Character type: Dragonrider or Harper
Rank: Wingrider or Senior Journeyman
Age: 38-42
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: If she feels like it

Basic Info

Father: D'venkel rider of Green Lidth
Mother: Sivahni

Half Brother: D'veld, rider of Bronze Menorth
Half Sister: Velladyn, rider
Half Sister: Sahni, rider of Blue Vaharith


Kevahni is one of those creative free spirits. That’s not to say she’s irresponsible or flakey, no she’s just more attuned to the arts than D’veld or Velladyn. She has a sense of the dramatic, of the theatrical, less so in day to day life, but definitely there when she gets a chance to perform. She has a lovely, strong voice, and she enjoys kitting herself up in dramatic outfits to enhance the saga or ballad being told.

She’s also far more empathetic than her two younger siblings, more inclined towards generousness or leniancy. D’veld follows the rules to the letter, and Velladyn has no patience or tolerance for rule breaking either. It’s Kevahni who listens to the sob stories and is inclined to aid, or help. This makes her far more likable, but also opens her up to being manipulated. She’s not stupid however so such manipulations couldn’t be obvious.

She’s of a happy disposition, although her love of music tends towards the sad, tragic sagas rather than the joyful marches. She loves D’veld although she finds his guffness and obtuseness strange, and Velladyn is her baby sister, she loves her to pieces.



- Kevahni was the one to keep a watchful eye over her younger siblings, often being a more mother like presence than sisterly.

- Has an intense phobia of crawlers

- Quietly thinks that R’fan and D’veld are actually weyrmated soulmates and are just embarrassed about admitting their love.

- Also helps along and even peddles her own Friend Fiction about the two. G rated of course, she doesn’t want to think about her brother in the sack.

- Still calls D’veld, Darvy. It drives him batty she knows…but it’s tradition at this point.

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