Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.427.10.5 (26)
Birthplace Fort Weyr
Sexuality Bisexual
Played-By Katee Sackhoff
Player Siarna

Exceedingly young, Kadra hardly looks like she’s past her candidacy turns (and to be fair, she’s only a few turns out of that window), let alone that she’s already spent a decade adragonback. Her face is round with hints of childishness that makes her look younger than her twenty five turns- which, so far, has only stopped others from recognizing her true potential as a dragonrider. She’s tall for a woman, at least, with square shoulders and a less-than-curvy body. Many strangers may mistake her for a man at first glance. She’s okay with that. She loves watching the Holders squirm when they realize that she’s a woman.

She doesn’t help the Holders’ case at all. She much prefers the masculine clothes of the dragonrider, preferring her riding leathers or her own personal wherhide clothes. When the summer heat gets too much she prefers the light Istan clothes- sleeveless and preferably short. She would go starkers if it wasn’t for Weyr etiquette and if it weren’t for all these sharding children everywhere. She might have a single Gather dress hidden in her wardrobe, collecting dust, faded from never having seen the sun.

Ista has tanned her into a light brown and bleached her hair into a soft golden blonde, though it’s growing out from a crop she probably got when she was drunk. It’s growing out now, haphazardly, too short to be tied back but long enough to get in her face and get her mad. Despite being tanned without barely a sunburn, Ista’s summer heat and humidity still bother her. Her eyes are blue, dark like the sea during a storm, and have a similar wild look in them. Her expressions are equally intense; generally she’s smirking, observing. She takes stock of everyone in a room before she saunters in. Sometimes she is serious, with her mouth forming a thin line and a glare daring anyone to speak against her. Even rarer is the gleeful, triumphant look that makes everyone grin.

Currently Kadra uses a cane to walk. The healers would prefer that she use it wherever she goes, but she tends to prefer it just for long walks. She’ll try not to use it as much as possible (for the sake of not looking weak around all these children) and it’s likely she’ll wrench her knee up again before it has a chance to heal.


Kadra is big and blustery; she makes a show to try and prove that she loves who she is and doesn’t care what the shards you think. She has her own swagger, her own self-assured smirk that exudes her brash overconfidence. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to her now, something that happened sometime during Weyrlinghood, despite the fact that adolescence is turns behind her. She loves being the center of attention, even if that attention is negative. She wants to force people to look at her differently. She isn’t just some bluerider (or, Faranth forbid someone think she is some GREENRIDER). She wants to be big and tough and manly, because that’s what dragonriders are. Her Impression to Sorrenth only boosted her confidence. She’s got all the love and support she’ll ever need, all the warmth no matter what decisions she makes, for better or for worse, and it shows. She’s got her own way to do things ,her own drum to beat, and she has no filter. She’ll speak her mind and she doesn’t care who’s listening.

Kadra is a bit rough around the edges. Maybe it’s from spending too much time with ‘the boys’. Maybe it’s the rough and tumble of Fort’s creche. Whatever the reason may be, Kadra is not the type of lady that the Weyrleader wants to send on Search. While she’s certainly got the potential to be charismatic, to be caring and empathetic, for the most part it’s hidden under her snark and general rough demeanor. “Plays well with others” has never been a way to describe Kadra. She’s got her own opinion, her own way of doing things, and Faranth forbid you try and get in the way of that.

She has her niche of friends (most of them are still probably at Fort, and that rankles a little with Kadra), those that have likely Impressed with her, have stuck around for turns, those that don’t care about her sass or her anger and put up with her despite all her flaws. She’s distantly companionable; for all her faults, all her pride, she tries not to judge, and this lack of reservation makes her an easy confidant (she doesn’t understand it either). And once you’ve gone that extra mile, once you’ve gained her trust, she’s a friend to the end. She’ll be there in a pinch if you need her, and often still there when you really don’t.

Kadra is invincible. She has done stupid, misguided things, under the excuse of glory or survival or some other foolish ideal-many of these more wrong than right- and gets into one scrape after another. It’s been a steep learning curve, but her early injuries have turned her into one wicked Threadfighter. She attacks life with the same zeal as threadfighting, from playing dragonpoker with the boys long into the night or drinking her wingmates under the table. She knows a dragonrider’s turns are numbered, so she lives fast and hard and loose, so she won’t regret the day when she and Sorrenth go between forever.

