Character Type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference:

Short Blurb

Kastor is a tough young man. He was born on a small farm hold, and when his father died he became the man of the hold. He was responsible for the care of his mother and his younger brother and sister whom he adores. He’s a serious boy; he’s been the adult, the provider, the sole carer for his family since he was quite young. His mother does what she can but she was never a particularly strong woman, his father took care of almost everything and then Kastor took over all of those responsibilities, despite his tender age.

As such he doesn’t have much time for frivolity, he doesn’t like waste and he doesn’t like time spent idle. It’s a testament to his force of will that he kept their hold going for as long as he did. He and both of his siblings were searched for the last hatching, but his younger siblings refused to leave their mother alone at the Hold. The searchrider left without them, but the greenrider left behind three tokens, so that if their circumstances changed they could take the Weyr up on the honour of being riders. When his mother died of a chill, just a few sevendays later, Kastor packed all of them up and the three of them travelled to the Weyr.

About Kastor

He’s a serious sort is Kastor, not prone to shows of obvious emotion. His laugh is a quiet puff of amusement, rather than an actual belly chuckle, although he does make others laugh, often not intentionally, by pointing out dry observations, or flaws in obvious statements. He’s a strange cross between a realist and an idealist. He’s keenly aware of how the world works, of how hard things are and how brutal life can be, and yet a part of him hopes for something better. It’s why he’s brought himself to the Weyr, rather than choosing to stick it out as a Farmer. A part of him hopes for something more.

Strong of will, Kastor will work damned hard to catch up when he sees how behind he is when compared to other candidates, especially those raised at the Weyr. He’s not a natural student, he’ll struggle with the book learning and memorisation. And he’ll struggle with the social skills too. He’s not used to just idly chatting, making friends and flirting. But some may find that his brand of simple honesty and loyalty appealing and make the effort. He will always get along better with those younger than him though, and will likely take a few of the younger lot under his wing, and take exception if anyone messes with them. In time he will prove to have the natural knack for improvisation. He’ll never be stumped by indecision, he’ll always make a move. In time, he may indeed be shaped into a good leader. Kastor though…well he just wants his brother and sister to live a long and happy life…and to be useful.

Possible Futures

  • D'gulas and V'lada would likely note his skills with the younger children as he goes through Candidacy. Currently they are working on the next crop of Weyrlingstaff, and he could be a potential for that role, providing he Impress of course.
  • Depending on his dragon, again his natural affinity for young people could lead him to be an excellent Searchrider.
  • Should he age out he would likely be a welcome addition to whatever craft he pursued. His hardworking ethics would make him valuable to many, although he would lean more towards beastcrafting. Happily he has that natural knack with animals.


Kasrim, Younger sister, aged 14
Felsar, Younger brother, aged 13

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