Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: greenrider
Age: 26
Gender: female
Sexual Preference: bisexual


At 5'8, with rich layered red hair that flows around her round face, Katora is the stereotypical redhead, complete with pale skin that burns rather than tans and green eyes that usually lit with inner fire. Slim almost to the point of too skinny, Katora's lifestyle will probably catch up to her soon in the form of wind-scratched skin and a failing liver but for now, she is still youthful and beautiful. Her left leg has a beautiful design of waves climbing up her thigh - a reminder of her Turns as a Seacrafter. And her inner right wrist has a green dragon tattooed on it - for Saoirth. Her ears are pierced, one at the top of her right ear too, and she tends to wear clothing that shows off her body when not fighting Thread.


Spirited and playful, Katora laughs, drinks and dances her way through life. She hides any fears she has with a false confidence and a braggart's misdirection. Women and men envy her carefree attitude and wish they could be her. Sadly, while Katora is interesting, fun and charming to be around for a short time, one soon realizes that she is shallow, intellectually boring and far more trouble than she is worth. Ask any of her former lovers (and she's had quite a few) how many petty fights were started because she couldn't get what she wanted. Ask her "friends" how she only stayed around when she could get something. While Wingleaders will say she is enthusiastic about practice and quick to point out when someone does something wrong, they will also say that pointing out any of Katora's faults will be met with a fury that borders violence.

Katora herself, like many in her family, has an inflated opinion about everything and while she may hold her tongue a little more than her brother K'she does, she still manages to piss off enough people, usually women, with snide remarks about their faults. Coming to blows isn't something she does though, stopping just shy of it by acting as though fist-fighting is so below her. Katora is quick to judge, quick to jump into a song, and quick to get something done, when she wants to. The only thing that penetrates her constant selfishness is Saoirth.


Birthplace: Unknown Hold, Fort Protectorate, 8.425.3.23

Katora is the eldest of her family and her rebellious streak comes from a repressive father who believed that women should know their place. As a result, Katora's childhood was a mess of fights and running away, in between taking care of her younger siblings. When she became of marrying age, it got worse, since Katora refused to settle down and breed like her docile mother had. Her mother finally convinced her father that she should be apprenticed into a craft. No Healer Hall or Beastcrafter, no sir, Katora planted her feet in Seacraft Hall, defying her father once more in joining a predominantly male craft.

Katora managed to stay in Seacraft Hall for three Turns before nearly getting turned out. She was a good student when she applied herself and could beat the other boys at many of the ship duties, but she was stubborn and hard to work with. She caused a lot of embarrassment to her father, who was also a Seacrafter. When Search dragons arrived one Turn, she boldly presented herself for inspection. Her cockiness at being found worthy chafed nearly everyone.

If Katora was cocky about being a Candidate, it was at least taken down a few pegs when she went three times without Impressing. She made up for her disappointment by bedding as many dragonriders as she could. When darling green Saoirth finally chose her, Katora felt like her life was truly beginning and for the first time, she was the perfect student. Anything for Saoirth. Katora studied and worked like she never had before - it seemed almost a complete change from the woman she had been.

But eventually, once the novelty wore off and the real work settled in, Katora reverted to a lot of the same habits as before. Now she had the freedom to go anywhere in the blink of an eye and she used it. Her recklessness got her into trouble with a few Wingleaders, where her agile green had come close to singeing the hairs off some poor holder or another dragonrider. When her younger brother also Impressed a dragon, they became too much to handle and Fort Weyrleadership handed Katora the opportunity to transfer out before she burned too many bridges.



Father: Kiteran (deceased),
Mother: Alosha,
Brothers: K'she, Kalosh and Katosh,
Sisters: Kitasha and Kalosha

Katora's Dragon: Green Saoirth

Dragon Name: Saoirth
Colour: green
Age: 6
Weyr of Origin: Fort


Sleek and strong, Saoirth is a wonderful blend of muscle, power and beauty, wrapped in a sea-green hide. She comes close to being described as dainty. The webbing of her wings are a pale, pale green, like the foam-capped waves. The tips of her ridges fade close to the same hue. Often seen cocking her head coquettishly at male dragons, Saoirth usually reminds viewers of a person posing to be painted. Only the tip of her tail is marred by Threadscars.


Possessive and equally as flirtatious, Saoirth is quite the conversationalist and quite the judgementalist. Everything must be done precisely as she wants and her rider is well versed in Saoirth's petty preferences. A vain creature, Saoirth likes to be washed daily and likes to sun well within view of male admirers. Saoirth, at least, can be convinced of true remorsefulness for her actions, but is usually vindicated by her rider later. Intelligent conversations bore the life out of her and she would rather play and swim.


Craft: Seacraft
Rank: apprentice

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