Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 08.425.10.28 (28yo)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Played-By Armie Hammer
Player Ness

With sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw, L’rac would have the kind of looks that command attention even if he weren’t massively tall. Being unable to hide his stature and opting not to even bother to try, he tends to play it up for all it’s worth, carrying his head high and his shoulders back, walking with unmistakable confidence and pride as well as an easygoing, devil-may-care kind of gait that lets it be known without words that he doesn’t really care what people think of him as long as they take notice that he’s there.

To say that he’s obsessed with his appearance is a bit of an understatement. It’s a well known fact that L’rac will not be seen outside of his weyr, in part or in whole, with even a single hair out of place or without being fully dressed. He’s always so well groomed that it borders on the absurd. People have been known to take bets on how long it must take him to clean his nails and brush his hair into the perfectly tousled look that prefers, not that even those closest to him know for sure as he tends to pamper himself when no one’s looking.

His garments are always in the best condition possible, clean and in good repair, especially since sewing is one of his many hidden talents. As far as his fashion sense goes, he prefers to keep things tight on the bottom and loose on the top, most often being found in leather pants and boots and airy peasant tops. Tending to run hot, however, it’s equally as likely to find L’rac lounging around with no shirt on at all, and a rakish smile paired with a suggestive arch to his brows is the accessory he absolutely won’t leave home without.


If the common assumption is that Blueriders are nobodies, L’rac can be said to be actively working to confront that stereotype head on. Sociable, flirtatious, and proud, he has an effortless charm that never seems forced yet always commands attention of anyone with whom he comes into contact. He’s the kind of guy who never meets a stranger and will talk at, rather than to, anyone like they’ve known each other forever, and while he’s quick to tease and is quite good at it there is seldom any malice behind whatever jabs he might put out. Having a great number of acquaintances and few friends suits him quite well, not that he’s flighty, undependable, disinterested, or unreliable, just self-absorbed; there is probably no person in the world that he likes anywhere near as well as he loves himself.

Though becoming a Rider taught him responsibility and teamwork, he’s staunchly opposed to the idea of routines and becoming predictable. This is most prevalent in his constant battle against monogamy and settling down, which he likes to joke inherently goes against bisexuality as being with someone in any kind of permanent arrangement is to choose one side or the other. With an exciting array of friends and an appealing collection of lovers, L’rac is perfectly content to be by his lonesome without any consideration of weyrmating. He’s a man with a very busy brain, contrary to popular opinion, and solitude suits him well. Besides, he’ll always have Biel, and he means that as literally as possible; he cannot imagine surviving long without the blue and knows that he simply wouldn’t.

The First Fall three years ago made some Riders more somber and serious, but not L’rac. If anything, the number of casualties that Ista Weyr suffered made him more reckless, cocky, irresponsible, and jovial than ever. He firmly believes that those who died did so in order that others might live, and so live to the fullest he and everyone else must. To waste a single moment of any given day with too much sobriety, which is only appropriate in small doses, is to dishonor the memory and sacrifices of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Ista Weyr and its people.

His feelings on outsiders are complicated to say the least. Ista born and raised, L’rac is fiercely loyal to his home and would do anything for it, which is why he followed in his parents’ footsteps and became a rider to begin with. Having lived through the First Fall, he logically knows that there’s no way that Ista Weyr would survive without outside help, and he’s thankful that anyone came at all given how easy it would have been for them to leave them to die off. At the same time, it’s their home, and he feels that outsiders should be doing more to integrate into the community and become part of it as it is, for better or worse, rather than try to maintain any sort of separation or assert superiority where there is none. Torn, for the most part he chooses to keep his mouth shut and give most outsiders either the benefit of the doubt or a wide berth depending on the day, which might make him fickle, but he can’t be bothered to care about consistency in his interpersonal relationships all that much.

Common Knowledge


Laerac was not the kind of boy who anyone expected to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a Rider. Born the only child of two Dragonriders whose dragons were a mated pair and who just so happened to be deeply in love, he never knew his parents personally or particularly well as he was fostered out, but he took pride in the fact that they were his parents and he was their only son. He was a huge fan of Riders but did not seem to have the kind of temperament that would ever allow him to become one. As a child he was full of mischief, headstrong and always sticking his nose in other people’s business, more “brat” than an essential part of the community in the Weyr, trying the patience of even the best Crecheworkers.

Age did not mellow Laerac, either. His educators often remarked that it would be a blessing if he could be taught a trade, though they typically followed it up with an utterance that it was more than anyone should hope for, and several attempts to settle him with Fosterers failed before he was housed with a capable adult who could at least ignore his behaviors if not curtail them. His future, however, seemed drastically uncertain given a proclivity towards idleness and uselessness that oftentimes led to outright waywardness in him. Most expected that he would leave the Weyr to find something to do in some nearby hold, though some supposed that he might travel even farther off. Being an outsider anywhere would hardly bother him much at all as he was bound and determined to march to the beat of his own drum no matter what and seemed utterly unflappable, especially in the face of public opinion.

