Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Most imagine Igenites to be lean and wiry, like the animals found in the desert, and those same people are absolutely confounded when they first meet M’sha. He is a veritable giant of a man, like all the men in his family line, and easily stood head and shoulders above all his Wingmates at Igen, and still rarely finds anyone who can stand and look him eye to eye even with all the different people mixing and matching now in Ista. /Everything/ about M’sha is big — his indomitable height, his broad shoulders and impressively muscled frame, his big grin, and his stupidly pretty eyes. He stands out in a crowd and fills a room.

And yet, as physically imposing as his stature is, M’sha mostly avoids falling into the intimidating category. His eyes are a bright, engaging blue, clear and cheerful, in an attractive face that is often split wide by an unabashed grin, and lit from within with his good spirit. His blond hair is worn almost to his shoulders, kept neat, and drawn back into a tiny tail at the base of his neck when geared up for Fall. The overall picture he presents is happy and excited and about five seconds from grabbing you in the most intense and pleasant bear hug you’ve ever had in your life.


You have never met a man friendlier than M’sha, and aren’t like to anytime in the near future. He is the sweet, cheerful, devoted canine that happily approaches anyone and showers everyone with affection, managing to win over even those inclined to hate. He can eke enjoyment out of almost any situation, no matter how miserable. Honestly, he’s a simple man with simple pleasures, but he just happens to enjoy things like getting physical and pushing himself to the limit for whatever the reason (whether just working super hard or in adverse conditions), and he just really really really wants to make others happy by doing a good job on what they ask of him, so even if he slogs back home covered in mud and clothes ripped to shreds and cuts stinging all over his body, if he accomplished the job and he can sack out and sleep the sleep of the triumphant, knowing his bosses are happy, HE’S happy.

M’sha has always been the type to want to please. It’s probably only his immense size that keeps people from sneering and thinking he’s a brown noser. That, and the fact there’s never any hint of ulterior motive or artifice about him. He’s genuine and solid, and one can never doubt that when he jumps to the second one asks him for something, he’s really just doing what comes to him naturally.

If he had a tail, it would be wagging all the time. As it is, he’s exceptionally physically demonstrative. He laughs loud and easily, smiles and frowns and tilts his head in confusion, never hiding an emotion he feels. M’sha probably wouldn’t even understand why he should, if someone suggested it to him. He gives back slaps and picks up smaller friends in giant hugs with their feet dangling off the ground, and if he’s upset, he hits things, because it just feels /good/ to vocalize and demonstrate what’s running through him.

He’s not exactly rowdy. He’s not a B’les. When he’s not on the go, he’d actually prefer to be snugged up close to someone he cares about. He’s a social animal that craves the kind of comfort only found when his arms are around someone, or they’ve let him sprawl all over them. He’s /gentle/ and loving and if what you want is quiet time, he’s just as happy giving you that too.

Because he’ll do just about anything, even for a simple man, he’s actually often more worldly and well-versed in oddities and out there experiences than many of his peers. He’s more open and accepting and able to roll with whatever, and quite simply just exposed to a wider variety of things and people because he almost doesn’t know how to say no. He will try anything once and surprisingly, those HAVEN’T been his famous last words yet.

Birthdate: 08.20


M’sha was one of those rare few weyrbrats who was raised more by his actual parents than the creche. Family meant everything to his father, and with his mother being a crafter, it was far easier for the couple to make sure at least one of them was usually around to look after him. He did his time in the creche, but more as a babysitting service than a home, and it was for perhaps that reason that M’sha grew to have very strong family values of his own, going on to dream of the day he could build a family of his own.

M’sha was a wonderful son, always eager to make his parents happy, always bringing back reports of good (if at times rambunctious) behavior from his caretakers, and news of his willingness to learn during lessons and work during chores. His parents gave him everything, lavishing him with affection and support, and M’sha took their example and ran with it, believing he should try to give everything of himself in return.

When he impressed Anaximedrith, the first blue in his father’s line in several generations of unbroken bronze and brown impressions, he approached his parents with hunched shoulders and a warily hopeful expression, but even then M’selke pulled him into a strong hug and showed him nothing but pride and joy for him.