Common Knowledge

- Her birth name, Kalivandra, followed her to Ista through the transfer records. Those who don’t know her very well might call her that. They make a horrible mistake. She hates her name, hates that she can’t elide it like the men, so she shortened it to Kadra as a weyrling.

-Someone may or may not have painted Kadra’s cane to have flames on it.

-May or may not be Hawlsen’s favorite patient.
-Dislocated shoulder: uncomplicated rehabilitation and healing will allow return to normal function in 12-16 weeks

- Sprained knee Treatment includes controlling your pain and swelling first, then beginning rehabilitation. Rehabilitation includes physical therapy exercises. These may be done over a number of weeks or months to help return to regular sports and activities.


One of many rider children of greenrider Kaella, Kalivandra had the decency to at least look similar enough to her Father for him to actually acknowledge the paternity (although bronzerider G’dran didn’t do much with that knowledge). Her looks were a point of contention growing up- she was always an awkward, skinny kid; that didn’t really hit a stride in puberty that compared to her buxom peers. Her childhood was a typical weyrbrat one; she spent most of her time chasing after the other kids, particularly older cousins, stepsiblings, and fostersibs, even though that inclusion quite often included playing mean games. Those games transferred down the line to the younger kids as well, a give and take that was unspoken law in the creche. These children were her family, or the closest she could get to it. She joined candidacy at twelve, and even if her Father hadn’t nearly forced her (a gold egg will be laid sooner or later, after all), she would have went willingly. She was a preteen with stars in her eyes, determined to be a hero of Pern with the rest of her friends.
It came to the Weyrlingmasters’ attentions that she was a weird kid. She didn’t want to Impress a gold. She didn’t even want a green or a blue. The bronzes and browns were the cream of the crop, the leaders, the true heroes, the ones that got to lead the wings into battle with their ancient enemy. She wanted to be one of those riders and could not be swayed from that, no matter how badly all the other kids teased her.
She Impressed at fifteen to blue Sorrenth. It was the best match she could make, logistically, and after a small tantrum over his colour she realized how lucky she was that such a handsome, daring blue chose her over all the other candidates. Her Weyrling class, however, was not so lucky. Sorrenth brought out the worst in Kadra; he pulled out that tomboyish, swaggering, overconfident girl, and the pair became nigh insufferable. That they passed their exams with flying colours made it worse for everyone. They were a tad unpredictable (understatement), and although they were fantastic at wing drills, they did everything to infuriate the stodgy old Fort Wingleaders (especially her Father).

In that short time between Weyrlinghood and First Fall, Kadra had a rather passionate romance with another bluerider, V’kri. From the same clutch, they hit it off during Weyrlinghood. It was a typical teenage romance- passionate and fast. She fell hard. Thankfully for her wingmates, V’kri had a calming effect on her. She stopped acting out as much. She stopped being so darned unpredictable. Then, of course, Fort experienced their first threadfall. While their casualties was listed as ‘minimal’, one of those few just happened to be V’kri and Jaibleth. They made a rookie mistake; hit a large patch of Thread, panicked, and jumped Between with no end location. Kadra did not leave that Fall unscathed either, with some minor Threadscore burns that left scars.

Kadra swung back into her old habits. She didn’t know how to deal with grief except with large doses of alcohol and poor choices. She was grounded a few times for being disorderly, being arrogant to a superior, making bad choices during Threadfall. When Ista called for riders, Fort was all too happy to send the young troublemaker away. It rankled Kadra- she hated change. She had spent her life at Fort. All her friends were there, her family. She bet her Father voted for the move, the toad. She spent her first while at Ista angry. She hated Ista, hated the stupid heat and the stupid fish and the stupid air currents that were impossible to fly in. She hated the Istans and they hated her right back.
It took a few Falls for her to change her mind. These riders were broken and hurting. They had lost exactly what she had and more. They were similar, them and her, and she decided after one drunken binge that she would make them accept her. She would make them see how fantastic a pair she and Sorrenth were. She cleaned up her act. She became more dependable- she flourished under Wingleaders like R’fan and D’veld and T’rian- knew full well that she could make a Wingsecond position if she worked hard enough. The sudden change in the pair surprised their wingmates and their wingleaders.

