Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Basic Information

K'ron is the man. He's THAT guy, the gorgeous guy who almost all the girls and guys have eyed at least once, but who is also one of the nicest guys going around. He's the guy always near the top of the class, the one everyone wants to sit with for lunch, the one who does well in sports and all while keeping up that charm and popularity. He's got charm and humour, and likes to help out everyone around. He has considered several times going into Weyrlingmastery, but hasn't yet taken that step. Some people who attain success like K'ron get it from being a pedant, K'ron somehow always seems natural and relaxed.

The reality however is very different. It's exhausting always having to be up, everyone watching what you do, feeling the pressure of always having to be 'The Man'. That's not to say that he doesn't like doing well, or getting a little bit of attention….but it's all the time. If he slips even a little bit then people ask what is wrong, or eye him like he's in trouble. Over the last few turns K'ron's noticed a few cracks starting to spread, and he's just too tired to patch them over like he has in the past, especially now they are actively fighting thread. It was easier when it was a game, he could take it more lightly, but now…now it's deadly serious.

He knows he's starting to burn out, and for someone with natural charisma, and talent, the idea of letting everyone down is more painful then holding up the facade.

Recent History

It was a blessing when Ista called for more riders and K'ron found a chance to escape from his preconceptions. At Ista he could start anew…he could be a better version of himself. His Weyr was surprised that he volunteered but they reluctantly allowed the transfer when they saw how determined he was to go.

K'ron's Dragon: Blue Gryth

Dragon Name: Gryth
Colour: Blue
Age: 14
Weyr of Origin: Fort Weyr


This blue looks like he's gone through the wash a few times too many, his hide is worn and faded, like it was once a brighter shade of blue. He's not a large blue by any means, or particularly lovely in appearance, unlike his striking rider, but he's quick and a natural in the air. There's nothing brash or bossy about him, in fact he has an air of warmth around him, like a kindly older uncle or grandfather.


It's quite possible that K'ron wouldn't have been able to succeed so well if he hadn't had such a supportive and kind hearted dragon. Gryth is a stalwart support, warm, kind and completely unselfish in his desire to make sure his rider, and anyone else he cares for, has everything they could possibly want. He's a quiet dragon, not speaking often, but when he does he uses them to simply invite someone else to talk to him, to share their thoughts and worries. He's a good fighter, simply because he trusts K'ron as much as his rider trusts him. If one isn't sure the other one is, and they go that way without hesitation. It makes for a dynamite team, although Gryth is growing increasingly concerned for his rider. He thinks perhaps…perhaps his rider needs a mate.

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