Character Type: Healer
Rank: Jr. Apprentice
Age: 14ish (8.437ish)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Not sure

Basic Information

Lavyar has the bad luck of looking and acting too much like his mother. For a boy just hitting puberty he’s very small and severe. He’s intent on his studies, his music. There will be plenty of time for fun and games later, when he’s a Journeyman and can travel to far off places! Right now, he’s a big stick in the mud. All work and no play makes….Lavyar pretty happy, actually.

That isn’t to say he isn’t feeling a bit of pressure. Lavyar feels pulled in all kinds of directions; with half of the children Impressed, he wonders if he isn’t meant to do his duty and join candidacy like his other agemates and his siblings. On the other hand, now that T’vren’s a rider, he’s the only one that’s in the Harpercraft. He thinks his Mother wants him to stay in the apprentice barracks- do what she couldn’t- so he’s stuck, indecisive, and throws himself into his apprenticeship.

He really looks up to his older siblings and has a good relationship with all of them. He might be the only one who thinks that Tayva will be a shoe-in for Impressing at the next hatching. He looks up to her strength and force of personality. He was so excited that Tavaren and Tayva found firelizard eggs for themselves, and even happier that they were a bronze and a gold! But when Tavaren became T’vren and Impressed Lulaboth, he didn’t have time to take care of both a baby dragon and a baby firelizard. So Lavyar was given the task, and although the boy tries to keep Timor and T’vren together, the bronze is quite fond of him.

Bronze firelizard Timor

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