Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Still undecided


Unless you’re the person who’s been dressing him for the past six months, it’s hard to tell, but Kuvoka is in the throes of his first real growth spurt and it makes his height a little hard to pin down. Generally-speaking, though, he’s a kid of average height for his age, with an average sort of build that could really seem to go a lot of different ways depending on how tall he ends up being and whether he develops a lot of muscle on his frame or not. His skin is a light, dusty bronze, his medium-brown hair short and often tousled, his eyes green and still childishly large in his face. He has longer eyelashes than at least two of his sisters, though whenever they tease him by way of complaint he just bats his eyes and tells them they’re jealous. He has a big mouth, too — literally, that is — that shows to great advantage when he’s smiling (or when he’s trying to shove three rolls into it at once — hey, if you’ve got it, you may as well use it to win boyhood bets).


Kuvoka has a pretty strong sense of self for a boy his age, though the very nature of adolescence being what it is, he’s still developing the leanings that his basic personality will lend itself towards as an adult. He’s clever in his own way but not really a deep thinker — he’d rather be a man of action, though he’s at least smart enough not to jump in blindly about, oh, eighty percent of the time. Usually when he does something stupid it’s something he /says/, because he does have a little trouble keeping his mouth shut. He’s not at all insecure, but he /is/ eager to make his mark, to be /somebody/ in the Weyr — and that doesn’t necessarily mean being the Weyrleader, it just means being identifiable by his role, welcomed by the other riders as one of the Men of the Weyr (some of them are women, but that’s okay, they’re still the Men of the Weyr). He’s impatient, even more so than a lot of people his age, and while he doesn’t shy away from hard work in the moment, he can get a bit frustrated if he doesn’t see immediate results.

It might be said that he has a bit of a temper, but it’s probably more accurate to call him… easily-impassioned. He tends a bit towards the sensitive on the inside, though it’s not a part of himself that he intentionally indulges or even acknowledges, but it means that he sees deeper meaning in things than he realizes he does, and tends to romanticize things a bit. The action-hero side of him tries to simplify, while the poetic side merely complicates, and the result is a boy who’s always looking for something to care about and be active in. He gains a lot of fulfillment from helping people — even as a mere 10-turn-old lad after the first ‘Fall, he dealt with his grief and need to act by helping injured riders in the infirmary, and he’s long had his sights on fighting the glorious good fight against Thread in the skies over his home. He’s not so naive as to believe injury or death won’t happen to him, he’s just romantic enough to believe that it’s worth it if it saves even one person, even when at least half of his brain is telling him he’s being an idiot.


Birthdate: Month 4, Day 7

There’s not really much to Kuvoka’s story yet. He was born at Ista Weyr, one of several children on both his mother’s side and his father’s, and raised among his siblings and peers in the creche. He was an average performer in his harper lessons, and while he did get in his share of trouble, he was never a boy given to maliciousness or wanton mischief. When the first ‘Fall happened, his father and at least one brother were among the dead, and it ignited a fire in him much as it did in a lot of boys his age — someday the Weyr would need him on a dragon even more than it ever had before.

Until then, though, he spent his time helping out in the infirmary, soaking up the presence and stories of the older riders, awaiting the day that he would finally be able to join his friends and older siblings in the candidate barracks — and, hopefully, in the skies.



Father: K’nara, rider of blue Diruth
Mother: Brevori, lower caverns
Half-siblings: Many

Uncle (maternal):
B'ziah, rider of blue Inigith
Uncle (paternal):
V'lada, rider of green Plawinth

B'fadi, rider of blue Olaboth
Jalnala, rider of green Lurinlith

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