Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


L'cion is deceptively small for his age, but he isn’t weak. His body is fast enough to usually escape most punishment or bullying he may encounter with various scars and healed broken bones to remind him what happens if he gets caught or picks a fight with the wrong guy. His hair is no longer than three inches long and is a dark brown, nearly black, with sun-reddened streaks in it from his time on the wharf. L'cion has slanted green eyes reminiscent of a Terran vulpine with all the suspicion to match. A thin mouth with sharp teeth darts across the bottom of his face and is armed with a witty comeback that tends to pop out at precisely the wrong moment.


L'cion has been called a problem child since he could remember. With his parents dying while he was still young, he grew up without any reliable sense of authority. He’ll fight anyone for near anything and any reason. He’s cocky, arrogant, and a thief. L'cion’s arrogance has very often landed him in a fight with a lad too big and a little too bright to fall for his agility and the lad has suffered strenuous injuries as a result. More than once has he been punished for stealing and nothing is safe from his sticky fingers- fish, equipment, valuables, even a rare firelizard egg once. Luicion developed an attitude of, “If I want it, it’s mine, and by Faranth I’m gonna take it.” If stealing is completely out of the question (meaning if he knows he’ll be beaten if he steals), then Luicion will barter anything he can and never mind if it’s not his.

This isn’t to say, of course, that L'cion is heartless. To those that earn his trust, he’s their friend for life short of them lying to or betraying him. Despite the fact that he’ll lie his way out of a paper bag and betray his brother for a hair comb, L'cion believes true friends should be almost as sacred as a dragon. The downside of him being so young is that he still tends to trust far too easily, thus resulting in his heart being smashed too often. He’s quick with a joke and a laugh when the situation allows it and loves to be the center of attention. L'cion will always try to use his quick tongue to get out of work and especially if he can make someone else do it. He never uses a substitute for a fight, however; his battles are always his own. Nor will he back down from a challenge no matter who his opponent is- even if that means fighting a well-muscled seventeen Turn old and suffering the resulting week in the infirmary, as happened when Luicion was ten Turns. He learned his limit that day, that anyone usually over fifteen Turns, sixteen pushing it, is too much for him to handle and could result in him being hurt or worse.


Birthdate: 8.437.2.24

Luicion was born at Ista Weyr to two seaholders visiting on a tithing trip and taken back to their hold. When Luicion was young, no older than two Turns old, both of his parents were killed. His father died at sea (whispered rumors suggest there was a mutiny and Marhelion was just in the wrong place at the wrong time) and his mother was murdered in a fight at the bar that she was serving at. Luicion himself was more or less tossed about in a haphazard attempt at fostering. He developed condescension for people in authoritative positions and spent as little time as possible in any one home. Luicion preferred to spend time with a small band of youths his own age and slightly older. He learned to fight and, if that wouldn’t work or if the fight started to turn sour, to duck, dive, dodge, and run. Older boys would try to pummel him into submission and occasionally would. But sometimes Luicion would use his agility to essentially have them beat themselves up.

Luicion never cared for the fishing craft. He was always more interested in the dark and looming Weyr on the horizon as a young male should be. He never saw much use for girls growing up- they were smelly and cried far too often for his taste, not to mention that they always got in the way. Luicion generally spent his time with other boys and old boys out of necessity. Many times it was discussed whether or not to throw him out of the Hold due to fighting but someone always commented on how it at least kept him and the other miscreants busy and not in the adults’ hair. While that made sense, it was finally agreed that the boy needed to do some real work, none that he could weasel out of, and some that would wear him out. So Luicion was set to peeling the barnacles off the keels of ships most hours of the day. The boy had to learn better breath control as a result or suffer the marine refuse that the other boys and men would throw in his face when Luicion came up for breath.

Luicion spent many a sevenday trying to think of ways to subvert this punishment and weasel someone else into his spot and almost succeeded. Once he lured a boy of about fourteen Turns to take his spot while Luicion himself went off to reassert his place in the local pecking order. One of the sailors caught on when the bigger lad first was bigger than the small boy was and second came up for breath far more often. Luicion was tracked down and given a sound lashing for his deception before being thrown straight back into the sea. The brine stung his wounds while he tried to work and made his performance suffer. The sailor he was working under kept Luicion at it all night as punishment, eyeing him in a way that seemed strange to the boy’s salt-stung eyes when he surfaced. When the night was done, the sailor dragged the boy off to his quarters to punish him in his own “resourceful” way. In this way, Luicion first encountered the idea of homosexuality and thus grew to hate it.

