Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: brownrider
Age: 21
Gender: male
Sexual Preference: heterosexual


K'she looks like his hair got into a fight with a firelizard. It is short, red and styled a different, absurd way every day. Perhaps he just rolls out of bed to style it. He sports freckles on his upper body, a dimple in his left cheek and bright blue eyes that make the girls swoon. He stands at 6'1 and seems to have all the muscles in the right places. His fair skin burns rather than tans. He sports a dolphin tattoo on his upper back and plenty of scars on his arms and legs from hitting rocks and broken wood during storms.


Proud and ignorant, K'she used to be the life of the party and the person everyone wanted to be around. He still thinks he's that, though his sharp tongue, lewd remarks and blatant disregard for authority have landed him in bad graces and he finds himself with less parties to visit. He still likes to have fun and show off. K'she is a flirt on his good days, a womanizer on his bad, and boastful about his abilities in bed. Trouble seems to find him, whether innocent or risky - and K'she was never one to walk away from a dare. His motto in life is, "Challenge accepted!"

While other riders may wonder why such a fool of a man became a dragonrider, they at least have to give a nod of approval towards seeing K'she in battle. So long as his interests align with the Wing, K'she is a damned good fighter. But every so often, recklessness or youthful arrogance cloud his head and that nod of approval from others becomes a scowl of disapproval. K'she is quick to fight to defend his paltry remains of honor and his loud, opinionated mouth has gotten him into a few brawls.


Birthplace: Unknown Hold, 8.430.1.17

K'she is the middle child of a big seacrafter family, so one can see why he's always playing tricks - he needed attention. With two older siblings going into the seacraft and a family history of it, Kalshe decided to tag along, though he had much more troubles with his studies than his older sister. Honestly, Kalshe wanted in for the adventure!

Finally apprenticed at thirteen, Kalshe wasn't the best student but he loved helping on the ships and learning about his chosen craft. He acquired his blue firelizard off a dare when he was seventeen. A troublemaker until he walked at nineteen (ok, so he fooled around a little too much one Turn, who doesn't?), Kalshe was delighted to be freed of the land and assigned to Fort Sea Hold, where he took every ship he could out. But adventure would get put on hold when a dragonrider Searched him just a few months into his twentieth turn.

K'she was pleasantly shocked when brown Ionath chose him from the Sands on his first Hatching but the promise of freedom in being a dragonrider soured when K'she realized all the work that was involved. To make matters worse, he was held responsible for a fellow weyrling's death during Threadfall, failing to cover his assigned position, and shunned by his wingmates when he graduated. When he heard that Ista was accepting any willing rider, he immediately put in for a transfer, just moments ahead of his Weyrleader kicking him out.



Father: Kiteran (deceased)
Mother: Alosha,
Brothers: Kalosh and Katosh
Sisters: Katora, Kitasha and Kalosha

K'she's Dragon: Brown Ionath

Dragon Name: Ionath
Colour: Brown
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr


Ionath is a medium sized brown with an array of colors that bring to mind the variations of wood. His underside is a dark striation, which lightens to a milk chocolate brown with sandy highlights. His wings are the same sandy coloring on the webbing.


Compared to his loud rider, Ionath is almost sullen. Though not much of a conversationist, he loves all things female and loves to strike up a conversation with them. He isn't interested in sports except to show off for a female and will gladly get in over his head to get a reaction and hopefully a night of snuggling from a green. Ionath is a huge fan of catching as many greens as he can and likes to boast about how good he is in a flight.


Craft: Seacraft
Rank: journeyman

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