Character type: The Rogue
Rank: Candidate
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Any, provided she has complete dominance.


Kirje is round of jaw, with plump cheeks and a mop of brown curls that is eternally disheveled thanks to her compulsion to run her fingers through it every other minute. Glowering eyes of pale blue bring a splash of sudden color to a face that is otherwise deeply tanned by the sun.

Scarcity of food has left her thinner than the average woman her age— and not in a good way. She is, quite simply: scrawny. Her clothing tends to hang listlessly off her figure, doing nothing accent the little she has in terms of curves. Not even the faded red sash she ties tightly around her hips every morning is much use in giving her a feminine shape. There is little at all to draw eye, but it is this lack of noteworthiness which Kirje abuses to the fullest.

Despite her appearance, to write her off as weak would be doing her a disservice. A history of travel and violence has left her with arms and legs possessing a wiry muscle definition and latticework of scars.


Ambition is Kirje's undisputed driving force.
When she isn’t making a show of glaring at everyone, hoping to lure some unsuspecting soul into a fight, Kirje is working to better her position in life.
People are means by which to reach goals; Steps on the ladder to success and empowerment. Being born in the gutter was never an excuse for sloth; Rather, it serves as fuel to fan the flames of ambition. Kirje has nothing to lose, and much like a cornered animal, this means she’ll do anything, everything to attain prosperity.

Though this does not rob her of the ability to be pleasant or, on rare occasions, even charming.


Birthdate: 05.06

It was pure chance that drew Kirje to the apple orchard the day of the Search. Marks had been scarce for some time. With the threat of Threadfall, the wilds had become more dangerous than profitable for the raider band she’d been a part of. After turns of living wild beneath the open skies of the Interval, Kirje found herself stranded in Nerashi Caverns, a Holdless settlement in Northern Nerat.

The advantage to living in the crowded squalor of the caves was the amount of information one could learn. Kirje had been at her usual squat, almost two turns into the Pass, when she heard a rumor circulating: Harvest time had come to the holds. A group of Nerashi were heading out to a southern orchard. There would be marks in it for anyone who came along. A raider named Jaga would be there; He had a way with holders, he’d get them work. He always got what he wanted. The offer was too tempting to refuse, and Kirje figured that, even if no work was found, at least the trip gave her an excuse to the leave what had now become the stifling confines of the sprawling Holdless cavern.

She hadn’t always considered the caverns stifling. When she was still a child there, barely large enough to walk but already roaming around with a pack of other homeless, half-feral children, the caverns had seemed endless. Every tunnel was another adventure, ever trader wagon full of unimaginable treasure. How fortunate she considered herself then, when a careless eye wandered away from said treasure, and Kirje managed to stuff it into her pocket before the owner thought to miss it.

Life had been simpler then, the world a lot smaller. A child did not see the anger and danger that brewed beneath the colorful banners and paints the Holdless use to dress their makeshift homes. Though she saw plenty of violence. Yet, with no means for comparison, no knowledge of the outside world where violence was not the norm, it was hardly a surprise that she would grow up to have a rather skewed view of the world.

The strong take what they want. The weak are taken advantage of. That is the way of the world. The holdless world, anyway. But Kirje had never considered that she might one day be a part of anything more than that world, and even if she had, she’d expect it to adjust to her way of life.



Mother – Unknown
Father - Unknown


Poor Kirje has no friends.



A lot of random Holdless people and Hold people and some disobedient animals.

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