Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Brown-haired and blue-eyed, K'rydon's appearance says 'casual' and 'friendly' to others. His hair is just that little bit too long, so that the has to shove it back from his face, and his clothing is clearly worn for comfort, not fashion. His leathers are always in good shape, though they're not fancy or embellished. He has better things to spend his money on, like buying into games of dragon poker, picking up bubbly pies at gathers, and purchasing the best booze he can find.

He's in good shape, more the runner or swimmer sort than a heavy lifter. Taller than average, his limbs occasionally make him look lanky, but that doesn't take away from the appeal. If anything, it adds to the easy ability to simply take his hand and enjoy comfort or a bit of fun. Or both.


Theme song: “Just one yesterday” by Fall Out Boy

K'rydon, or Kelli, has been one to live life to the fullest for Turns, like the rest of his generation. Once he became a dragonrider, he had to put himself out there— pull pranks, be loud, sleep with anyone and everyone he could just to make a name for himself and stand out among his peers. And he loved it— life was meant to be lived, and dragonriding gave him the ability to travel, to meet other people, to try things he wouldn't have been able to without Grennistanth. But since that devastating first 'Fall, he's taken things to the extreme.

K'rydon is the one you see leaving everyone else's weyr, likely running barefoot while carrying his boots and attempting to hold his pants up because he's being chased out or is late for drills or prepping for 'Fall. He eats and drinks what he feels like, caring not that it's going to catch up soon when his metabolism slows down. He doesn't stress about being on time, and sometimes about being in attendance at all. He loves to swim and sunbathe nude and finds amusement in scandalizing the holdbred by unashamedly flaunting the ways of the Weyr. He'll try almost anything or anyone once, and seems to pride himself in his reputation— or simply just not care what others think of him.

But deep down, K'rydon is really hiding behind the party boy persona. He drinks to forget that first 'Fall, and the guilt he feels at being a survivor— far better dragonriders than he lost their life, and yet, he survived with hardly a scratch. In particular, his best friend and secret lover, G'ffroy, whose weyrmate was also left behind. K'rydon sleeps around both to try to find what he and G'ffroy had, and to try and keep their relationship a secret from Nalarie, because he never meant to hurt her.

Traumatized as he was watching G'ffroy die, K'rydon often skips drills, and sometimes 'Falls. He can't handle the anxiety and occasional flashbacks. He hates that he can't be stronger— G'ffroy wouldn't want him to be such a coward. But he's not the man his best friend was. And Grennistanth isn't dominant enough to bend his rider to his will. The blue simply accepts whatever punishment is handed down to them, bearing it alongside his rider with far greater tolerance than anyone else would grant him.

The pair make great transporters and messengers due to the blue's calm and excellent memory for coordinates, however, and Grennistanth regularly brings back strong Candidates on Search when they are sent out. Playboy though he may be, K'rydon represents the Weyr with all the grace and charm of a harper when dealing with the holdbred. (Of course, this _may_ have also gotten him in trouble with some spouses and parents, but can he help it he's irresistible? Plus, he's never heard any complaints from the ladies or men he's been with— he treats them well, and rarely ends even a single night on a poor note.)

For his friends, K'rydon will do anything. His last mark, the shirt off his back, the water they need to drink, he'll give it all away if someone is in need. He'd rather go without than see any more of his friends hurt or lacking, after what they've been through. He'd rather let them hurt him emotionally or physically than let them be hurt. Because his life isn't worth it— Grennistanth's is, but the blue spends all his time holding him up, so that K'rydon can support the others. (Of course, somehow this mindset hasn't hit him about drills and Threadfall, but maybe someone needs to remind him of that— then again, he honestly feels he's keeping the rest alive and safe by not putting himself in harm's way where they have to worry about him.)

A man with a good heart, the bluerider will often seek out the shy, those lacking in confidence, those who need to be shown that they are worth more than what they're given. He hopes he leaves them better off than they were, with the belief that they are strong, confident sexy people. And if he has a bit of fun in the teaching? Well, all the better for both parties. And again, he's heard no complaints.

Maybe beneath it all, K'rydon is stronger than he thinks. He just needs someone to lovingly show him that he is— or a punch to the face. Whichever someone else feels will be more effective at the time.

Common Knowledge

— K’rydon is a party boy and will probably sleep with anyone at least once.


Birthdate: (April 15, 1976)
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Kelrydon was always a fun-loving kid. He was raised by the village that is the Weyr, though his mother had a good hand in his upbringing. He was often one to push limits, but what weyrbrat wasn't? And nothing he did was ever truly to harm anyone else— the pranks he pulled were all in good fun, and never resulted in anything more than pride hurt. He apologized when necessary, and was a generally sweet kid.

Candidacy was just an extension of his life in the creche. His friends all decided to Stand, and he couldn't imagine life without them. As they grew older, he flirted and took some relationships to the next level, but never in such a way that the original friendships were affected. One particular stablehand's daughter caught his attention for a while, but they eventually parted ways on amicable terms.

And then he and many of his friends Impressed in one or the other of two clutches that hatched within a few months of each other. And life became even more of an adventure. They worked hard, played hard, and spent every moment enjoying themselves. They were dragonriders, the saviors of Pern, and when Thread came, they were going to smite it like all of those before them.

But fate, or the Red Star, had others ideas. Because over the course of that first 'Fall, many of them were lost. Friends, lovers, classmates, weyrmates, children, parents— no one was safe. K'rydon himself lost his best friend— and the man who with whom his relationship was a secret.

