Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Confused. M'tugo?


L'han is a weedy little thing that’s just going through a very awkward stage of growing. He’s all limbs, yet he is still less than five and a half feet. There’s hope for him: his mother is tall and his father sturdy, so eventually he should grow into either, he hopes. He might not look like much, but he’s a resilient thing, seemingly able to bounce back from anything that’s thrown at him and this much is obvious from the many scars, cuts and bruises he always seems to have. He holds very dearly to his father’s philosophy that ‘its all in your head!’ so though his scrawny body might struggle to keep up, he’s got the mindset that he can just ignore that little setback.

There must have been some throw-back in his genetic pool as he’s got the lightest colouring of any of his family. He took on his mother’s curls, but his hair is a bright golden blonde. No one knows where that came from, although V’lada thinks there might have been some blondes on his mother’s side. L'han's complexion is a little lighter also, though he’s got enough freckles to make him seem like he’s darker than he really is. He’s got light green eyes fringed with those thick lashes that children unfairly have and a wide smile that’s permanently missing his third tooth in on the bottom.

*Finally* L'han hit some sort of real growth. Ish. He picked up a couple more inches, though he's still stubbornly short at 5'6. What's most noticeable is how much he's filled out since impressing and he's started to look less like a little kid. Maybe he's not quite grown-up looking, there's still a solid quality of youthfulness, but he's certainly a lot more mature looking than he was before. And there's just a hint of real confidence showing in his posture. Not much, but just enough to show a difference.


L'han is more rough and tumble than he was ever built for, but he certainly tries. Eventually he will *have* to grow a body that will support all of the adventures he puts himself through. He’s a hyper-active boy that, like his father, will go and go until there’s nothing left. The problem is he doesn’t have a sense of limits and ends up with frequent injuries. He’s a little less mature than his fourteen turns, but that childlike innocence and excitement is what keeps him bouncing back every time. He’s like one of those hardy desert plants that just refuses to be taken out. And he does it all with a smile. What’s another broken arm when the epic climb he had to get it was just *that* awesome?

The thing about L'han is that he is actually using all of this in an attempt to force all of his fears out. True he likes to run around and have fun, but alot of it is just a tool to try and strengthen himself. He desperately wants to grow up and do everything that his family wants, but he’s afraid. He’s afraid to impress, afraid to be attached to a great beast that will live in his head forever, afraid to fly, and especially afraid to fight Thread and die horribly doing it. As much as that though, he’s afraid to disappoint his parents and older brother, to let down the Weyr he’s supposed to grow up and fight for. So he throws himself at life, hoping if he just tries hard enough he can make those fears disappear. One would think if he keep jumping off the highest cliffs he’ll stop being afraid of falling. Often though, he ends up freaking out and botching something, thus gets himself injured. He’s a determined little snot though.

Impression itself could be one of the biggest challenges if L'han makes it that far; he has some issues with personal space. Though he can be a social boy and enjoys his friends, he only tolerates them to a point and prefers to do alot of things on his own. He doesn’t like much physical contact and tends to get incredibly angry when people pry too much at his emotions. Asking him ‘what’s the matter’ too much is the first way to make him hate you for a couple days. If L'han needs something it will be when he’s ready and on his terms. He’s a private guy, so the idea of a dragon being partnered with him and having access to his every thought and feeling causes him a great deal of anxiety.

L'han is miles away from being the self-assured, commanding sort that you would expect out of a bronzerider, but he's grown a bit from being the spazzy, nervous wreck of a kid he was a year ago. Its not necessarily that he's stopped being afraid, but he's learning how to handle it a little better. He's got an awesome bronze dragon by his side that makes a huge difference and even his sickly little flit helps. Is he ready to be a leader or even really care to be? Not even at all. He's still trying to understand how to be a *rider* before he can deal with the extra worries that come with rank.

But he's trying. Its easier to focus on his lessons and duties than it is to worry about his partnership with a confrontational bronze dragon. He and Orowenth muddle through and occasionally work really well together, but they're still not quite in sync. Neither are willing to really open up and are more ready to fight each other than understand each other.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.436.7.18

Mallahan is the second child of a pair of very tough and demanding greenriders. Even as a child he was constantly pushed to work harder, be stronger and follow in their footsteps. Weakness was never an option and Mall learned very quickly to internalize any hesitations or fears. It perhaps wasn’t the healthiest way for a child to develop when what he really needed was help working through these things.

He went into candidacy at twelve as expected and was thoroughly relieved whenever he was left on the sands without a dragon. His anxieties were only made worse when Thread actually started to fall and so many riders were lost. The realities of being a dragonrider were only made more apparent and now Mallahan is in a constant battle not to flee the barracks. Its only the shame of failing, letting down everyone he loves and the fear of getting his ass kicked by them all that keeps him in candidacy. No big deal.

