Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


That K'vrel stands 5 feet-8 infused his withdrawn stance with confidence. The scrawny stature, however, is less prominent and its vague frailness would've otherwise seemed petite. It wasn't until after Impressing that athletic muscles etched themselves across his lithe, but trim stature, although not enough it'd lessen his overall flexibility. Several features, shoulders as well as a nose with rounded-off tip pointed neither up, nor down, are the most noticeable among them, protrude in distinct, bony angles somewhat softened by mere remnants of baby-fat. The high-set cheekbones added further shape onto his face, whereas other features appear cherubic starting from his small chin that continues back becoming a narrow, meagrely square jaw. K'vrel has faint dimples underneath the slight puffiness of his cheeks too.

One small scar marrs his lower lip. Although marred his mouth still echoes the impishness shining from his lapis eyes, it reflects his fiery-spirit and other emotions even stronger making them appear more colorful. Even the raven black, an otherwise absence of color, is tinged red creating around his deep tan skin a halo that shimmers with it's strands trimmed so they're collarbone-length, pulled into a short runnertail though. The wispy front-fringe reaches toward one eye with more brushed onto either side, he keeps a comb close for brushing it free of tangles since breezes turn it into a roguish mess which he'll fix within short order. It does reach his eyebrows, eyebrows that're wide but unimpressive compared against the length of his face.


K'vrel doesn't have much self-assurance and worries about someone considering him weak. Therefore he can't restrain his defensiveness but conceals it as best he can underneath what seems like hesitant confidence. Either way he'll prefer meeting expectations rather than disappointing whomever he must be around. Bossy non-rankers, since they seem the loudest among those numerous other non-rankers, push those limits until it snaps into some fiery temper, which'll cause him sudden fright too. It doesn't make him become too irrational anymore, still he'll have trouble forgiving and trusting. The competitiveness behind there likewise prevents him from being easy-going. He'll normally keep an emotional distance, avoiding loss, that clashes against him caring about what others might think. That desire for approval doesn't mean he'll believe whatever praise is given, whereas he'll take the opposite approach with criticism. K'vrel uses common sense and observation more than other reaction, but his forward mannerism can cause him trouble. They're sometimes clumsy with phrasing, sometimes including sarcasm if inspiration stuck him and can rush through something that those former things aren't fixing. The distinction between right and wrong is so important to him that he sometimes forgets his own limits.

Such won't deter him from starting conversations.


Birthplace : Fort Weyr, 8.425.13.28

His parents were Weyrmated and their 3 children before Khevrel all seemed more capable than Khevrel. During those earlier Turns he didn't realize this was, in part, because they were more than several Turns *older* than him, so he became a somewhat quiet child. Somewhat quiet but would lash out against one outside his family that dared compare him against his more outgoing siblings. This lead into the small scuffle against another Weyrbrat that would leave his bottom lip with that one little scar. He would follow his siblings into Candidacy though he went on into Candidacy. There he'd start interacting more with the other Candidate until about 3 Turns later when the large, brown Hatchling came barreling over one of his sisters in order to reach Khevrel. His former quiet nature didn't survive Impressing the fierce, anti-social Sengroth.

Sengroth would cause him trouble during Weyrlinghood, albeit not enough trouble that it'd keep them from graduating. Even after Graduation the brown still growled, or thumped his tail against the ground, whenever their Wingleaders seemingly were needing words with K'vrel about something the brown did. So when the Istans needed more Riders after their disasterous Threadfall K'vrel's Wingleader was more than happy to send K'vrel away. Once hearing about their transfer K'vrel specifically said (to Sengroth), "I hope we're able to be helpful."



Y'ver (bluerider)
Klenina (bluerider)
3 older siblings

K'vrel's Dragon: Brown Sengroth

Dragon Name: Sengroth
Colour: Brown
Age: 13
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr


Sengroth is a wall of muddy water, one that moves with a single-minded drive engulfing whatever obstacle's tried blocking his giant brown form as he reaches for what's most important to him at the moment. He simply is the mightiest brown of his clutch, perhaps the mightiest if one ever considering the untoned mass he already possessed at hatching. By now that great mass of muscle has taken on it's true definition beneath his rich, moist-seeming hide, brown-black dragon skin which would change into something that'll look more like sludge at the bottom of a fetid swamp when unhealthy. Though unpleasant alone, it's effect is enhanced since the even darker dappling on his wingsails become like leeches and the light, root-like veins of color on his 'fingers' and 'toes' may well appear to be a nasty mold. Not that K'vrel lets such an effect happen. Sengroth is, otherwise, one true powerhouse of strength and can impersonate the strength of smaller bronzes. It isn't surprising how long he can actually last in the air, not that he must power roughly through turns making it clear he isn't anywhere near graceful. But not being smooth doesn't matter to him as long as the job gets done.


That doesn't mean keeping him clean will be easy, even young he's quite a lot of dragon which isn't helped by the fact that Sengroth doesn't like bathing. He in fact hates it and only lets himself be bathed because it's easier on K'vrel. He's prone to make the walking and contorting necessary for cleaning him seem like way too much effort, especially when he can just lay all comfortable in the sun. After all, the smell doesn't bother him. Either way Sengroth still must be herded into the water, but beware because it'll sure makes him grumpy, and grumpy Sengroth with slitted eyes, tail thumping, and subsonic grumbling growl shaking the ground around him is a foreboding sight. But as scary as he seems, deep down he's just a big softy…though it's a very, very deep down…and he won't do more than look intimidating. He certainly won't be social, now or ever, but with persistence some others might befriend him. Even feeding the brown is a chore of itself that sometimes has K'vrel sympathizing with his bronzeriding classmates.

As annoying as Sengroth's demeanor might be, he does have his virtues. They're mixed, but make up for most of it. He has a certain loyalty where he'll help others if he must, though mostly, above all else, he is fiercely territorial. K'vrel is HIS rider! He won't let anyone else harm, upset, interrupt, or look at him for extended periods of time without his permission. But in his determined way, if K'vrel needs something and can get him on his feet, Sengroth will become a force that only a queen can hope to dominate. This protective nature is coupled with a voice that is soft and comforting to K'vrel, and K'vrel alone, but it's with a warmth meant to shield K'vrel from the world whenever needed. Of course, there are many who would appreciate it less when Sengroth feels the urge to defend HIS couch, HIS green, and HIS ledge. If ever he meets someone he cannot intimidate away, people get to see the adorable side of him…one of befuddled blinking and perhaps even scratching his head in a gesture he picked up from observing humans while doing his lump impression.

But one thing for sure is that Sengroth will clash with nearly everyone, with the exception of maybe HIS green.

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