Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Unknown


Kuarov's mouth and blackish-nutmeg hair seem like they've came straight from his father. However, Kuarov avoided turning out *that* pale. His skin is still fair despite the sunny Istan weather and there are even freckles scattered in a rather thick array across his shoulders. That was fine, what frustrated him was the constant reminder from older Crecheworkers that he's smaller than his father was. Of course there are several more Turns before anyone can start guessing what height he might reach but one parent's 6' 3 and the other was 5' 1, a worrisome fact for this proud, Weyrborn Istan. From his mum he got his nose, cheekbone height, and more slender chin. Both parents contributed to his dark, sapphire blue eyes.


Calm and decisive, he won't come across as someone that'll carry a grudge. That'll remain the case until you've seen him around those who've turned his stomach. He ignores them and won't acknowledge their existence unless it's necessary that he address them. Such instances direct terse, angered sarcasm in their direction, leaving the impression that if they answer him wrong he'll continue his sulking, as the adults call it. Kuarov sees no reason he should deal with annoyances over something that isn't urgent. The crecheworkers become upset if he treated them so cold during other occasion, which made it too troublesome and said logic prevented him from being the calm figurehead that many would've otherwise seen him as. He, however, inherited his father's dislike for outsiders as well as the rather strong sense of duty toward one's Weyr. Change will seem bad. All that made him seem egotistical, however, not too egotistical until Turns later when Kuarov won't understand that some won't see him as attractive. Despite that Kuarov will seem charismatic, leaping into danger like someone that'll lead through example and never asking someone to do something that he would never dare try doing himself. You'll likewise have trouble discovering trees around Ista Weyr that this youth hasn't climbed and the numerous injuries he suffered, suffered and made into a list since turning 8, even made it clear that he isn't afraid of being injured. Other than that he'll come across as somewhat rule-oriented considering he'll never sneak into somewhere he isn't suppose go without some good reason for doing so.


Birthdate: Ista Weyr, 8.438.9.16

His mother came from Ista Hold, Searched into Candidacy, and became pregnant after one goldflight with her fellow Candidate, Yureov. It upset her when he Impressed leaving her without paternal support for said baby inside her, the anger would remain even after birth. She named Kuarov, then left him within the creche until his father could start visiting him instead. Aside from not having his mother around Kuarov was a fairly normal weyrbrat. He loved dragons, loved his Weyr once he'd grown into understanding such pride, broke several bones throughout his childhood and therefore joined Candidacy after he became 12 Turns old. He hopes he'll get to be a dragonrider like his father.



Y'rov (father)
Luaka (mother)

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