Tameketh's mating flight saw him sharing a bed with bluerider M'tugo. It was strange and awkward but also totally awesome. Except for the fact that he had never even considered being anything but straight and liking a *boy* who was a friend of his was… different. But it didn't stop him from wanting to spend more time with M'tugo.

And then he was found by a dragon. A *bronze* dragon. He became L'han rider of bronze Orowenth, which is a whole set of new issues and drama and excitement for the boy.



Father: V'lada, rider of Green Plawinth
Mother: Assistant Weyrling Master Gridgi, rider of Green Avaterith
Brother: Granadan
Sisters: Shangi, Gaitiri

L'han's Dragon: Bronze Orowenth

Colour: Bronze
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Orowenth is rather small for a bronze, with the sort of good conformation that often goes unappreciated because it simply looks “average”. He doesn't have bulging muscles or a lean, sleek body, he's just put together exactly the way he should be, perfectly in-proportion and ultimately capable of fulfilling a wide variety of roles in 'Fall. He doesn't seem at all aware of being small – or if he does, he doesn't show it — and he carries himself exactly the way you'd expect a bronze to carry himself: solid, confident, with just a hint of swagger. He's a lighter, slightly yellow-tinted shade of bronze, shinier than most, with leading wingfingers that are darker antique bronze from thumb to wingtip, neck and eyeridges of the same darker color, and a dark “cap” on top of his head.


Orowenth is a dragon of strong convictions, true, but he's not at all a stern, looming bronze like some. He seems to treat his natural confidence and authority almost cavalierly – he's arrogant, of that there's no doubt, and well aware of his own abilities, but he doesn't seem to see any reason to use his strengths responsibly most of the time. In fact, as a hatchling he may seem almost unwilling to lead at all, preferring instead to lark about doing what he wants, when he wants, and bucking authority and yelling fascist (figuratively, of course) any time they try to reign him in. He's active, athletic, and easily distracted as he looks for new thrills, flitting from curiosity to curiosity, female to female, and anything else he can find to keep him interested in between. When he's left to his own devices, he's usually fun and charismatic, with a confidence and basic good nature that could go a long way towards making him well-liked.

Except that… when he's riled up about something, he often doesn't think straight, and he'll do and say things he doesn't really mean. He’s extremely opinionated, even about things he doesn’t really know anything about, and he’ll argue with a fencepost if he thinks it’s standing in the wrong place. In fact, he flat-out seems to enjoy arguing, though it’s hard to see why since it gets him so passionate and wound up that it just can’t be good for his peace of mind, can it? When he’s in the midst of a verbal barrage (or occasionally a physical one, if his rider lets it escalate that far) he can be blunt, his words can be cruel, and he doesn’t always realize he’s, quite frankly, being an ass. He may be occasionally irresponsible and bullheaded, hopelessly stubborn and contrary, true, but he's not stupid or heartless. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of his actions, or his inaction, and reminding him of this potential is the quickest way to get him to buckle down and accept responsibility (though he might forget and go back to larking the very next day). He cares about those close to him, and when he does finally decide to take responsibility for them, he may do it in stupid, brash ways if his rider doesn't stop him: throwing himself in front of a clump of Thread to protect a wingmate, for instance, without bothering to think that there might have been an easier way. Of course, part of this is because, unfortunately for a dragon in general and a bronze in particular, Orowenth prefers to work alone. It may seem at-odds with his personality at first, but the truth is that Orowenth doesn't share deep, true feelings very well. When he starts to feel as if he needs to step up and help, he won't really be able to articulate what he's feeling – he'll just start to take more and more onto his own shoulders in order to spare those he loves. Once he sees first-hand the horrors of Thread, he might try to fly the whole 'Fall by himself just to keep his clutchmates safe, if his rider lets him.


Brown Shad

Shad isn't the most well creature, but he's survived and that's something. He's pretty fail, never seeming to put any real weight on his frame and his hide always has a slight grey hue to it that varies from day to day. Still, he's a happy and helpful little thing, not often straying far from either L'han or Orowenth. Not much for exploring or adventuring, he just prefers to be in the company of people he likes.

He's a funny, silent thing though. To this day no one's heard him make a cheep or chirp of any kind and he has this unnerving way of standing there in perfect stillness just *watching*. Because he's so thin and a bit bony he looks a lot more menacing than he really is. Mostly. Not that he's ever mean or trying to cause problems, but sometimes he can't pass up a good prank. Especially with who he has around him for influences. It doesn't happen too often anyway, mostly he's content to just be there and observe what's going on around him.

Besides, doing too much tends to tire him out quickly and this makes him a sad critter.

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