Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Lyren’s parents always told her she was beautiful, but she didn’t believe them for the longest time. All parents tell their children that they’re the most beautiful or handsome or clever. It’s their job as a parent. Around Lyren’s 13th birthday, she started to realize they might not have been just telling her what they wanted her to hear.
The girl had always been tall, but her body started to fill out. She’d never be as “womanly” as some of her friends, but she didn’t mind. The boys around her didn’t seem to mind either.
Lyren’s acquired a tan since she came to the weyr. The color made her look less ethereal and a little more wild. Lyren used to have long blonde hair that trailed past her waist. She felt a great loss when they cut it off shortly before she Impressed. It’s slowly been growing back, but she won’t let it get as long as it used to be. Her life has changed and she’s not the person she used to be. Her hair stays shoulder length now.

Lyren used to have an easy laugh and an easy smile. They don’t come to the surface as often as they used to. She’s trying to be the rider she knows she needs to be, calm and collected. Her dark blue eyes still sparkle with a smile now and then, but its not as easy as it used to be.


The move from Hold to the Weyr was quite a shock for young Lyren. Instead of being shocked by the wild ways of the weyr, she was thrilled by her newfound freedom. She went a little wild and never completely lost it. She discovered that she truly enjoyed sex. It wasn’t the horrible thing of duty that she’d been raised to believe. It was actually pretty awesome if you had the right partner. Gotta try them all, right? She’s been through a lot of partners, but the only person who truly seemed to frown on her activities was her father.

Suprisingly enough, she strongly believes in the weyr. She’s wanted to be a dragonrider since she moved to the weyr. She wants to do her part for the weyr thats responsible for protecting all the people in the hold.

Lyren used to be an agreeable person. She was fun to be around. She even had a good sense of humor. She’d laugh at the good jokes and make fun of you for the corny ones. Since she’s Impressed, she’s become a bit of a bitch. Even to her friends. Of course, it’s hard suddenly becoming celibate when sex was such a huge part of her life. She loves Serith, but the big blue has become increasingly jealous and protective. Even though the prohibition against sex has been lifted, she doesn’t feel that she could safely have sex while Serith is so adamant against it.


Birthdate: (08.22)

Lyren grew up in one of the larger crafthalls. Right before her 13th birthday, her parents began discussing moving to the weyr. Her father had been approached by another master at the weyr. It seemed they could use his particular talents. Shortly after her 13th birthday they made the move to Ista Weyr.
Her father settled in easily with the other smithcrafters and seemed to be enjoying himself. It wasn’t until Lyren’s fourteenth turn that he began to think the move might not have been the best idea. He found his innocent little daughter in a naked embrace with another boy her age.
Her father knew that weyrlife was different, but he had hoped he could keep his own family apart from the wild ways of the weyr. He punished her, grounded her, rationed her food, but nothing seemed to work. When she was fifteen, she was noticed by a blue dragon. She wasn’t quite sure what to do when the dragon leaned over and started sniffing her hair. His rider quickly rescued her from the odd attentions and informed her that his Limbieth had Searched her. She was more than happy to become a candidate and move out of her father’s home. For his part, her father began to withdraw from her. His daughter was lost to him in favor of Ista Weyr and there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it. For her part, Lyren was thrilled. She loved the weyr and loved being a candidate. It was a harder life than she had as a simple daughter to a craftsman, but she didn’t mind. She enjoyed doing things and being useful.

The rules governing her life as a candidate were still strict, but she felt like she had more freedom than she had ever had. Finally when Queth’s clutch was on the Sands, Lyrena Impressed. A beautiful little dragon named Serith came for her and claimed her heart for his own. The feelings that coursed through Lyren’s body in that moment nearly caused her to fall unconscious on the Sands.



Father, Unnamed Journeyman Smithcrafter; Mother, Unnamed
Siblings: 3 unnamed


Dragon Name:Serith
Colour: Blue
Age: Less than one year
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Serith is a solid shade of midnight blue. He’ll never be able to blend into the sky unless he flies at night and thats not very likely. The young blue is slenderer than most of his other brothers, but he makes up for it in sheer length. He’s much longer than any other blue his age.

Even when he was a baby, Serith’s features were never babyish. He alway looked like a little adult that was just waiting to grow into his features. He has a tendency to appear fragile, but anyone who spends time with him will realize that he’s not physically fragile.


While Serith might be in great physical condition, his mental state leaves a lot to be desired. He’s constantly afraid of losing Lyren. She goes out of her way to assure him that he’s in no danger of losing her, but he just seems to worry more.
He goes into panic fits when he sees her getting close to someone. He doesn’t mind her being around his brothers and sisters and their humans, but he gets worried if she doesn’t return to their weyr at an appropriate time. He can often be seen choosing a sunning spot that is close enough for him to keep an eye on her.

As much as Lyren has tried, she can’t convince Serith to fly in the dark. For some reason, the mere thought simply terrifies him. He’s fine walking during the night. The first time they were caught outside on the ground when full dark hit, they ended up sleeping outside until the sun began to rise.

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