Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate, Senior Apprentice Farmer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Kirkhar is a tall, lean young man. Despite the inherent physicality of his craft he doesn't sport the bulging muscles of some of his peers because he's just not built for it — he came to the Farmcraft a scrawny half-grown string-bean with ankles peering out nakedly from beneath the too-short legs of outgrown pants, and left it much taller, notably less scrawny, and certainly more muscled and much more fit, but still a bit of a string-bean. He's built more like a runner than a stereotypical farmer, which suits him just fine because he doesn't really want to look like a meathead country rube (even though it could fairly be said that he was born exactly that). His medium-brown hair is short enough to keep it off of his neck when he's working, but it's still just long enough to tousle properly and is often sun-bleached to a lighter dusty-brown shade on top. Everything about his face is narrow: dark, narrow eyebrows over narrow green eyes and set in a long narrow face with a narrow nose and a narrow chin.

He has never been in a position to wear fancy clothing, but he would love the chance. As a poor little farm boy, and even as an apprentice, even his gather-best wasn't much to look at, and he doesn't actually mind regular old work clothes — he's well-acquainted with them, after all — but you'd better believe that as soon as he can put together something spiffy out of stores, or better yet buy something new and crisp, he absolutely will.


Kirkhar is a confident, capable young man who sometimes crosses the line into outright cockiness. He's never been an incredibly high achiever, but he's not afraid to put a little work in if it'll earn him something — even if that something is just the satisfaction of showing someone he doesn't like up. He was used to being a little something special among his admittedly duller siblings, however — special enough to earn himself a place in a craft, which none of his family had ever managed before — and that started him off on the right (or, depending on how you look at it, wrong) foot when it came to his self-esteem. Even realizing that he was nothing compared to the apprentices who had been born at the Hall and raised into the more technical aspects of the craft did nothing to hinder him. Instead, he rose to the challenge, and adapted well. Part of that adaptation meant shedding his country bumpkin shell and behaving like a slightly more cosmopolitan person since he was living among a much larger and much more well-educated group of people, farmers or not. He's more than a little vain and he could rightly be accused of putting on airs sometimes, but don't mistake it for being ashamed of where he comes from. He's not ashamed of his origins, but he is ashamed of and a little afraid of the stereotype of his origins, and he gets really upset if people try to pin him as a backwards uneducated redneck (despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, that his entire family are backwards uneducated rednecks).

There's some ambition in him certainly, but he's more prone to opportunism than planning for his future. After all, he comes from a background where there's usually not a lot of upward mobility, and the trick isn't sitting around daydreaming and plotting about where you want to be someday; rather, the trick is to just be ready when opportunity knocks and be unafraid to open that door and let it in! Similarly, he's not really much of a tactician, but he's extremely good at thinking on his feet and handling a situation when it arises unexpectedly. He's courageous and not afraid to take risks, but he's not going to put himself on the line for random other people without a really good cause. He may be your bud, but unless you're like a brother to him or you're somehow the key to the survival of all mankind he's not going to take a bullet for you, and he's not interested in putting his heart on the line, either — girls are nice, make decent friends sometimes and of course are even better as lovers, but he's not about to start sacrificing his own gains or the things he loves just because some girl is a nice steady lay. He's a lot more self-aware than people generally give him credit for, too, and he's not at all ashamed to tell you all of this if you ask.

Despite his outward attempts to free himself of his country-fied past, though, he's also still very much a family man. Kirkhar has never forgotten them and never quite let go of his childish desire to give back to his parents and siblings, and he writes them frequently, knowing that his father, at least, can read well enough to share the messages with the rest of the family and convey a crudely-written message back to him. He misses them quite a lot, and it makes him smile to imagine the little ones gathering around dad waiting to hear what's written in Kirkhar's latest letter. If he can go home sometime on the back of his own dragon, bearing all the gifts his dragon can carry, wouldn't that be the proudest moment of his life?

That said, Kirkhar doesn't hold a very high opinion of dragonriders in general right now. He's not stupid enough to believe that they never work, but he honestly believes that they have it better than everyone else, at least — that they don't even know what real work and real worry is, and no matter what the Weyr throws at him, it can't be any harder than anything he's done before. The pragmatist in him doesn't really blame them for wanting to stay safe and fed up in their Weyr. After all, he's after the same thing, and if he had been born into it then he probably wouldn't give two shits about the fate of people outside his little bubble, either. But if they're going to sit up there on their gold and bronze thrones — if he is going to sit up there on a fire-breathing throne — they ought to at least have the decency to be good at what they do, right?

He's going to be different. He's going to be a dragonrider who isn't lazy and ridiculously awful at his one job. Because then he can enjoy the bounty and security of the Weyr guilt-free, and take some of their ridiculous extra back to his family and friends!


Birthdate: 11.02

Kirkhar was born on a small, remote Neratian family farm, the second of a herd of children, and life was a bit of a struggle from the very beginning. Sometimes the harvests were good, sometimes they were bad; things were always tight, just sometimes tighter than others. He was a good enough kid — he loved, and still loves, his family very much — but he always wanted more, wanted to be more, wanted to be able to help his family more. As a smart enough boy born into farming and with a drive to improve himself, it wasn't too hard to get himself noticed and apprenticed to the Farmcraft. Things were much better there even if the work was no less difficult — at least he got three decent meals a day, and could count on protection and medical care if he needed it.

He was still apprenticed at the Farmcrafthall when the First 'Fall came, and saw firsthand the devastation it caused. As a primarily outdoor craft that relied heavily upon the land, the Farmcraft was the craft hit hardest by the Thread that made it through, and he has never forgotten how it felt to rush out to the fields after 'Fall, working desperately alongside his fellow craftsmen to fight the burrows and save whatever they could. He was right in the thick of losses that he firmly believes dragonriders could never understand — masters wailing the loss of decades of hard work, of equipment lost forever and costly to replace, of plant and soil research that would take turns to reproduce, if it could even be reproduced at all. Ruined fields all over the territory had to be abandoned, and the burden fell not to the dragonriders to desperately try to clear more land, re-till, and re-plant so as to avoid a critical food shortage in the coming turns (there was no sparing them a shortage in the current season — all they could do was look to the future) — no, the burden fell to the Farmcraft, and to the many holders who depended upon the land for their very lives.

It was easy to blame the dragonriders for failing their duty, especially when those turns growing up worrying about tithe were still fresh in Kirkhar's mind. But at the same time, the whole debacle had caused him another revelation: his new life wasn't really much more secure than his old had been. He was still at the mercy of Thread, still tightening his belt while dragonriders sat fat and happy up in their Weyr even after their failure, and the realization that the best he could do still might not be enough to help him survive, let alone thrive, shook him to the core.

That's why, when a Searchdragon picked him out, he chose to go to the Weyr despite his low opinion of the riders and their abilities. He just wants to live a secure existence, where he's guaranteed food and shelter — and the fact that he thinks it's a pretty cushy, easy life compared to what he's used to is just a bonus. Is that so wrong? And if maybe he can Impress and actually use his dragon to do some good for his friends and family on the side, well, why shouldn't he?



Father: Kilkan, farmer
Mother: Julyn, wife
Siblings: Many


Craft: Farmcraft
Rank: Senior Apprentice

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