In the dead of night, laying on his tiny cot and staring out a nearby window at the sky, Luicion often dreamt of having his own dragon. He’d listened closely on the occasions when riders would visit the little seahold as well as sneaking peeks at the great beasts themselves. Rumors had also played a part in building his idea of a real and ideal dragonrider. Luicion decided by the time that he was ten Turns that he wanted to ride a bronze. A close second would be a brown, certainly, but a bronze was perfect. He didn’t devote much thought to blues and greens, since everyone knew that they were the bottom of the food chain. Luicion had a certain distaste for things of that nature. If he was going to be on top, then he’d need a dragon to prove he was worthy and only a bronze would do. Browns didn’t make gold eggs, after all.

He was Searched while at Ista Hold and was only too delighted to return to his home. He had troubles fitting in with the other Weyrbred children that nearly resulted in more than one fight. All that changed (maybe?) when they stood on the Sands for Tameketh's clutch. It was there that Luicion Impressed blue Tanikith and became L'cion.



L’cion’s Dragon: Blue Tanikith

Colour: Blue
Age: 3
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Red Tide
Clutch: HurricaneHeroes


Obviously a big, hefty, hearty blue from the moment he breaks shell into the world, Tanikith won’t be one to give the dragonhealers any cause for worry. Both tall and broad for his color, he already shows hints of the massively muscular blue that he’ll develop into in only a short Turn or so. A thick neck, deep chest, and powerful shoulders will make him a good strong flier and flamer, and though his waist and hindquarters taper down just enough to make him look a bit top-heavy when viewed from the side, it obviously isn’t enough to impact his movement- his back legs are just as powerful as the front, and his wing-muscles bulge with strength. He’s a fairly even bright azure over most of his body, with a dark sapphire muzzle that narrows into a blaze that goes right up between his eyes and flares again to encompass both curiously erect headknobs, stopping just behind them.


Tanikith will no doubt be one of those dragons who’s among the first to do everything. Not because he’s exceptionally talented, but simply because he doesn’t seem to have any understanding of the concept of caution, and throws himself straight into everything without pausing for even a second to think about what he’s doing.

His general mode of operations goes something like this:
1) See the thing that needs doing.
2) Throw himself at the thing, literally, until it’s done.
3) Cheerfully say “You’re welcome!” as everyone in the immediate vicinity cries in gratitude (or is that despair?) amidst the collateral damage.

No matter how big or old he gets, Tanikith will always be something like a child- full of energy and endless enthusiasm, completely undeterred by temporary setbacks, and rather simple in his understanding and appreciation of the world around him. And, like a child, he seems to think he’s invincible. The thought that he might get hurt, or that he can die, never even crosses his mind. It probably helps that he has an amazing pain tolerance or perhaps just an exceptionally thick hide, and a short memory even for a dragon, but it may be a nightmare for L’cion, who will have to stay alert for that moment when he feels Tanikith begin to get excited about something, just the same was a parent has to stay alert for the moment when a toddler runs off out of sight. No, Tanikith is not particularly intelligent. But he’s happy, he’s honest, he’s completely open- he has no secrets or hidden facets to his personality. He’s exactly as he appears upon first meeting: very pleased to meet you, let’s be friends, and OH LOOK, SHINY!

Needless to say, he doesn’t have much of an attention span, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll ever *completely* forget that he promised to help you with something. No, he’ll never forget a friend! If there’s one thing he loves more than anything, it’s helping, and there nothing he won’t do if he thinks he’s helping someone in some way. Sometimes he may be a bit… well, mistaken, about how much he’s actually helping (the kitchens are not likely to appreciate his efforts to slaughter a herdbeast for their feast, for instance), but he always, *always* means well. There’s not a mean or spiteful bone in his big body and he may have trouble understanding how he’s upset someone. He was just helping!

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