Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Still figuring it out


Kasrim still has the baby face of her youth, with soft, slightly chubby cheeks, and brown doe like eyes. In time she will likely grow into a real beauty with lightly tanned skin and almond shaped brown eyes. Her hair is long, dark brown, thick and straight. Often she plaits it to keep the mass behind her shoulders and out of her eyes, and she has a soft, sensitive mouth. She'll never be a big girl, tending to be on the smaller and slighter side. But as time passes at the Weyr and after Impression she will gain muscle and gain a more athletic body shape. All of this is ahead of her at the moment. Right now she's small, still with a childlike frame and quite slight next to the healthy and rambunctious young people of the Weyr.



Birthplace: Tiny backwoods hold in Nerat, 8.438.6.1

A few sevendays after the rider came through, during a cold snap, their mother caught a chill and succumbed to the congestion in her chest, leaving the three children on their own. Instead of staying and sticking it out at the Hold, Kastor made the descision to take the Weyr up on their Search, so they bundled up their most prized belongings, packed them on the herdbeast they used for plowing, and set off down the Nerat peninsula. Reaching Nerat, they sold the herdbeast for some coins and boarded a ship for Ista. Finally after a long journey they made it to the Weyr and handed in their Search tokens, finally taking their place as Candidates of ista Weyr.



Kastor : Big brother, kind of her hero in her eyes.
Felsar : Little brother, kind of a brat but…she loves him.

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