Character type: Crafter.
Rank: Apprentice.
Age: 17
Gender: Male.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual.


Lokkun is long-legged, five-seven, and pretty. He wears a blue headband to keep back his yellow-blond hair, which is thick and a bit coarse, haphazardly cut, with long bangs and tips that end just below his shoulders. His nose is straight, chin not quite rounded; his eyes are wide, slightly tilted up at the outside edges, and mid-toned amber, with thick lashes. Lokkun's hands are gentle and deft, his grip sure, and strong from work and practice.

Lokkun’s voice is smooth and mid-pitched. His favorite outfit is a blue shirt with a hem that ends at the middle of his thighs, and there's a gap in the short sleeves from cuffs to neck, held together loosely by laces. Emerald green pants, tall black boots, blue armbands, and a sash of white complete it


Lokkun is a calm, intuitive, solitary sort, but don’t think that means he doesn't care about people: He has a very sympathetic side, and likes using what skills he has to help people out. He knows it’s his purpose in life, and he wants to fulfill it to the best of his ability, which he hopes will only get better and better the more he learns.

It takes a lot to make him angry, as he is extraordinarily patient. When he does get angry, his fury is quiet, and perhaps passive-aggressive, as he doesn’t like confrontation. Therefore, he is more likely to plant live trundlebugs or dead tunnelsnakes in the offender’s living area.

Lokkun likes reading, noodles, playing the flute, watching sunsets, long walks, going gathering with other healers, and seeing people happy. He dislikes having to sweep floors, seeing people who are hurting, and when someone succeeds in sneaking up on him. He has a tendency to yelp in a very embarrassing fashion when that happens.


Birthplace : Unknown, 8.433.3.15

Lokkun was born without fanfare or fuss, and grew into a calm, biddable child, with chores, time with his family, and harper lessons -both musical and educational- to keep him busy. Since he enjoyed his time away from people, he apprenticed to the Herders as a shepherd, becoming organized and dedicated to keeping the animals as safe as possible. It was during those hours Lokkun could find the most serenity as he came to appreciate Pern's beauty (and lost his virginity to another male shepherd). It was an honest, uneventful life. Lokkun was certain it would be smooth sailing for a long time.

And then the First Fall happened. Lokkun and his family were rocked by the staggering losses. They were simply not supposed to happen. It spurned the normally passive Lokkun to do something. Anyone could be a shepherd, he decided, but healers helped people more directly, and he wanted to do just that. So he “changed majors”, and is now doing his best to learn everything he needs to know.



Father: Elan, woodcrafter specializing in furniture.
Mother: Airina, tailor.
Sister: Amashona, cobbler.
Sister: Zealia, farmer, tending orchards specifically.
Sister: Omelia, dragon healer


Craft: Healercraft.
Rank: Apprentice.

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