Alias : Alysa, Lysa, Foof, Lysafoof
AIM : hearsafoof
Timezone : PST


Rank Name Dragon Color Origin Birth Wing/Class
Wingrider Caulan Miaranth Gold Ista Holdborn Queens
Wingrider F'harin Kawsenth Bronze Ista Weyrborn Red Tide
Wingrider L'rori Rowlieth Bronze Ista Holdborn Windraiders
Wingrider N'valu Vildhunth Brown Ista Holdborn Stormriders
Wingrider V'rifaus Kolikith Brown Ista Weyrborn Seafury
Wingrider Alavelle Felaruth Blue Benden Weyrborn Seafury
Wingrider Annaca Colstenth Blue Ista Weyrborn Stormriders
Wingrider M'sha Anaximedrith Blue Igen Weyrborn Red Tide
Wingrider W'ven Cloventh Blue Ista Holdborn Windraiders
Wingrider R'kharo Kierikath Green Ista Weyrborn Seafury
Wingrider R'selli Faisokath Green Ista Weyrborn Stormriders
Rank Name Dragon Color Origin Birth Class
Weyrling K'shias Ollovuth Blue Ista Weyrborn Raincallers
Weyrling R'khus Culbeth Brown Ista Holdborn Dreamchasers


Rank Name Gender Origin Birth Occupation
Candidate Jovirlyn Male Ista Weyrborn All the things
Candidate Tavawleesi Male Ista Weyrborn LC - Kitchens
Rank Name Sex Origin Birth Craft
Journeyman Sr. Hawlsen Male Fort Weyrborn Healer
Healer's Aide Ellou Female Ista Weyrborn Healer
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