Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Liulfer is an interesting looking young man. He has thick dark hair that is black and kind of fluffy. He keeps it short and manageable, neat but slightly spiky. His skin is warm olive, the kind that tans really easily in the warm sun. He's a handsome young man, with an intense face. It's the sharply defined cheekbones, the tense jaw and thick brows that arch over a pair of intelligent green eyes.

He's strongly built, solid rather than lean, and he's got some serious muscle bulk on him. He's attractive, but he's not obvious about it, and he certainly doesn't invite attention. He much prefers to hang on the peripheries.


Liulfer is a careful young man, one of those real guarded types. That isn't to say he's unfriendly, or that he shuns contact. On the contrary, he very much enjoys socialising with people. He just doesn't trust casually. People have to earn his trust, and it might take a while because he hates not having the control over a situation. If he does trust someone though you can bet your marks that he's done all his research on you beforehand.

He has to know all the facts about everything. And it's this need to know information about everyone that leads him into breaking into peoples offices, or weyrs, sussing out information, facts he can use so as not to ever be blindsided or taken by surprise. He's very good at what he does, and has a good grasp of skills like lockpicking and sneaking around. For such a solid man he moves fast, and silent. Turns and turns of practice has paid off.

But he's not all stoic silence and sneaking around. In fact Liulfer has a good sense of humour, which he may show by snorting softly at someones joke, or even perhaps shooting a dry comment back. His humour is dry wit and sarcasm, lots of sarcasm. He tends to gravitate more towards people who are full of enthusiasm and life, chatty people who don't mind as much that his contributions to the conversation are more minimal.

Because if there's one thing he cannot stand…it's the idea of being alone. Liulfer never wants to be truly alone.


Birthplace: Small Hold in the Telgar mountain range, 8.430.1.1

Liulfer was born as one of the younger children of a pair of Holders. His childhood was a pleasant one, growing up with a loving family, but when he reached 12 turns old it was decided he should pursue a Craft, as his oldest sibling was likely to be the one to inherit the Hold. He chose work as a smith, and spent a number of Turns learning his craft.

At the age of 15 however a dragon from the Weyr came on Search and Liulfer was chosen to Stand as a Candidate. He accepted at once, his parents had always told him to be a dragonrider was an honour without parallel so he went to the Weyr. There he found his older brother who had been Searched for a Clutch the turn before. Neither of them Impressed but both stayed at the Weyr, and soon enough his brother did Impress, and became a Dragonrider.

Tuns passed and Liulfer remained a Candidate. He considered leaving, perhaps going back to the Hold or his craft, but news came from their home hold that their family had been wiped out. It was fortunate the hold was such an isolated one, the disease remained contained within, but it killed everyone within. Neither of them wanted to return, and so Liulfer stayed at the Weyr, determined to Impress and bring honour to his family. And then the First Fall came, and Ista was decimated. Riders were chosen or volunteered to go to the southern Weyr, and his brother was one who volunteered. He offered to take Liulfer with him, and he accepted, not wanting to be in a separate Weyr to the only remaining family he had.

So they traveled to Ista and Liulfer's potential to Stand was confirmed by an Istan Searchrider so he joined the Istan program. However he is beginning to realise that maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew…will he always be an Outsider to the rest of them?



Lelfer, Holder
Uifin, Holder

Older Brother, rider transferred to Ista Weyr
Several deseased brothers and sisters


Caulan, Rider of Gold Miaranth, awesome ladybro
Surindal, fellow Outsider from Telgar.
Zeff, Rider of Blue Murumbith, clutchmate and alright sort.


