Character type: Healer
Rank: Junior Apprentice
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Basic Information

Kerya is a native of Ista Weyr, the child of two dragonriders whom she has only distant relationships with (though she is closer to her half-siblings and foster-sibs). She never had any interest in having a dragon of her own, but that doesn't mean she didn't want to have as direct a hand as possible in the Threadfighting effort. Healing appealed to her as a challenge on a lot of fronts — physically, academically, emotionally — and if there's one thing Kerya can't resist, it's a challenge. Really, the craft system in itself appeals to her — or at least, the ideal of it, the idea of being rewarded for personal effort and dedication rather than just the luck of the draw, or popularity. She's smart, she's hard-working, she catches onto her lessons quickly, and she's ambitious, which helps spur those other traits… but she's also outspoken and can be argumentative, still very much full of youthful know-it-all and stubborn pride. Once Kerya has decided she's right, no one can tell her any different, and she doesn't seem to know when to stop arguing, or when she's just digging the hole deeper. She is particular sensitive to sexism (it is, after all, one of the reasons she spurned dragonriding, where her gender would have inherently limited her options), and thus, unsurprisingly, despises Senior Journeyman Braughan even more than he despises her. At least her fellow greenriders would have respected her as a peer, and it seems sadly ironic that she should meet such vehement opposition within the healers, which are ostensibly run on a merit system rather than the base mating urges and preferences of dragons.

She hasn't decided on a specialty yet. She loves the idea of being a surgeon (or at least, the Threadfall Weyr-style brand of action surgeon she knows), but the chances of that happening are about the same as the chance of pigs taking to the sky so long as Braughan is in charge. She would like to work with Senior Journeyman Sarada, whom she admires, and she likes the precision and knowledge required there, but she's wary of a job that would keep her cooped up in the Stillroom all day. Recovery and rehabilitation are important — maybe Senior Journeyman Hawlsen would take her on? Or maybe Master Paskam? The future is still open to her and she has time to ingratiate herself to one of them… though it infuriates her that her options aren't as open as she feels they should be.

She doesn't always get along with her fellow apprentice, Dellica, because the girl seems so complacent and so willing to put up with so much abuse, which is pathetic in Kerya's book… though it also may have something to do with the fact that, for all her inherent athleticism, Kerya is rather petite, and Dellica stands head and shoulders above her. Rance has a bit of a crush on her… or something probably less cute than a crush, but she's not interested in even giving the dirty thug the time of day… at least not so long as he keeps showing his "affection" in dirty thug ways.

Besides… she may have her eye on someone else anyway.

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