Clearly then, when an Istan greenrider named Harlassy visited Igen twelve turns before the Pass and the two hit it off unexpectedly, enough to begin using every excuse to visit each other when able, culminating in Anaximedrith being present to catch Harlassy’s green during a flight, and a baby was conceived, it wasn’t all that surprising to anyone who knew him that M’sha requested a transfer to Ista where he could be with his child. In fact, the Igen Weyrleader knew M’sha so well that not only did he approve the transfer, but he put his good word and full backing in to the Istan Weyrleader, seeing the transfer approved on that end as well.

Of course Harlassy vouched for M’sha as well, and his aim to look after her helped in smoothing the ruffled feathers created by his sudden presence at the isolationist Weyr, but it did still take time for M’sha to win his new people over. Time, and repeated exposure to the sunshine and puppies in human form that was M’sha himself, because win him over he did, until most people forgot he wasn’t Istan to begin with, unless they were affectionately ribbing him as their token outsider. M’sha was just that hard not to like, and he made Harlassy so happy, and doted on their son Masharlin obviously, and was just such an ALL AROUND GOOD GUY the Istans weren’t all that put out to think of him as one of their own.

M’sha and Masharlin lost Harlassy in the first tragic Fall, and while M’sha grieved openly and intensely, he had a job to do. He had to make sure as few of his friends and new family as possible lost like he had lost, and more than that, he had to be there for his baby boy.



Bronzerider M’selke; Harper Avashal (Parents)
Masharlin (Son)


Dragon Name: Anaximedrith
Colour: Blue
Age: 18
Weyr of Origin: Igen


Did you expect a giant of a man to have a giant of a blue? Most people do. But while Anaximedrith is a fairly large size as far as measurements go, he’s built on what’s an almost diminutive frame. Sleek and streamlined like a falcon as opposed to an eagle, Anaximedrith was born for precision work. He’s swift and zippy and agile, darting and speeding through insane maneuvers even some greens would shy from. He’ll never be a dragon who can carry several passengers as well as his rider, and he can only /just/ last a full Fall if needed, but he’s the dragon to call on to pull off death-defying stunts to save the day.

His hide is predominantly an even, sweet baby blue. Paler Alice blue, of a shade commonly associated with the ribbons on little girls’ dresses, forms socks of uneven size on his hind legs. That same lighter blue is seen in traces on his head knobs, ridges, and trailing down his sides, as if someone drizzled light blue syrup down his back lackadaisically. As fierce of a flier as he is, his coloring sure doesn’t /look/ extreme or like he’s ready for a flight. In truth, it’s more like he’s ready for a tea party or naptime cuddles.


And then there’s Anaximedrith. For being so damn cute, he does seem to do his best to ruin his good looks with the impression of a disapproving frown over his features all the time. Of course, on the dragon this usually just makes him seem /more/ adorable, not less, which in turn only makes him frownier. He doesn’t like others making comments about him. Like, ever. No one but he and M’sha are allowed to have opinions.

While Anaximedrith gets along with M’sha like a house on fire, he’s just not as excitable. He trusts M’sha and knows his rider never steers him wrong (… not very much, anyway, or at least not so much he can’t handle it), and so he goes along with whatever M’sha’s up to, and usually enjoys himself just fine. He just doesn’t show it the same way. He’s let his rider expose him to things other dragons wouldn’t, and being rather clever and quick on the uptake, often catches on to concepts that are rather out there, and adopts them as normal to him.

But with others? Anaximedrith is suspicious of damn near everyone, eyeing them dubiously and not at all inclined to follow them even half as easily as he follows his rider. Their ideas seem nuts, their opinions ridiculous, and they themselves utterly fail to impress him. He doesn’t really have a reason to be so doubtful all the time, but maybe it’s as simple as M’sha makes perfect sense to him and nobody else comes close to being M’sha, and so they’re just… wrong, to him, and he’d rather not have to interact with them.

Anaximedrith doesn’t see himself or M’sha as being quirky. /They/ are quite normal, really, and it’s everyone else who is lacking and strange for not doing things backasswards the way he and his rider do, and he will frown at them ALL.

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