Character type: Weaver
Rank: Master
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual and as dramatic as possible

Basic Information

Master Leyd, tall and lean, sharp-featured, with light brown skin and short, wavy black hair just beginning to salt through with grey, is Weavercrafthall born and raised, which has been both a boon and a detriment to his career since coming to Ista a few turns back. Oh, there’s no doubt that the man knows his stuff — he’s a skilled weaver who understands and practices his craft from the ground up, getting his hands into every moment of the process from the selection of good animal and plant material for fibers all the way to the final embellishments of the finished product, and refuses to compromise on quality for even the smallest thing — but while he tends to micromanage the crafting itself (sometimes to the point of driving his staff batty), he is not really suited to management or business and tends to let that side of his duties slide a bit until forced to deal with them, and he relies heavily on a couple of members of his staff to hold things together until he does. He does not understand (or care to understand) a damn thing outside his own very craft-immersed life experiences. He is very much an artiste — a temperamental, passionate creator, and there’s at least a hint of that flair in everything he does, including his interpersonal relationships. The rumor is that Leyd’s assignment to Ista was some sort of punishment for both him and the Weyr — apparently Leyd rubbed someone(s) wrong back at the Hall, and, well, Ista Weyr and the Weavercrafthall had not been on the best of terms for a while thanks to some sort of dispute about a decade ago, so it was only fitting that he be sent as the replacement when the old Weyrweaver requested to be reassigned.

Leyd has been carrying on a torrid affair with one of his own journeywomen for a couple of turns now, and the pair of them think they’re being artfully discreet when, in fact, even a blind man who spends more than a candlemark in their joint presence would be able to tell there’s some explosive chemistry there (largely because they have been known to throw dishware at one another when they’re not disappearing into a back room for an indeterminate amount of time). Generally it’s frowned upon for a master to become sexually involved with someone who reports directly to him, but no one from the Weyr at large has tattled because they may not know or care that it’s supposed to be a problem, and no one from among the other crafters has tattled because no one from the weavers has complained about it, and none of the weavers have tattled largely out of respect for Leyd’s dignified wife, whom they’re quite fond of… though why she hasn’t tattled when it’s painfully obvious that she knows is a mystery.

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