Character type: Weyrling
Rank: None
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


The clean, big-bone stature made Minquel prominent and, sometime afterward, sleek mounds carved their way across his peach-toned skin. Whether he'll want attention won't matter since those semi-broad shoulders and firm, well-carved chest seem rather apparent no matter what clothes he's wearing. Beyond those powerful features the vague roundness around his stomach, despite it's otherwise firm, muscled appearance, indicates he wasn't always muscular. His limbs, too, are somewhat thicker than normal with legs that've an extra inch, or two, of length. When you're looking toward his face it'll seem the opposite. His cheeks look empty, concaved somewhat inward where baby once must've been, however, the thick-set jaw being almost the width of his cheekbones left those features appearing square.

It doesn't help that his face would've seemed rather short if the hair framing his face wasn't slicked back. A copper-red tinge teases across each tip of dark chestnut strands, which're cut into layers and hang rather smoothly otherwise. Just several locks dance their wispy appearance in front of his glass, fern green eyes that've a darker ring around their outer edge, though once that annoys him he'll slick those back too. The back falls into a 'V' point that's flat against the nape of his neck. On his back, in-between his shoulderblades there's also a small, darkened birthmark.


That he's never uttered something that might've contained pain, not even after twisting one knee, made him proud of his self-control. Minquel, when injured and once recovering his senses, would limp toward whoever crosses his path as long as he needn't change direction that much. Said person would receive a 'lend me a shoulder, my knee would appreciate the help' in a deadpan, if strained voice. Most men envy that silence although he'll seem almost too stoic against pain, however, any stubbed toe/papercut makes him grind out numerous swears because they're small injuries that he should've been able to avoid! Being in control of himself is more important than controlling another because if you're not in control then you're not trustworthy about keeping others safe from harm.

Even spooky occurrences won't sway him, which won't surprise anyone once they're aware that he does prefer telling others creepy stories. Their reactions are fun and are his secret way to 'pull the runnertail' of anyone he considers attractive. Something about them proving that they've paid attention to *him* was rather satisfying, in part because he'll turn somewhat awkward over wooing potential lovers whereas those stories let him bask within attractiveness. As in bask without becoming awkward. He'll even seem curious about their work and constantly poke his nose into their business, using said excuse just to be near them, even when they'd rather have some space. That jealous streak can make it hard leaving someone alone since he'll feel he must steal touches, must cuddle against anyone that's attractive, which might explain him wanting someone to 'lend him a shoulder'. There are other hints that he might eventually turn into someone kinky.

As for working himself he'll enjoy keeping himself busy since it'll give him something to do, something that'll his mind busy because otherwise his absent-minded nature would take over. You'll normally see him awake during the night, his mind zooming around onto various, different thoughts before he can shake off his bout of insomnia. It is frustrating since it gives him trouble waking on time.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.433.1.16

M'lier and Quanne were weyrmated, were content until the bronzerider returned home rather drunk. The one event might've remained harmless if it never happened again but it soon became more often that Quanne found herself combatting his drunken, paranoid wrath. Although rare that he'd lash out, the threat of violence hung over Quanne making her move out and end their relationship. Their children would spend most of their time around the creche since Quanne felt they were safer being among their agemates, rather than somewhere their father might visit unannounced. Minquel therefore knew his mother and agemates better than his father. It wasn't until he turned 7 that he overheard his mother and brother talking, saying their father got into some drunken fight against one of his wingmates. A fight that ended with M'lier cooling his heels with the Weyrguards. From then on Minquel vowed he wouldn't be as out of control as his father. He went from the innocent, curious weyrbrat into the serious, adult-like weyrbrat that was super rule oriented, among other things. Beyond that change he remained obsessed with dragons, like most weyrbrats were, and would join Candidacy once he turned 12 which he never regretted. Later on that seriousness made it hard for him to understand romance, instead he found another way to capture attention, namely telling creepy stories. His father died in the first Threadfall of the new Pass.



M'lier (father, deceased)
Quanne (mother)
Qimuer (brother)

M'nel's Dragon: Green Tavalinth

Dragon Name: Tavalinth
Colour: Green
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:


What a cute little green! In fact she’s everything that one might physically expect and want in a green dragon, when looking at the stereotypes of course. She’s only just slightly under the average green size, at least in terms of size and body shape, but when you count in a tail that is almost ludicrously long, and expressive, she appears much larger than she actually is, or rather…longer than she actually is. Some dragons might be thrown off balance by a limb so much longer than the norm, but Tavalinth makes it work, keeping it out of the way of her legs with seeming ease. Even just hatched, this little green will be a picture of graceful movement, tail waving and curling about her. She’ll never seem to stumble or stagger around like other young dragons, and that innate gracefulness will only become more pronounced as she grows up. She will also play to the feminine stereotype of her colour: she’s an exceedingly flexible little dragon and she’s also very cute. She’s got a very draconically voluptuous form, feminine and appealing, and won’t lack for attention from male dragons. Her hide is a warm pale green with gradiently shaded swirls curling over her limbs and framing her face, which like her build, leans towards being rounder, not chubby, just…healthily fleshed out.


Tavalinth is a ray of bright, eager sunshine, full of energy and enthusiasm for everything life has to offer. Sure it might lead people to think that she’s a bit of an airhead, that she is shallow and vacuous, but this is the way to face the world that Tavalinth has found peace with. There are so many greens at Ista, Tavalinth can’t help but notice, and it is her greatest fear to just disappear into the masses, to not be special, unique, to be unnoticed. So she is extra loud, extra happy, extra enthusiastic. She lets the males flex their muscles at her, and makes all the appropriately appreciative sounds and she lets the dominating personalities lead, but skips along happily behind them eager to be useful, to achieve things. She will be one of the most promiscuous of her Weyrling class, when they reach the age where the greens start to rise, and before that she will crave the singular attention of as many men as possible…although if conflict arises because of it, she will be most distressed.

After all conflict breeds negative energies, and she doesn’t want that anywhere near her.

This belief in energies means Tavalinth is actually a rather spiritual dragon. She believes in purpose, in fate, in being guided in her life. She is always on the alert from guidance from the universe and will take time every day to just sit quietly, soaking in the atmosphere around her, centering herself and refreshing herself for the day. This almost naive trust that everything will work out may rub some of her more headstrong siblings and wingmates the wrong way, especially if they are trying to achieve action right at that moment. Because if Tavalinth thinks the universe is sending her a strong message to NOT do something, it will take a great deal of work and manipulation to convince her otherwise.

Tavalinth is not what one would picture when thinking of a badass green, but the fact remains that she. like most of this clutch of dragons, is a skilled threadfighter in her own way. Tavalinth is agile, flexible and knows just the right amount of speed, flame and thrust to strike right where it’s needed most. She expends no more energy than she has to, so it will be very rare for her to ever have to be rotated out of the wing due to exhaustion. Some of her siblings, even the wider wing, may underestimate her because of her sunny disposition and enthusiasm for life, and she would not resent them for it in the least. However time will prove this green one you want to have at your back in times of trouble. She handles pressure well, you won’t see her crack when lives are at stake. Sure she might be a little more frivolous in her off-time, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be a badass. She’s just a feminine, use-the-weapons-you’ve-got, kind of badass. And she is going to choose her own path in life no matter your expectations.

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