O'sult, Rider of Brown Nambrinth / Big shit
Zaravay, Candidate/ Little shit

L'fer's Dragon: Brown Cavarith

Dragon Name: Cavarith
Colour: Brown
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:


It only makes sense that such a bold and dynamic dragon should have a bold and dynamic hide to match. He's a bright tawny brown all over, with no variation or patterns except for three odd marks, immediately obvious specifically because they're alone: one very large pale buff splotch on each hip, irregular around the edges as if splattered on with paint, and one smaller but similar splotch right across the top of his muzzle. He's a lean dragon – almost skinny, really, though not enough to be worrisome or unhealthy, and a bit on the small side, but with long limbs and a narrow face. His headknobs are short, though, and his eyes a bit large. He has a way of walking, too: confident, but somehow also smooth and lilting at the same time. Unlike some dragons, he will never be clumsy or uncomfortable walking instead of flying, and somehow he always knows exactly where his feet are – there's no danger of Cavarith accidentally squishing anyone or anything!


Fast-moving, fast-talking, and entirely too clever for his own good, Cavarith is a brown that will bear watching… if other dragons (and his rider) know what's good for them, anyway. The trouble is, they just might not be able to keep up! As a hatchling he'll possess an insatiable curiosity about the world around him – about things, about animals, other dragons, and even people… so much so that he'll tend to be intrusive about it, and though he may learn a bit of restraint (a very small bit) with his questions as he matures, he'll never really gain any sense of tact or propriety or personal space. He does what he feels and he asks whatever he wants to know, though he may not have the patience to stick around and wait for the answer if you don't give it promptly (or maybe even if you do – he's usually a step or two ahead of everyone else). It's usually faster to just find out what he wants to know on his own – particularly once he starts to realize that people will try to hand him some bullshit if they don't want to answer some questions. He may seem like a hyperactive child who's not very aware of others, but don't make the mistake of underestimating him: he misses nothing, and if there's an eyeroll, or exasperated sigh, or even just an evasive pause before an answer, he'll know. He may pretend that he doesn't notice, but he very much does.

It doesn't bother him. Oh no, he'd have to be a more sensitive dragon for that. Why should he be sensitive? He's smart, he's strong, he's quick, and he thinks he's pretty good-looking, too – his looks aren't something he dwells on because those other qualities are so much more important to him, but hey, being a handsome devil can't hurt, right? No, the opinions of others aren't really of any concern to him. He's more focused on what he's doing. And what is he doing? A little bit of everything, all the time. Cavarith is never content with things as they are. While he's learning his formations, his brain is half-focused on ways that formation can be better. Getting fitted for his harness? He's sure it would be stronger if you had just made the strap cross in a different way. Learning how to flame? Maybe, if he just learned to hold his throat just-so, he could be ten times more accurate! What? Of course it will work! He's at least 52% certain of success! How did he arrive at that calculation, considering dragons don't do math? Well, prove him wrong then. Oh? Yes, he thought not. Now step aside, plebe, you're in the way of progress!

Cavarith has a lot of potential. He has a unique way of looking at things, of connecting things, of questioning things that most don't think to question, and sometimes… sometimes… his ideas will turn out to be good ones. He can account for things he didn't consider, if they're pointed out to him; he can be flexible. That will be his strength in the air, too – his tactical flexibility, his ability to adapt to change in an instant, his fluid brain always working and always ready to roll with the punches. But, unfortunately, he can also be too fast for his own good, too impatient, too reckless, and he could get himself, or others, hurt. He exhibits a stunning lack of care for his own well-being, and, by extension, the well-being of others, too. Oh, on the surface he really wants to help – in fact, he's always offering to help, because he really enjoys having something to occupy himself and really enjoys saving the day for his friends – but he doesn't thoroughly consider consequences once he gets his ideas rolling, and he's so confident and charismatic that others may feel safe following him into a situation that he hasn't actually planned for. His rapid-fire shifts in focus don't help, either. It's not unusual for him to abandon something halfway through because something else has caught his attention, and that could easily spell disaster for a fighting dragon… or his comrades.

You can try to warn Cavarith if you'd like, but don't expect him to actually listen. Oh, he heard you just fine. He just doesn't care.

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