Grennistanth had won G'ffroy's green in a flight some time before, an even that was mostly taken in stride by both parties. K'rydon, himself, had desired it for some time, feeling more deeply for the greenrider than anyone else, despite his party boy attitude. But G'ffroy was holdbred and had a harder time dealing with the flight aspect of Weyr life beyond it being simply anonymous mutual release. He had himself a weyrmate in Nalarie, one of the kitchen workers, and K'rydon knew the couple loved each other. He never wanted to come between them, or ruin what they had.

But G'ffroy came to him one evening when Nalarie was taking her shift in the kitchens. The bluerider let him lead, and asked few questions— it was clear the other man was waging an inner battle with himself, and K'rydon was conflicted enough that he had little will to resist. He wanted nothing more than to comfort his best friend, and if that meant allowing himself to be used, then that was what he would do. He would keep it a secret, would never again bring it up, would hold it to his heart so that G'ffroy could continue on as he was.

If his attitude was strained when he next saw the greenrider and his weyrmate, he simply explained it away with tiredness. And found someone else to take care of his own needs with. G'ffroy seemed unaffected, so he would be, too.

A couple of sevendays later, the other man came to him again, and K'rydon wanted to ask if they really should. But he selfishly kept his mouth shut, and once again offered himself up to the greenrider's will. He didn't believe anything would come of it, not when G'ffroy had Nalarie, and if this was all he'd ever have of his best friend beyond friendship, he was going to take it.

But that wasn't the end. G'ffroy finally confessed that the flight had been the catalyst that allowed him to finally act on the attraction he'd felt for K'rydon for some time. He'd tried to fight it, loved Nalarie so much, and thought that one time would have been enough. When he realized it wasn't, he thought he could wait until the next flight— but that proved to be too long and he'd been unable to resist. But he hated deceiving his weyrmate, and didn't know how to tell her, or if he should.

K'rydon, himself, didn't know what Nalarie would do if she found out, and suggested he give G'ffroy some space to figure out what he wanted to do. He was willing to step back, as he'd always been willing to leave the greenrider to his weyrmate, so that neither of his friends would be hurt. And that was what the two men agreed on, and K'rydon returned to some previous sometimes-lovers to try to forget— but it didn't last long. G'ffroy found him away from the Weyr when he'd taken Grennistanth hunting one day. The bluerider tried to push him away, but the other man was having none of it.

The guilt he felt increased as things continued on that way for some time. K'rydon considered telling Nalarie himself— he'd tell her it was his fault, he'd not let G'ffroy say no, so that she would hate him, and not the greenrider. It wasn't like he could say no and completely walk away, after all, weak as he was. And so he'd take all the blame, and save his friend's relationship as best he could.

But he never got to confess, because after that first 'Fall, G'ffroy was no longer around. He couldn't hurt her any more than she was already hurting, so he kept everything to himself. Maybe someone else had noticed, and maybe they hadn't— he worried it was going to come out at any moment, but as time went on and no rumors circulated, he relaxed a bit. It was a Weyr, after all, and they'd always been discreet.

So far, he's never had to tell Nalarie that G'ffroy had technically cheated on her with him. Turns later, he's buried himself in alcohol and lovers new and old in an attempt to forget— and keep up the reputation that he's a party boy, willing to sleep with anyone and everyone, so that if it _does_ ever get back to her, it can hopefully be passed off as nothing more than once or twice, and entirely his fault for seducing G'ffroy.

Only time will tell, though, and if he quietly goes crazy in the meantime, well, he won't be the only one at the Weyr, will he?



Father: R'don, brownrider
Mother: Kelissa, lower caverns worker


G’ffroy, greenrider, deceased
Nalarie, kitchens worker, G’ffroy’s weyrmate


G’ffroy, greenrider, deceased
Too many others to count



Dragon Name: Grennistanth
Color: Blue
Age: 24
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.429.2.19


Grennistanth is a dim, grayish-blue. He doesn't stand out, though the color is possibly comforting in its ordinariness. His wingsails are brighter, along with his head knobs, his legs fade into a deeper shade.

Medium-sized for a blue, his stamina is pretty average. As are his flying skills- he's unlikely to win any greens who go for impressive acrobatics or maneuvers. But his steadiness may be attractive— along with the reputation that precedes his rider, which may influence some of the greens he decides to chase.


Grennistanth isn't a flashy dragon. He's laid back and quiet where his rider is all about flaunting his reputation. He provides quiet support, both to his rider and others, and offers his help everywhere it's needed. He's not afraid to dive into a situation where others would be more cautious, simply because it's dangerous. But he knows his rider's memories interrupt their ability to serve properly in Threadfall— while he is willing to put his life on the line, he is only half of the pair, and can't flame without K'rydon feeding him firestone.

So he serves the Weyr in others ways, providing transportation, delivering messages, and Searching when the occasion allows. He has a great memory for coordinates and images, and carefully takes them from others so as not to miss a single detail.

Of course, he attempts to rein in his rider's tendency to flirt and come on to everyone he finds attractive, but he also wants K'rydon to be happy. And if, even for the moment, his sadness is eased, Grennistanth is completely for it. Most of the time, his dalliances and relationships haven't hurt anyone else, and the blue doesn't entirely understand why the situation with G'ffroy was such a big deal. But he has kept quiet about it, as well, at his rider's behest. Because he won't hurt K'rydon, either— not when his rider does that enough on his own.

Common Knowledge

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