Character Type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preferences: Homosexual


This young man has a pleasing, sensitive face, with fluffy brown hair, doe like dark brown eyes and a soft mouth. He’s one of those boys whose nice enough to look at but who people rarely notice. He’s lost behind those who are more attractive, because while he is handsome…he isn’t striking, not at all. He’s more…natural. He’s quite tall, though not as tall as some, and while Weyrlinghood is giving him some muscle, he will never be bulky. With his olive skin and nice smile, L’there is quite unremarkable.


L’theri’s biggest problem is the fact he is kind. He empathises, feels for people. He hates bullies and supports the underdogs, and while he is devastated that Ista lost so many people in the First Fall, he doesn’t hold the Outsiders responsible. In fact he’s glad they’re here, helping them out when they needed them. It’s something to be applauded right? His classmates disagree…violently so…so he keeps the opinion to himself.

He has a really weak stomach when it comes to blood, and flesh and the like, so it’s a really good thing he never became a healer. He can’t watch his dragon hunt, and quite frankly the noises themselves are bad enough, enough to make him feel quite queasy. He had real problems with carving the meals for his baby lifepartner, emptying his guts up quite regularly to the despair of his teachers. He even avoids meat at dinner times. He’s fine if its like roasted, charred without that pink flesh and blood…but if it looks like it was once living…nope…nope he cant.

His saving grace, stopping him from being a complete wuss and failure is the fact he’s likable. And the fact that he’s a bit of a natural in the air. He embraces flying like he was meant to do this, born to be there and he does well in his lessons, always picking things up quickly.


Birthplace : Nerat Hold, 8.434.13.2

L’theri was born Leritheri, the son of a Journeyman Farmcrafter, and lived a happy young life with his family and their crops. It was a peaceful life, one that Leritheri never really dreamed of leaving. It was all he’d ever known, and although he saw the dragons in the air sometimes he never really had much to do with them other than to admire them.

That changed during a Gather, held at Nerat Hold. The Weyr was invited of course and a bluerider found the young man at one of the stalls, selling fresh produce. Months later, when the Weyr rode in Search, the bluerider sought out his family's cothold. His blue had noticed his potential at the Gather apparently, and the man pronounced him worthy of being chosen to Stand as an Istan Candidate.

How could he turn down such an offer? Especially when his family was so darn proud of him? He couldn’t and so Leritheri packed up his belongings and rode away on the dragons back to Ista Weyr, a place he had heard of and dreamed of but had never actually believed he would see.

His first few months were riddled with homesickness, but he stuck it out, Standing for two clutches before he was found on the sands by a shining little blue.

So he became a SkyRider and progressed through training easily enough until the First Fall. They’d been needed in the infirmary and piling firestone, and L’theri felt useless, unable to help as he just piled the rocks. He couldn’t help in the infirmary without going green about the gills and the healers had many things to worry about already.

The casualties were catastrophic, and afterwards he cried bitterly for all those lost, all the keening, and Dareth’s unhappiness. Now the Outsiders are here, and the resentment is building…and L’theri doesn’t know what he’s going to do.



Father: Leritad, Journeyman Farmcrafter
Mother: Theriali, Baker
Brothers: 3
Sisters: 2


S'vero, Rider of Brown Pazrielth, Crush.

L’theri’s Dragon: Blue Dareth

Colour: Blue
Age: <1
Weyrling Class: SkyRiders


Dareth glitters. It’s the only way to describe it really, his hide just glitters, like he is made up of hundreds of tiny blue gems. The effect is achieved by there being a myriad of different coloured flecks of blue in his hide, making him look like he shines, especially when he's oiled and the sun is out.. He’s quite proud of how damn pretty he is, even if other dragons and riders call him glitterfly, or Lord Sparkles and the like. He’s of a good size and strength and in all respects is a pleasant and well formed young blue.


Dareth is that dragon who talks to Candidates, talks to dragons and talks to the Weyrstaff. He’s just that friendly, that perky, that absolutely one hundred percent interested in YOUR life. He wants to hear everything you have to say and he will settle himself down to give you his ENTIRE attention. And he’ll remember it all too, he’ll guarantee it. One day he will be an excellent Search dragon…but until then he’ll just be fascinated.

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