Character type: Weyrling
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Flexible


There is something strangely interesting about this young man's face, but you can't quite put your finger on it. He has thick dark hair, a few shades darker than his fathers, and his colouring overall tends to favour his mother over his father. He has paler skin, where his father's is olive, and his eyes are a clear blue. But the facial features are very similar, the same jaw, same sensitive mouth and thin bladed nose.

What Karvarin lacks for in charm and natural leadership he makes up for in dedication, and that reflects in his body. He's fit, strong and very capable. You'll find few as dedicated or as driven as Karvarin, and it shows.


The problem with Karvarin isn't that he isn't talented, or that he isn't motivated, or athletic, or even quite appealing in looks. No his problem is that giant chip on his shoulder and severe inferiority complex.

His whole life he has felt overshadowed by the power of his relatives, both his father, a respected bronzerider before the accident, and his grandmother, Weyrwoman of the very Weyr in which he lived. He wants to be a credit to them, and yet he resents them bitterly for the pressure it puts on him. He wants so badly to succeed, to be recognised by them, to be acknowledged not as F'harin's son, or the Weyrwoman's grandson, but as Karvarin, someone worthy in his own right. Really he's just a bit of a lost little boy, struggling to find his path, be it either in the steps of his forebears, or maybe off on his own, out from under their shadows.

However this inferiority complex is coupled with a sharp tongue, and an even sharper temper. He hates being given advice, being told what to do. He knows, he /knows/ that they are trying to help, but all he can feel is impotent rage at them seeing he needs it, and drawing attention to it. He doesn't have to do what you tell him to do! He's his own man, and his own path has to be found. You can't tease Karvarin into changing, or into good humour. He just sees it as mocking, you are mocking him, you think he's some kind of joke, and instantly he's defensive, and won't listen, no matter how many good points you bring up.

He's not all bad though, he's fiercely loyal to his family and friends, and any time anyone even made the smallest hint of insinuating that his father was some kind of mental nut after his accident would have gotten a right solid beating in reward. No one threatens his friends or family, not without dealing with him, and it won't be gentle words either. No prepare to be spitting out your own teeth when he smashes them right out of your smug mouth.

The fact of the matter is that Karvarin is a bit of a dork. He tells terrible jokes, laughs at the stupidest things and tends to bumble and fumble his way through conversation with pretty women and men. He's not smooth, usually coming out with something aggressively confrontational, incredibly silly or occassinally something rather meaningful, which he proceeds to ruin by trying to overcompensate with epic manliness. Really all Karvarin wants are people to call his own, who believe in him, who love him for him, who are his…his alone. Until he has this framework of support, he will continue to be a bit of an arse, alienating everyone around him.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.435.3.3

Karvarin was born at Ista Weyr, a product of a simple greenflight between a bronzerider and a greenrider. Karvarin was a sweet child growing up, very curious and always a bit fierce, and prone to leaping into fights without thinking of the odds, simply to defend someone smaller than him. He was particularly curious about his parents, and Karvena his mother often came down to the creche to visit him with tales about her green dragon and also about the bronzerider who was his father. He drank up anything he could about the man he idolized and eagerly grew up, longing for the day he could stand for his own dragon, maybe a bronze like his father, or a blue like his grandfather. F'harin also visited, spending time with his young son, enough that the boy, who already idolised him, adored him so much that all he wanted to do was make him even more proud of him.

Sure enough, soon enough, he reached the age of Candidacy, and took up his right to stand. However his dreams of a dragons did not come to be, not right away, and turns passed with the young Karvarin refusing to give up hope of Impression and being a credit to his family.

Then his world was rocked, the day F'harin, his father, had an accident, the fault of rider from outside. Karvarin was one of those waiting anxiously as his father healed, desperate for the man to wake, and when he did, he was one of the first to the man's bedside. Only to be greeted with a look of gentle confusion and a murmured, 'who are you?'.

It hurt, and Karvarin retreated into his shell bitterly, unhappy at losing the father he'd worshiped. Then six months later the man was gone, left for another Weyr and Karvarin's world was rocked again, left behind, abandoned practically, in his mind at least…

Those were angry turns, turns where he drove himself to be even better. And then the First Fall, just before his 18th turn began. And F'harin returned from the North. But he still wasn't the father Karvarin had loved, and the resentment only grew as he seemed to take to the young weyrlings, the young transfers.

Why did they get his fathers love? Why wasn't he good enough?