Yet when his twelfth birthday rolled around, Laer shocked everyone, his natural born parents and Fosterer most of all, when he announced that he would be standing for Impression with the next Clutch that hatched. On that Hatching Day many expected that he’d lose his nerve or go back on his word, a rumor which probably reached his ears and compelled him to show, and he stood on the sand with the rest of the Weyrbrats and the few Searched, though he failed to Impress. Again, most expected that such a failure would suck the wind right out of his sails and put an end to all of his bragging and bluster, but one year later he stood again, maintaining that the right dragon simply hadn’t been in the previous clutch. His pretty and gracious words rang true when he Impressed the blue Bielyeucth, and ever since he’s had an unmistakable saunter in his walk and a smugness in his smile that say “I’m right” to everyone he encounters.

Moreover, L’rac was not the kind of Rider that anyone expected to be any good, but Biel made it easy for him to learn responsibility and teamwork. His remark about “the right dragon” wasn’t too far off the mark as he and his blue quickly became as thick as thieves, closer even than most. While L’rac had always been a bit of a headache on his own, he and his dragon were absolutely charming and hilarious together, and no one could deny that they worked well together. Though many of their fellow Riders were loathe to admit it based on L’rac’s personality alone, he and Biel would be an asset to whatever wing they ended up in, and they were stuck with his crap for the long haul with only the faintest hope that someone might be able to teach him discipline and bring him to heel even a little.

It wasn’t until the First Fall that L’rac became less of a hot shot and truly began to appreciate the gravity of being a Rider. Being among the younger Riders in the air and being the Rider of a blue on that fateful day, he oftentimes feels that his life was never really in danger, though he knows that that isn’t true as everyone was just as likely to live or die as any other. That he made it when so many did not is, in his opinion, purely a matter of luck, not that he doesn’t appreciate the importance thereof in life and isn’t thankful for his survival. Losing so many members of Ista Weyr and seeing what he’d actually been training for made everything so much more real somehow that it straightened him out, and in the past three years he’s truly grown a great deal as a Wingrider. These days he’s a damn good example of one, though he swears he’s still exactly the same person. However true that may be is entirely a matter of opinion.

Yet of late, with an Outsider in charge of Ista Weyr, L’rac has been noticing a certain change in himself that he’s desperately hoping others won’t. He can’t say he’s happy at all about someone who isn’t from Ista lording over them all, and he’s not sure what to do. Some part of him feels that the best way to get power back into native hands is to fall in line and behave himself, yet he equally feels the pull of the part of him that’s always fought for what he believes is right for him in his heart. For the time being he’s managing to hold himself together, trying to pretend like some kind of wayward explosion, just the sort that got the Weyr into its current mess in the first place, on his part isn’t inevitable.


Father: L’fur, brown Altirth (deceased); Ista Weyr
Mother: Orrade, green Emieth (deceased); Ista Weyr

Friends: Q'tay, green Mereoth; friend & sometimes lover


Color Blue
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate 08.439.03.02 (15 y/o)
Wing Stormriders

Bielyeucth is an impressive blue that’s big for his color in every sense possible being muscular, long, and tall. His hide is a rich Prussian blue throughout, as dark as some dragons of his kind are light, and reflects with a strange sort of iridescence that almost makes him look metallic in the sun. With a broad wingspan, he’s a little less maneuverable than some blues, but he has an uncanny stamina that more than makes up for any lack of agility on his part.

Biel carries himself like he knows he’s every bit as impressive looking as he is, and there’s always a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, though they tend to drift during conversations, especially ones that he’s not interested in. Like his Rider, he prefers to be well kempt and clean, glistening and oiled. When he walks it’s more of a strut, and when he thinks that no one’s looking he always takes a moment to preen. He looks every bit as proud as he would deny that he isn’t, grinning as much as a dragon can grin the whole time, always showing a little bit of fang.

Some people’s dragons are the yin to their yang, but with Biel and L’rac it’s a case of “like rider, like dragon.” Proud and vain, Bielyeucth thinks that he’s the best. Any suggestion to the contrary bounces right off of his hide and rolls right off his back. In spite of that hubris, however, he’s one of the most good natured dragons anyone could ever meet. He has no time for shyness or humility in anyone, human or dragon alike. His philosophy is that if you’re not your number one fan, then who else is going to be? Confidence is key, and anyone who has the courage to walk with his or her head held high, whatever their baggage, has a friend in him.

His best friend of all is his rider, and he has a level of interest in L’rac that borders on obsession, though the man wouldn’t have it and couldn’t imagine it any other way. That being said, Biel has a somewhat unrealistic expectation that L’rac will be forthcoming with information about every aspect of his life, and to ensure that he always knows what’s going on, STRICTLY so that he can help his friend out, of course, he has a tendency to employ any firelizard dumb enough to listen to him in a little bit of espionage to keep tabs on his rider. He would never dream of telling their business to anyone else, however. Chatty with other dragons and their riders, he is tireless in his habit of talking L’rac up to epic proportions, because what are best friends for if not making you sound like a legend?

If he can be said to have one flaw it’s his unhealthy love of things without discrimination. Put simply, Bielyeucth is a kleptomaniac and will not be stopped in his grand dream of amassing the most impressive hoard ever, not that it’s worth much. When he’s not getting firelizards to follow L’rac for him, he’s getting them to procure objects for him. Fortunately, they’re typically not anything more impressive than a fork or a stray sock. That being said, the inside of their weyr looks like they’re preparing for a Gather at all times, and L’rac has no clear idea of just what’s there or when it got there, though he does liquidate from time to time when it gets to be too much for him to handle, which tends to cause a little friction and a lot of laughter.

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