Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Asexual



Loran was an early bloomer - at least, when it comes to physical growth. The boy shot up at the end of his 12th Turn, just months before his 12th namingday, and still has yet to stop. While he was small and almost frail as a young child, his growth spurt has left him only a few inches shy of six feet, and it seems he grows more by the month. He is not broad of shoulder, however, and his rapid growth has left him awkward and lanky, though it seems he will end up lithe and slim even once he fills out.

L'ril's voice still breaks between his boyish treble and a smooth, soft tenor. His hair is a reddish brown, somewhere between light and dark in tone, with bouncy curls. He can grow impressive sideburns already, and a fuzzy mustache, but he keeps clean shaven. His eyes are a light golden hazel, somewhere between green and brown.


L'ril is a kind and gentle soul, unfamiliar with meanness or cruelty and unable to understand them. He has a vague notion of the untrustworthiness of outsiders gleaned from those around him, and this has made him shy when speaking to them, fearing that they must all be terribly unpleasant people. Still, he has an innate, childlike naivete that leads him to trust any and all who display even the vaguest hints of kindness. He is quick to befriend and slow to anger, though his sense of duty is ironclad. Though he was frightened and deeply saddened by the large numbers of casualties - which thankfully spared his father and elder brother - in the First Fall, he is already eager to join the wings to help.


Birthdate: 6.22

Loran was born to a father with many children, though he was one of those born to a woman other than his father's chosen weyrmate. Flights happened in a weyr, and his mother - the woman he thought of as his mother, who raised him - understood that. His birthmother, a greenriding woman, was not terribly interested in a relationship with him - the babe or his father, though his father persuaded her to carry Loran to term. When he was born, the boy was named Loranril and given over to Loran's mother, who raised him along with the others as her own and nicknamed him Loran.

Loran's brothers and he were tightly knit together as a family, and when he was teased for his frequently effeminate behavior, his elder brothers stood up for him. The teasing never did get to Loran, and he was a perpetually optimistic, happy, and trusting boy. His brothers all hit growth spurts earlier than most boys, and there was always one old enough to ensure that no one gave Loran too much grief.

Loran eagerly joined the Candidacy at the age of 12 Turns and Impressed in his first Turn to a striking green, his perfect little Baradenth, and became L'ril.



Birth Mother, Rilaine, Greenrider (Deceased, First Fall)
Mother, (OPEN)
Father, Brownrider (OPEN)
Brothers, (ELDEST / OPEN), Brownrider; (ELDER / OPEN) Candidate; (SAME AGE / OPEN), Candidate; (YOUNGER / OPEN), Brat
Sisters, (ELDER / OPEN), Crafter; (YOUNGER / OPEN), Brat


Dragon Name: Baradenth
Colour: Green
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: SkyRiders


Baradenth is not at all the model of draconic femininity. Quite the opposite, she is all long rangy limbs and slim lines, not a one soft nor gentle. She is at the top of the scale for her color, built long and tall with an impressive wingspan, pure muscle and lean strength with a whole bucketload of energy to spare. Her green hide is a light, desaturated green, with random markings of a darker shade, almost as if dappled with shadows from running beneath the jungle canopy. She is female, but it is clear that she runs more with the boys than the girly girl greens.


Even as a baby, Baradenth seems experienced beyond her Turns. She is clever and observant, and even if she has not personally experienced something, she can piece together and puzzle out something from L'ril's mind pieced together with her own quick wit and come up with something to say on the matter. Her insights are generally right on the mark.
Baradenth can get a little obsessive about problems, puzzles, and such things, and will focus on them either until she has cracked them, or until either her rider or someone else forces her to snap out of it. That tunnel vision can serve her well but it also opens her up to the possibility of stepping on her leaders' toes, or pushing boundaries that she really should not push. She is easy to forgive, however, because Baradenth does not have a cruel bone in her body, and her intentions are never to overstep or overreach - merely to help.

Finally, Baradenth is terribly insecure and will reach out often to her rider, seeking affirmation and love. Sometimes she will question everything, because good hearted as she is it will break her heart when she fails at something… or someone. L'ril is her support, and she knows that no matter what happens… he will always be there for her.

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