Father: F'harin of Bronze Kawsenth
Mother: Karvia of Green Privinith
Grandmother: Marvena of Gold Queth, former Weyrwoman of Ista
Grandfather : F'hoxin of Blue Nihalth


Zeff, rider of Blue Murumbith, sometimes.

K'varin's Dragon: Green Rhosgyth


Dragon Name: Rhosgyth
Color: Green
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class:
Wing: N/A


Slender and long-limbed at hatching, Rhosgyth may go through awkward periods of uneven growth that leave her looking gawky and somewhat boyish, but ultimately she’ll even out into a comfortably adult version of her more reasonably-constructed hatchling self. Knobbly legs will fill out and smooth out, her proportions will even out a little more, her awkward gait will become more sure and her bearing more confident. She will never exactly be a graceful sort of dragon — there will always be a hint of unevenness to her thanks to the length of her limbs, particularly her neck and front legs, and the slightly over-large feet — but she somehow makes it work for her, a distinctive and unique frame that may catch the eye of those who appreciate something a little different. Her hide certainly helps: a pale, pastel green, with small clusters of slightly-darker “freckling” on the sides of her neck just behind her jaw, at the base of her wing arms, on both thighs, and in a couple of spots along her tail. Her neck ridges are the same color as her freckles, while her wingsails are even paler than the rest of her, a delicate gossamer sort of green.



Rhosgyth is a chipper young dragon who always looks on the bright side. She’s just happy to be here, really, but there are so many other things to be excited about, too! The sun is warm on her hide, the rain sounds nice pattering against the stone. Playing with her siblings is fun, but don’t you like how good it feels to just sink down into sleep and wake up well-rested, too? Life is great, unpleasantness is only temporary, and there’s always something better waiting right around the bend! In fact, maybe it would be easier to make it through the bad times if you just focus on the good that is to come, and how much fun anticipation is. It isn’t that she doesn’t acknowledge that terrible things happen, or that bad feelings are real, it’s more that she’s absolutely sure there are ways to deal with it that can make it better. Yes, she’s a difficult dragon to ruffle, and she rolls with the punches easily — whether that be physical pain, or emotional. Being positive just comes naturally to her, partially because of her confidence in her own abilities, and in her rider’s. She thinks they can overcome anything if they just try, and, well, positivity does go a long way.

Having a positive attitude, and rarely losing her temper, doesn’t necessarily equate with being nice or level-headed all the time though. After all, what’s so wrong with being perfectly convinced that biting a sibling’s tail is the best way to get a result, or “smiling” (in draconic terms), utterly happy to debate, as you argue with someone? She’s just as enthusiastic to participate in mischief as she is to participate in everything else, and she won’t stand for being overlooked or pushed around. Why should she? She’s a strong green who can fight if she must, and if that’s what it comes to, well… may as well enjoy standing up for herself, right? In fact, sometimes she can enjoy these things a little too much… it’s probably not particularly sporting to laugh in someone’s face when they’re sincerely upset about something. She just doesn’t quite understand anyone who doesn’t see the world in the same way she does, and tends to think of them as terribly sad and flawed. She may, from time to time, honestly want to help… but there’s something a bit arrogant about the way she goes about it, with pitying the unhappy, and she may never truly understand why sometimes other dragons might not appreciate her advice.

In fact, she may occasionally have trouble understanding her rider if he’s reluctant to engage with the world at her side. She thinks of herself and Karvarin as a team, capable of surmounting anything so long as they do it together, and that’s how she wants to go through life with him: together. Personal space? What’s that? She’s a very tactile dragon, as it turns out, and she really enjoys his physical presence as much as his mental presence. When they can’t physically be together, she’ll peek through his eyes often, and will want to “touch” him every so often, just to make sure he’s still with her, and he’s still happy. She wants him to see himself the way she sees him: unlike some dragons, she doesn’t place him on a pedestal, or expect perfection — she’s merely convinced that he’s a truly good human-person, with great potential, and that both of them are better together than they’d ever be apart. She can readily accept the fact that he may sometimes need to be in charge, and make better decisions than she does (she’s confident, but not delusional about herself)… but there are certain things that she knows she is better at than he is, and she’ll urge him to interact, to join her in this beautiful world, and to blossom into her better half. It’s okay if he resists. She’ll just keep trying… and while it may lead to hurt feelings or arguments between them from time to time (Rhosgyth actually losing her cool is a rare but impressive thing), ultimately she’s with him all the way. After all, he was the only rider for her, and they’re together through thick and thin, and good times are right around the corner.

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