Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.417.11.5 (36)
Birthplace Telgar Weyr
Sexuality Married
Played-By Robert Downey Jr.
Player Siarna

It’s hard to believe that M’nias is a veteran rider with two decades of riding experience. He’s faced aging with equal parts zeal and stubbornness, both content to start looking like he has a bit of gravitas as well as horrified that wrinkles and balding are the next steps. . He’s already started with the wrinkles, with barely noticeable lines starting under his eyes and along his brow. He checks the mirror each morning to inspect them, scared that he might find yet another gray hair. His brown hair has a natural curl but it’s kept short and tidy, good to fit under a riding helmet and not hard to manage in the heat of Ista (he had long hippy hair when he was a teen, and he kept the long style until his move to Ista). His hair is thick and he’s rather proud of it. It’s prematurely graying, now peppered with gray along his ears and a little on the front, near his left temple.

He’s tall and wiry- strong, yes, but not in a way that obviously shows. He’s strong enough to do all his dragonrider duties- haul firestone, move with and around Miath. But he’s more light on his feet, fast and agile than strong and burly. There’s an inherent energy to him, the way his steps are light, the fluidity of his movements that seem to perk people up. He’d like to be that guy that participates with the other riders- but if the past has shown him anything, it’s that he can’t brawl. He can’t wrestle with the other riders (the Istan wingriders are generally so big and muscular). A race, he could win. Smooth talking, maybe (though it only seems to get them angry)

A real fast talker- his energy, his lightness on his feet and movements goes into his speech as well. He talks fast because ideas are constantly spinning through his head. He needs to voice his opinion, get his ideas out there before he forgets about them. He’s constantly writing, talking, tinkering with ideas. He hopes these ideas will better life at Ista- from weird little inventions to wing drill formations. Plenty of ideas. His wing is certainly kept on it’s toes.


There is an undoubtable energy about him. The way he holds himself, the way he moves, the way he runs his hands through his hair or gestures (wildly) that just shows his enthusiasm, his zest for life. He’s in his element, after all- he’s a Wingleader of a successful Wing, a dragonrider during a Pass! He’s every inch the excited bronzerider intent to make his mark at Ista. He is confident in himself and his skills- after all, he’s gone three turns with minimal losses in his wing and only superficial threadscores. What isn’t there to be confident about? He’s charismatic, he’s confident, he has a way with people that’s undeniable. And he’s oh-so-modest to boot.

He’s a real fast talker- his energy, his movements go into his speech. He talks fast because ideas are constantly spinning through his head. He needs to voice his opinion, get his ideas out there before he forgets about them. He’s constantly writing, talking, tinkering. His Wing is kept on it’s toes, trying out a ‘drill he thought of that morning, or a new formation he came up with on the spot. Hey, you two! Switch spots. Let’s see how that works.

It may not look it at first- amongst his leather jackets and thick riding boots, devil may care attitude and flirtatious personality- he’s a bit of a romantic at heart. Many back in Telgar thought that his relationship with the little healer girl wouldn’t last. He’s proven them wrong plenty of times over. He wants to be in it for the long run. He wants a weyrmate. He wants a horde of kids he can help raise. And he wants it with Caistina.

It might be hard to notice at first- and perhaps on Caistina sees it, when they’re alone in their weyr- but M’nias is under a lot of pressure. M’drasen has his own way of doing things, his own way of command, and M’nias knows this. He needs to stay in M’drasen’s good graces. He wouldn’t be in his position without him. On the other hand, if he has any wish to remain in that position, he needs to work with his wing, with the Istans that resent him, where he comes from, and what he represents.


Common Knowledge


M’nias was born into wealth- the wealth of a strong bloodline. A middling son in plenty of sons, his bronzerider father taught him early on what it meant to be a dragonrider. His Father’s line had bronzeriders as far back as they could be traced, and his father let him know all too well what was expected of him. His whole family was, in fact, dragonriders, from his greenrider Mother to his bronze and brown riding half-brothers, bronzerider uncles. Even a smattering of green and blue riding cousins. His duty was instilled in him early on; he was to Impress when he was old enough, Impress a bronze, and lead the Wings into Threadfall during the Pass. He was the generation that would see Thread, and would spend their whole lives fighting it.

His Father fell short of being an actual parent, as many dragonriders do, and M’nias spent his early turns with the other weyrbrats in the creche. He was doted on (spoiled, even) by his Mother, as much as being a greenrider allowed.. His only full sibling was born a few turns later, and he was absolutely fascinated by the little baby until she opened her mouth. As the second child, little Matara suffered from a been-there, done-that attitude that left her without the same doting. Still, the two became little forces of nature in the Telgari creche. Naturally, he was a bad kid. Shirked chores. Played pranks. Sure, he learned his ballads like every other kid; he absorbed them like a sponge absorbs water, but he had no patience for a classroom, for the dumb kids. He was every Harper’s nightmare.

The Harpers wanted him to choose a craft. Any craft. Clutches were rare enough during an Interval. It could be turns before there was a clutch, turns still before he possibly Impresses. His mind could be wasted in the Lower Caverns somewhere. He ignored all offers of advice and joined candidate at twelve despite the lack of a clutch on the Sands. It turns out that when a clutch did come two turns later, he proudly (and rather arrogantly) strutted off the sands with little bronze Miath. Turns out, half his family did. A half brother walked off with a brown, another a blue. His snotty little sister walked off with a green, barely after joining candidacy herself. While he wasn’t particularly close to his half-siblings, he really bonded with the ones that entered weyrling training. Before long they were thick as thieves, an accidental close family. They spent the next decade Enjoying Life as children did, especially those teens that found themselves with a weyr all to themselves and a dragon to take them anywhere.

