Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


If one thing and one thing alone stands out about the boy, it’s that Kaulhoya lounges. Whether supine, sitting, standing, or in motion, he manages to achieve a sprawling loose posture that suggests complete and total relaxation. Even those closest to him are unsure if they’ve ever seen him looking alert. Kaulhoya leans, even when there’s nothing to lean on. His eyes are usually hooded and his mouth fixed in a lazy smile. People sometimes say ‘oh, he looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping,’ and that’s Kaulhoya all the time. For someone who looks as if he’s never been in a hurry or gotten up to a strenuous activity in his life, he’s surprisingly lean and well-muscled.

He’s never not been tan, either. His natural complexion is on the fair side of brown, but he more than masks that by how much time he spends in the sun, as much of his clothing abandoned as possible. His hair, once dirty blond, is bleached to a paler, brighter shade. Every now and then he’ll have most of it cut off to stand short, but he usually lets it go and keeps it at a length to wear in a short little pony tail at his nape, about a finger in length, and curled just enough to suggest his hair has some wave to it. Short bangs are parted at the middle to curl to either side of his forehead. Kaulhoya’s eyes are a pretty and unique pale brown, about the color of sun-ripened wheat.


No one can be blamed for assuming Kaulhoya got his hands on some seriously amazing stuff to smoke somewhere in the jungles of Ista; it just doesn’t seem possible for anyone to be that mellow all the time, but his mother will attest to the fact that he was even born just about the calmest baby in the history of forever. The midwife had to check a few times to make sure he was breathing, even. Kaulhoya isn’t, in all honesty, on any kind of illicit substance. He’s just. that. chill. If he was anymore laid back, he’d be dead.

Kaulhoya maintains that how could he not be, when life is this good? He has skills to offer the Weyr, so he never doubts that he’s contributing to his home. He can usually score fishing duty for the kitchens and catch his quota with enough time to get in some surfing most days. Even when the day is busy, he’s working in the sun, under usually bright blue skies, with the ocean just over there and nice salty breezes and great people to be around, so what’s not to like?

There are bad days, of course, and he’s faced his share of hardships — saying goodbye to a sister lost in the second Fall, for instance — but he’s a believer in people choosing to be happy, and that’s what he’s determined to be. Really, he probably has more will power and inner strength than a lot of others, with how effectively he keeps to his personal philosophy.

Like the ocean he loves, still waters run deep. All the other emotions are there, but they’re currents far beneath the surface that are as strong as any undertow, but not usually visible. Kaulhoya deals with things on his own terms, in his own ways, keeping his thoughts largely to himself for a time when they can be worked out slowly and with time, and it works for him. He manages to be less unsettled and confused about life than most other teenagers that way, because he actually takes the time and has the patience to sort things out, and until he’s got it all under control he keeps his calm about him and wanders off to enjoy himself with swimming or surfing or sprawling on the beach so nothing really gets to him for long.

He likes things to stay chill, and he tries to encourage others to find a little chill of their own, but he doesn’t take it personally that a lot of the people around him can’t manage it. They’ll take his advice to unwind and relax a little or they won’t; it’s not anything he can decide for them, so it’s not something he needs to dwell on for long. He lets that shit roll as it will, figuring you can ride the wave or fight it, but riding seems a lot more fun in the long run.


Birthdate: 8.434.7.20

It was a particularly scorching summer when Kaulhoya was born, such that his mother was placed on bed rest eight months into the pregnancy and couldn’t do much more than lounge and sweat and hope her baby came early. Maybe that’s how he ended up so languid, catching onto his mother’s own forced laziness, but Kaulhoya was born as relaxed as a baby can be, hardly crying, content to sleep his days away and take food when it came. From the beginning he seemed happiest when taken outside where he could gaze at nothing but the big open sky for hours (or as long as he stayed awake, anyway), which suited his mother well enough, since she’d been trapped mostly inside for two months and desperately needed the fresh air.

Kaulhoya was drawn to the sea from the time he could actually comprehend what it was, and by the time he could run around largely unsupervised, the creche workers never had to guess twice at where they’d find him. He grew up on the beach and in the surf, part of the pack of weyrbrats that daringly took to the waves on polished boards. He spent time running around in the jungles when his friends wanted, and getting up to mischief in the Weyr itself, but his heart was always at rest on the beach.

He still hasn’t grown out of it, and there are those that despair he ever will. ‘Don’t you take ANYthing seriously?’ they ask. ‘Don’t you want to work at making MORE of yourself?’ Kaulhoya has never really gotten what their problem is. He works plenty hard, and does everything asked of him (eventually), and he plans on being a dragonrider just like his big sister one day, and what does any of that have to do with spending the rest of his time doing what he loves? Seems to him there’s no point being all stressed and worried and breaking his back when it won’t get him anywhere worthwhile any quicker, and he figures he’ll like being able to say, twenty turns from now, that he’s enjoyed his life all the while.



Father: Kaonae (herdsman)
Mother: Hailoy (drudge)
Uncle: L’konia
Sister: Kailia (deceased greenrider)

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