Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Basic Information

Ever since he Impressed Vesalth, L'syan has struggled against the stereotype of the weak, vulnerable and emotional male greenrider, not to mention the widespread assumption that because he Impressed a green dragon he liked men. It's kind of made him try to overcompensate the other way a little, being very manly and tough. Sometimes Vesalth's moodswings, particularly when she's proddy, make him feel a bit weepy or emotional, which is completely unacceptable as he has no wish to feed anyone's misconceptions about him. He therefore makes sure everyone knows that he does manly things like a real manly man does. He likes dirt, dammit, and sweat and blood and hard toil and getting the hard jobs done.

And he's NOT going to admit that he has a talent for baking those little sweet treats he learned from his time working in the lower caverns. Although his dragon does love to tell people about his lovely little cakes. much to his chagrin.

He doesn't hate men who like other men, how could he? He grew up in the Weyr, his contemporaries are all greenriders and many (most) of them do like men. He's got nothing against it. That's their choice. He just wishes that everyone would stop sharding well assuming he does too. He actually rather resents bronzeriders. Blueriders are like the greenriders, there are a lot of them, they are prized mostly for speed rather than stamina, and they generally haven't got their heads shoved up their own asses. Brownriders too, they have a bit more responsibility but they're pretty down to earth. Most of the bronzeriders he's met however are kind of smug, smug and up themselves. They think themselves higher than everyone else and most of them only treated the greens as worth mating with when they couldn't get themselves a gold. Like the greens should be 'honoured' to have them as a mate.

Sod them.

He's a stubborn man, one of those real nose to the grindstone sorts, who gets a bit prickly if someone implies he can't do something someone else can. It's gotten him in trouble a number of times, when he's pushed himself and Vesalth to breaking point just to prove someone wrong. It's gotten to the point that his wingleader decided he should be transferred out, hoping that a new Weyr might lessen that chip on his shoulder.

Recent History

Things at Igen came to a head when L'syan almost caused an accident due to his desire to prove himself and his dragon as good as any other. Fortunately Vesalth came out of it unharmed, as did the bronze involved, but it was the final straw with his Wingleader, who put him up for transfer, hoping that a new Weyr would steady him, and knowing that L'syan, although volatile was a good dragonrider, and be useful to the thread ravaged Istan wings.

L'syan's dragon: Green Vesalth

Dragon Name: Vesalth
Colour: Green
Age: 20
Weyr of Origin: Igen Weyr


What a perfect little lady this green is. She has a pale, pastel green hide with soft bars of even paler green down her hide, perfectly even and symmetrical. She's just on the smaller side of greens but perfectly formed, delicate and very, very pretty. She's feminine in all the ways greens like to be, rather like a lovely china doll, she looks like she might smash if something hit her. She is however the typical green, built for speed, for agility, swift and sure in the air. She's neat with her threadflame, not spraying it about, and has thus far managed to avoid getting any unsightly scars.


Vesalth tends to ignore her rider's endless crusade to prove himself, she's far more absorbed in her own sweet little world. Often she'll be lost in her own imagination, a really big imagination, and she has never really grown out of it. She often would lead other dragons off for adventures looking for firelizards hidden in almost impossible to reach places, weaving a tale to them of their adventure and the creatures they sought. This adventurous spirit, and tendency to share stories, as well as her airy fairy air about her made her an object of discussion at Igen, who thought her more than a bit strange.

She's a very neat little dragon, but that doesn't mean it's orderly. Everything is clean but she loves things being scattered around, hides, texts, as well as having plants and branches in her weyr. with little glows hanging from them. She hates being in full darkness, it makes her panic, which has led to more than one concerns about her in the darkness of between. L'syan always has to be super alert and calm when they are doing their jumps, simply because she might begin to panic…and that could have horrendous consequences.

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