At eighteen, the Family went to a Gather at Fort Hold. There he met a lovely healer apprentice that completely ignored his shiny new shoulder knots and his giant bronze dragon. M’nias was smitten. For several months after the encounter M’nias found himself around Fort Hold for one reason or another. Every transport, every message run- he volunteered. She was the complete opposite of him, of the other girls at the Weyr. She was a Holder, never Searched, never wanted a dragon. Courting her quickly became a challenge. It was the beginning of a long on again-off again relationship between the two. M’nias considers it a stroke of luck that her first Journeyman posting just happened to be Telgar Weyr (she expects someone at the Healer Hall has a bad habit for matchmaking). Neither of them quite know when they stopped trying to one-up the other, but a bad accident during wing drills caused it to surface. It took a near-death experience for them to realize that, “I’ll defend you with all that I am.”

Two turns after her arrival at the Weyr, she gave him twins. M’nias had other children, children he had doted on for a time, checked in on once in a while. These children were different. They were Hers, and he was intent on caring for them the way she wanted. That meant changing his lifestyle considerably- and for a time he did it. His friends saw him less and less in those early days, between late nights and diaper changes and a dragon to tend.

M’nias was promoted to wingsecond during the inevitable wing shuffle that heralded B’deros’ Weyrleadership. It got to his head only a little. The fact that he was naturally good at it infuriated all the right people. He and B’deros gravitated to each other, fueling each other’s confidence and charming their way out of the repercussions. When Fall began, M’nias revelled in it. He and Miath were meant for this, and they excelled. The Weyr flew their First Fall successfully with only minimal losses, and as the wingsecond to the Weyrleader, M’nias took it as a personal success.

When Ista Weyr called for riders, M’nias turned his nose up at them. To lose so many riders, so fast? It was not Threadfall’s fault. Something was wrong with these Istans. How could one Weyr lose so terribly when the rest had succeeded? B’deros was strangely generous (and maybe a wee bit crafty) when he sent good riders down to supplement the southern Weyr. Matara was one of the ones that volunteered. That turned into an argument or five and she left anyway, to the unknown dangers of an isolated Weyr. They didn’t speak much after that.

The Pass has only brought good things for the bronzerider. He excelled in his duties, did right(ish) by his family, and even won a goldflight or two. Then B’deros came to him with a proposition. Ista’s calling for more riders. What did he think about a Wingleader position, effective immediately? Yes, your family will be transferred as well, as soon as possible. They’re even looking for candidates. Take those, too. He couldn’t say no- not to B’deros (he’s certain that his friendship with Weyrleader was the only reason that he got asked first, and not told)- and not to the promotion. Not to the possibilities that Ista Weyr opened up for him. His weyrmate, however, is pissed.

M’litas- father, bronze Acieth (Telgar)
Niara- mother, green Pallath (Telgar)

M’cellis- grandfather, bronze Quaesth (Telgar)
Matara- sister, green Lixath ( Ista)
M’les- half-brother, bronze Dexath (Telgar)
N’vis – half-brother, blue Velesth (thread dead) (Telgar)
K’tas- half-brother, brown Tetrith (Ista)
K’vras- half-brother, brown Zeolth (Ista)
Smattering of dragon rider cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, both in Fort and in other Weyrs

Caistina, Journeyman Healer, weyrmate (Ista) (34)
Caistas- son (8) (dragonrider naming convention, for M’nias)
Rhia - daughter (8) (name is from Caistina’s mother)
Mikarlac- son from a flight (16)
Machaira- daughter from a flight (15)


Color Bronze
Birthplace Telgar Weyr
Birthdate 8.431.12.5
Wing Stormriders

When first hatched, Miath was initially thought to be a brown. Originally he was small and spindly, and the colour of wet sand. Once washed, however, that unmistakable bronze sheen came through (not that M’nias didn’t know from the second he laid eyes on him). In his first few turns Miath grew and grew and grew some more, shooting up faster than many of his clutchmates. The addition of the bulk came later, as his growth stopped but his appetite continued. He is now a giant hulk of a bronze, with square shoulders and hindquarters set heavy with muscles. His neck is a thick whipcord, with a large head with a heavy jaw and firm eyeridges. His wingspan is huge, in order to pull the mass off the ground. Minor threadscore scars are the only thing that mar this perfect hide.

While M’nias is light footed and fast, Miath is the opposite. Every movement that Miath makes is slow and deliberate, making him look almost regal in stature. In the air, he is as rigid as he looks. He has endurance, yes, he has the staying power that makes him a great bronzer- but he knows the importance of a Wing during Threadfall. If something-anything- comes at him, it’s not likely that he’s going to get out of the way on his own (short of betweening- no fancy acrobatics for him).

As such, Miath tends not to chase after greens. The blues and agile browns win out over him any day, and he’s not afraid to admit it. There were a couple of greens he preferred to chase back at Telgar- good friends, good companions that liked his company, but rarely did he win them. Sometimes he did, because he was the only chaser or because the green threw herself at him- and he knows it. He will participate in every goldflight, however. Those are right up his ally.Nobody has the stamina, the pure power that he has!


Like his movement, Miath is a slow and deliberate type of dragon. He likes to set a course of action, weigh in his options, survey the situation before he jumps into the fray. There are others looking up to him, after all. He needs to set an example for all the young ones. And the old ones. And everyone in the middle. Being a bronze during an Interval- being M’nias’ bronze- placed a lot of responsibility on his shoulders from the beginning, and he’s balanced it well.

Unlike his rider, Miath is a very serious character and exudes a calm that his rider certainly does not. He is patient- and he has to be, have you seen his rider?- and not one to express frustration or irritability. He takes his rider in stride; over the turns he’s developed his own methods in dealing with the excess energy. Some of it involves deadpan humor. Some of it involves being conveniently deaf or dumb-witted when necessary.

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