Then she just HAD to play the hero. Sorrenth darted out of formation to catch a large tangle of Thread from getting past their wing, Sorrenth was moderately scored and, in his midair twist to get out from under the thing, Kadra flew off his back. The force snapped the straps connecting her to the blue (or maybe they just weren’t up to snuff; she had put off getting new ones) and for a split second, she tumbled in midair. It was only sheer luck that she managed to grab hold of a piece of his rigging and haul herself back up into place. The stunt dislocated a shoulder and badly sprained her left knee. While it would only take Sorrenth a few months to heal from the scoring (and about his memory span to get over the fright of losing his rider), it’ll take Kadra longer to be ready to fly Fall again.

Instead of letting her stew on the ground like other riders, M’drasen decided to put her to good use. As a reward for her stellar turnaround, he appointed her a temporary position as Assistant Weyrlingmaster until her injuries allow her to fly Fall again. Kadra knows full well this is a ploy on the Weyrleader’s part to get eyes and ears into the Weyrling Barracks, to keep an eye on “His” weyrlings, but she sees it as her own personal challenge. If the Wingleaders see her doing a good job with the Weyrlings, in a LEADERSHIP position, maybe the Istans will let her keep the appointment- or promote her into a Wingsecond position further down the road.

UPDATE: Upon T'berli's rise to Weyrleader, Kadra is demoted from her position (as she expected, but it still rankled). Her knee is better, now, and she flies in the Wings again.


Father: G'dran, bronze Erriapoth; Fort Weyr
Mother: Kaella, green Belleth; Forth Weyr
Smattering of halfsibs, cousins, foster family, etc (Fort Weyr)

S'keldri, green Fidianth
Q'tay, green Mereoth, frenemies
Velladyn, green Ivanoth
Minmairi, green Sabeketh
Tigrun, blue Larcsforth, #1 fan
Hawlsen, Journeyman Healer
H'dwain, green Lilivith, some sorta relationship happening here


Color Blue
Birthplace Fort Weyr
Birthdate 8.442.4.1 (12)

Sorrenth is a handsome dragon. He’s nearly the perfect specimen of his colour (or thinks he is), strong and sleek, with no excess fat to be seen on him. He’s got a hint of muscles here and there, along his shoulders, his back, and his haunches. He’s all for speed and acrobatics in the air- he just loves to show off his skills- his body was made to fly and fight Thread, and he knows how fantastical he is in the air.

He’s even a little big for his colour, though he’s not nearly the largest blue at Ista. He is a deep, velvety blue, solid in color with no extra designs to distract from his flawless form. His hide just looks soft and cozy, and it woos many a green into a nap in the sun. Something about Sorrenth just exudes lovability. His eyes whirl a soft, light green, and his mouth seems naturally curled in a draconic grin that looks ether adorable (to his chagrin) or devilishly handsome (at least in his opinion).


Sorrenth is an unfortunate enabler to Kadra, if only because he mirrors Kadra’s personality so thoroughly. He was one of the best dragons of his weyrling class and could have easily been the best in his Wings, if he had buckled down and put any effort into his training. Natural talent got him only so far, and now he finds he needs to push himself to compete against the other strong fliers in the Wings. Never one for sitting down and doing work, wingdrills and weyrlings are necessary evils both, a chore he must do or a burden he must bear.

Like Kadra, he is a puffed up, overconfident braggart, always ready to impress or show off. He goes big or goes home, and that’s probably what really drew him to Kadra ten turns ago. They feed off each other’s energies; they are big and invincible and it’s going to take too much for either of them to realize otherwise. Despite his faults, despite his ego, many dragons find it hard to hate him. He doesn’t act out of malice or out of jealousy, his banter and antics are just play, just posturing (or, in his mind, common knowledge). He shows off not to get the better of anybody, he does it because it is fun and it is glorious.

When it comes to Flights, Sorrenth thinks he is all that and more. It’s all about the chase, about the pursuit, about the satisfaction of winning and showing his superiority to the other dragons. To that effect he will chase any green he is able and screw the consequences. He doesn’t take into account his rider or her preferences (as few as they are) nor any preferences of the greens themselves. He loses more than he’d care to admit, however, because he loses himself in the chase, in the showing off, that it gives him a severe disadvantage.

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