Commonly Known Facts

  • * He's a very qualified and talented dragonrider. Those who have flown alongside him would likely be aware of his talents in this area.
  • His hair went steel grey very early on, but he sees it as a mark of distinguishedness. He keeps it short and very neat. Back at Telgar he had a neat little goatee, but it’s just too hot at Ista to keep that kind of thick covering on his chin. So he now just has a very precisely trimmed ‘stache.
  • He’s quite a handsome man, in that older gentleman like way, but he’s so prim that often he looks like there’s something quite unpleasant smelling, wafting under his nose. He has very pale white skin, and blue eyes, and all in all looks very much the picture of an uptight northerner.
  • M’drasen is a firm believer in discipline and in physical lessons or beatings to make the lesson stick between someone’s ears.
  • He’s allergic to all kinds of nuts; they make him puff up like an animal bladder full of water.
  • His taste in clothes is questionable, especially in Ista. He finds the climate difficult to preserve proper decorum in. So he always tends to wear a few more clothes than he perhaps should, and often dabs at his forehead with a kerchief.
  • He has an enduring love of rather wanky, complicated harper music, and fancies himself a talented composer himself (he’s not)
  • He has a deep fear of canines, and makes a circuitous route to avoid the kennels completely.

To Be Added To….

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