

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